The Ripple Effect Part 1

Podcast Transcription

Melina: Welcome to Flippin’ Off, a purpose-driven podcast about flipping houses and making a difference.

Oscar: Hey, guys. So here we are. We're knocking out this podcast, Tim and Oscar kind of take care of things. The part that Dave and Melinda don't really know, at least not until they hear this, right? Yes. Is that we kind of hijacked the podcasts. They're taking a little bit of time off, well deserved. And so Tim had this idea of what would it look like to bring some folks in.

Tim: Right. Yeah, I just wanted to take the opportunity, first of all, to take something off of Dave and Melina's plate because they're...shall we share with them where they're at? Yeah. Dave and Melina, they're in Jerusalem. They went to Israel for a vacation. Melina has been wanting to do that for a long time, so Dave took her. And we have a lot of things scheduled for when they get back. And as a business owner, I know how it is to shut down just for the weekend, let alone for 10 straight days. So we wanted to take something off of their plate, and we also wanted to give an opportunity for, you know, some club members to step up and really just kind of give us some insight about what is it that they take from the club, right? What are the things that really impact them inside of the club? So I don't even know how many people we have coming in today. There's probably about 8, 10, something like that.

Oscar: Yeah. We got quite a few coming in. And so what we did is we're posing three questions, right?

Tim: Right.

Oscar: They're not gonna answer, you know, my expectation is that they're gonna answer them specifically. But you'll get to hear a little bit about their background and what they're doing, and the question really was, you know, why did they join the club? What prompted them to even consider joining the club? And the other was, since you joined, who or what has really just had the greatest amount of impact or effect in your life, in your business, what have you, right?

Tim: Right.

Oscar: And then the last one that we asked is, you know, knowing what you know today about the club and your involvement at the club, what does that look like for other people? What would you share for other people so that they get a glimpse into the super cool place that they hang out in, right?

Tim: Right.

Oscar: So that's kind of the framework for this conversation with folks, and I think it was a great idea, Tim. Appreciate you kind of dialing in and really me into it, and becoming partners in crime, and getting this thing done.

Tim: Well, I didn't wanna be the only one hijacking the podcast, just in case Dave gets mad.

Oscar: Got it.

Tim: It's his fault.

Oscar: Yeah, you have a guilty party. So yeah, no problem, man.

Tim: He gave the go ahead, Dave.

Oscar: And even though John's not in here right now, he was guilty too, so I'm not going down alone. That's just the way it works. If everybody else steps in the line, they're taking blame too.

Tim: Right. So, with that, we're gonna go ahead and open the door. Everybody is right outside this door here. And we're gonna go ahead and bring some people in, and let them share with you their experience so far, and let you know really what can you expect. Talk to you in a few.

Oscar: Awesome. Let's get it started.

John: Hi, this is John Slater.

Luis: Hey, this is Luis Medina.

John: Good morning. I'm just gonna talk very quickly about myself. I've been in the club now for about four years. My wife and I, we joined the club when we were at a stage in our life where we just wanted something different. And even though we've been there for four years now, the journey wasn't necessarily, you know, all great. You know, I had a coach, I had a mentor, but it was one person really that really stuck out for me as to something that helped me in my journey. And we'd been at the club for about a year and we were in a not a great place. And I happened to be driving to San Diego with Tim Wilkinson, and it was a conversation because Celine and I were, we were contemplating quitting. You know, it had been 12 months in the business and we'd had some successes, but not financial successes, and it started to really kind of take its toll on us.

And I had a great conversation with Tim. Tim just shared with me his own story, and, you know, why was I any different. If you wanna see the rewards of this, you know, great opportunity to become a full-time investor, you've gotta be prepared to kind of roll with the bad stuff, go through the bad times. And eventually, by sticking with it, you can get to where you wanna be. So for me, Tim was a massive part of why Celine and I didn't quit. And who would've known that three months later we found two or three more deals, we got one closed, we made some money, and now the rest is history. So going up on four year anniversary this summer, and looking forward to continue with New Wealth Advisors Club, and what it can bring as an opportunity for our future.

Luis: You know, being at the club has just been an immense change in my growth as an individual, as a man, as a father, as a professional. And to tell you the truth, I mean, I had my struggles at the beginning, you know, just taking the steps into beginning this business which is not what I thought it was at the beginning. I had a different perspective of real estate investment. And just coming around the club just completely shifted my mindset, my growth, and spreading that around my loved ones, my friends, my family. And now, you know, I felt so good and so positive about that path where I'm at that I brought my wife into the club. One and a half year later, I brought her in because I knew that it was a great place for her to be part of and grow with me. Grow with me in the business, grow with me as an individual.

We've managed to outgrow differences that we had before getting into this environment of like-minded individuals, and now we know each other as other than business partners, we know each other as individuals. I know more of our interests, she knows more of my interests, and that's because with the mentors and the coaches that I've aligned myself with, have expressed and shown me a lot of that. A lot of that growth has come from just the energy in the club. And it's been a great place to me, you know, so I can completely, relate to what you said, John.

John: And just to finish with that, I think we're both real estate investors now. We've been doing this business for a number of years, and if there's one thing that I could share, it is that the club is so much more than just real estate. You know, for Tim to have that conversation with me, acting as a real personal life coach, not just a real estate coach, but somebody who could just give me advice in my life knowing where I was at, based on his personal experiences. So you know, being able to be a coach myself now, being able to help others, being able to pass something forward to the next new investor that's coming in, is really, for me, thanks to the coaching and the mentoring of the coaches that have been at the club for some time.

Oscar: Yeah. Totally right there, you hit it right on the nail. You know, from my perspective is that growth and being able to share that growth with new people that are interested in real estate, it's just amazing, I grow as you grow in it, and it's just an incredible spot to be in, beyond real estate by all means.

Adam: Hey there, I'm Adam Island.

Jeff: I'm Jeff Raffensperger.

Adam: Jeff, I actually met you when I first came into the club and you really had a bearing on me joining. And I know you don't know that, it's quite funny.

Jeff: I really don't, no.

Adam: But I came across the club Var Josh, and I was looking on Craigslist. I was actually looking for investors to join venture with and to work with. And, anyway, I came across Josh and we had a big lengthy discussion, and it's it's been a wonderful ride since November. I've been in the club for such a short time. And then I met people like Tim, Oscar, Jeff, Josh and saw the integrity of them, and certainly, the club, and then I was introduced to Dave and Melina who were just icing on the cake for me.

Oscar: Yeah. I can relate to that.

Jeff: You know, I was looking for something. I was doing some investing, you know, I had some deals going before I joined the club. I was missing something, and I'd seen the ad on Craigslist. It was Christian Rio I reached out to. And I went to, what I wanted was not something where I go and I have to be entertained by buying, you know, some more here, some more there, mentoring and stuff. I just wanted a club of like-minded people that were doing the same thing so we could bounce ideas off of, get some coaching, get, you know, people that run the area because I'm new to the area. So it was pretty interesting because I was talking to Christine about it, you know, before doing emails back and forth, and he said, "Just come to the club and see what we got."

And I did. And I was very impressed about what I've seen Melina walked up first, and introduced herself, and asked what I did. And I told her, you know, I was a real estate investor at that point. My career had been going for about a year and a half at that point. And she was just a light. She was just a really big, bright light. I thought, "Well, I think it's gonna work out." And since joining the club, you know, I can tell you that it is everything that I wanted and 10 times more. You know, we just have a great group of like-minded people who just wanna help. And just want to help you in your business, help you succeed. And getting that mindset straight was probably the biggest issue, and both Dave and Melinahelped me out incredibly with that.

I remember one of the meetings at Dave and Melina's house was Dave was talking to me, I was talking to Dave, about just some hobbies, that type of stuff, just tell ing him how busy I am on the weekends, and I didn't have a whole lot to do with real estate. He says, "That wouldn't work for me because that's when I do the most." And it just fired me up as I go, "Okay." And right then and there is when my business turned around. That's when it took off. And Melina is helping me so much with getting my mindset straight and getting all my initiatives straightened out and commitment, and here I am. I found a home, I found a family.

Adam: Isn't it interesting? Listening to what he said there, Jeff, I came into the club looking for one thing and have come out with something completely different. I don't know if you call it serendipity or whatever the word is. But I was looking for investors, I was looking for people l can join venture with. I was looking for people I could trust and flip houses, and do all the stuff I was doing back in Australia with. What I've come out with is an amazing amount of education, information, friendships, in such a short period of time, and the community in here is just nuts. And Tim, I could look at you, and I know what I get from you is the truth, you know. I get absolute honesty from Oscar. Dave and Melina, what you see is what you get. It's about commitment, it's about friendship, and they just wear their hearts on their sleeve. This club is an extension of Dave in Melina. I'm just absolutely honored to be here today for one thing, but also I wanted to be part of an amazing club. If this was in Australia, I'll be great. Crazy.

Oscar: Absolutely, anywhere.

Adam: You know, if there was something that I could give to others when I come into a club like this or when they're out exploring, I think the idea that people have this SOS mentality, I call it shiny objects interval, SOS. But they come into a club and they're looking for something, but they have their eyes closed. They have the ears closed. They just need to sit down, release everything that they currently know and have experienced before in any other business or property, and just absorb everyone's energy and experience. Just forget everything else, just absorb it all.

Man 1: Yeah, that's the power. Clear your head and it will be filled with great stuff.

Christian: Hi, this is Christian Rios, and I have my beautiful wife, Danny, here with me. And I just wanted to share a bit of my journey and kind of the transformation of how the club has shifted my life and in a huge way, not just financially speaking, but more along the lines of my family life. You know, since I joined the club, I was 17 when I got involved. Whoever doesn't know my story, I'd be more than happy to share in person. But I wanted to be a real estate investor. I came down to the club and Dave and Melina really took me under their wing, and all the mentorship and the guidance of all the club members across, like Oscar Solares, John Slater, and a lot of the senior investors inside the club that really helped me throughout my journey.

And it's been an amazing ride. I was in a position where I was blessed to be able to purchase my own property, and my wife is able to stay at home. She takes care of our two kids. And I think for anyone that's gonna be looking to get involved with us, the biggest thing is the flexibility that this business provides. Obviously, we do work really hard, but there's nothing like, at least for me, being able to work from home, and being able to know that, you know, my wife and kids are downstairs, and I can go visit, go play with them any time of the day. So I'm not sure if you have anything to add to that, Danny.

Danny: For me, I'm more of the outsider looking in because I have nothing to be a part of the club. Like I'm not into the real estate with everybody, but I see the growth Christian gets from being in the club. And we work together. We've been together since we were 15, so him being 17 joining the club, he's matured I think, maybe because he's the youngest in the club, which I'd like to think is why he's growing up so much faster than me, at least, in maturity level. But he's also learning and just maturing in such a way that, you know, people our age don't, you don't see very often. And people look at him and "Wow, he sounds so smart, and so grown up. And he's only 23." Yeah. It's because of who he's surrounded with and how much he learns from all of you guys, and it's a blessing in its own that he works from home. Us having two little kids, three and six months, that he is always home. You know, daddy comes down when he has a break and he gets to play, and he's never gone for eight hours, gone from home. And it's a blessing that he's always around. He gets to see the first of everything. And I absolutely love the business that he's in because I get to see him all the time, instead of just when he comes home from work. It's never that situation, so I am so thankful for the club as far as being in Christian's life and a big part of mine now.

Jason: Hello, everybody. This is Jason Ortiz and my beautiful wife, Brianna Ortiz.

Brianna: Hi.

Jason: Yeah. Well, first off, I'd just like to be thankful to be able to be here. I think I'm a little nervous, but I think I'm ready as far as, you know, what the club has done for me. It has given me an opportunity to grow, grow in a lot of different ways I wasn't even sure I was ready for. I mean, conversations. I come from a construction background, and that by far, you don't have to have conversations. You just point and shoot. You get things done with your hands. So to be here and doing a podcast and sharing my journey, and you know, I can say that I'm truly confident right now just to be able to throw that out in front of people. It hasn't been easy, but when I'm faced with an opportunity to be around like-minded individuals. Meaning, I've always wanted to be around powerful people, and you know, strong-willed, and you know, but I didn't grow up that way. And two, the club for me it's given me an opportunity to really grow with my wife, you know. Our conversations are... they're business mindsetted, and...

Brianna: Yeah, sure. We talk a lot of business.

Jason: A lot of business, but I think our love gets in depth too though. You know, like we have an opportunity to say, how do you feel in our heart? You know, before when we were kids, because we've known each other how long?

Brianna: Eighteen years.

Jason: Eighteen years?

Brianna: Yeah.

Oscar: You guys are like 22 or something.

Brianna: Yeah, yeah, no. Yeah, we've been together...well, we've known each other 18 years.

Jason: We're 33 now.

Brianna: Just married, a couple of years.

Jason: Four years, almost.

Brianna: Two kids.

Jason: Two kids.

Brianna: Yeah, I definitely think is challenging because, you know, we're both, in the club and just doing this full time. So sometimes we have to put aside our business and be just me and you. But being part of a community and like a club like this, it's turned into family. All the people that we are around and partner with and mentor with, and... What do you want me to do with this? My arm, he's telling me, okay. But yeah, I mean, this club it's actually, it's blessed our family for sure.

Jason: There's been different journeys inside of us. I mean, I've been a part of this club six years, my wife five. So just becoming an investor and having the mindset of a business owner was a journey in itself. And to read the co-tells of Frank and Kevin, and yourself, and Dave and Melina, just to get to that first deal was, it was a struggle, you know, but six years later having the credibility of deals, it doesn't do enough justice to what we've been able to come across or come through, you know. Like I said, there's different journeys in every part of this business for us. And right now, I feel like we haven't even scratched the surface because we're not limited.

Daniel: Hello. My name is Daniel Berquist. I'm with my wife Monique Berquist. So I know that our journey has been pretty crazy. We just talked about earlier just about, you know, the different things. Why we joined and the different things that have impacted us. And, I don't know, if you wanna start, babe?

Monique: Go for it, babe.

Daniel: All right. So I know that one of the things that we were really looking for was to start a business. I read a book and was that title in escrow, so being in corporate sort of. I mean, I remember you, Oscar, being in corporate, it's just different. Once I lost my job, I realized I was just a number. So it was just this weird thing that I was trying to figure out, but at the same time when I lost my job, I was like, "All right. I'm on the path to be able to start something new, something that I've never ventured out into, but having my wife with me, and I know that she's that type of go-getter." So it was a good, and you guys were talking about power couples earlier, and it just made me think of having that partner, that best friend, that perfect match, you know, that the Lord brought her into my life for a huge reason. Not even knowing even from here on, but I know that we were looking into doing something that was just sort of people, you know, we wanted to be able to help our friends out financially or something to do with that.

But then coming to the club and seeing how we can help homeowners, it was just this crazy dynamic.And I remember the person I talked to, and they're like, "Hey, it's almost like a ministry in itself that you can come in," rather than, like others have said, it's like, "Hey this is not really... It's working but not really working because you're doing so much more, so much deeper." So I know that's pretty much what we're talking about earlier, about that. Right babe?

Monique: Exactly, yes. The biggest thing for us was that we wanted to look for something where you can actually help people, like that has always been our focus. And like Daniel was saying, we originally wanted to get into something where you can help people with their finances because we were doing Dave Ramsey, and we're like "How are we gonna be able to help people if they're struggling with their debt in itself?" So we're like, "No, that doesn't work." So that's when we got into this, and we've been just blessed over and over with just the different homeowner stories of serving people first, and how Dave and Melina push that at the end of the day, if it doesn't serve the homeowner first, then they're not gonna do it. And it really resonated with who we are as a couple.

Daniel: Yeah. And, you know, moving forward with that it was, I mean, just taking action and doing our best to be the perfect student was something that we were really set on, but for me, I guess it was a really huge struggle for me because I didn't come from a business mindset. I had great parents, they raised me well, they didn't let me go without. And so being able to wanna do that but in a different setting, it's changed somewhat some of our families lineages, you know, get a job. A lot of people in my side as firefighters, paramedics, something in the medical field. And so being able to change that and move forward from there was just, "Hey, I wanna try something new, something that I had started wanting to do." And so, you know, we didn't realize, because we were two years married, three years married. So it was something that when getting married, I was right away a husband, right away a father. We have two amazing boys, they keep us on our toes.

Monique: Sure do.

Daniel: They're 11 and 14. So now having, you know, the teenage years that's going forward, it's just like, "Man, it's crazy." So all those changes and me figuring out how to be a dad and my wife trying to figure out, "Hey, how can I help this guy become a dad?" I know that that's something that really, having Dave and Melina were, I mean, we heard their story that weekend. And knowing that Dave was a step dad, and then being able to learn from him, and yeah, he went through struggles when he was younger. I didn't go on any struggles, but this is my time, now that I can start to grow, learn that grid. You know, grid is something that keeps on coming up, and I actually heard it this morning in church. But, you know, I think that that was something that for sure Dave and Melina, and then, of course, like Frank and Cathy, right?

Monique: Yeah.

Daniel: And they've been able to help us, even has taken us under their wing. And so, it's been a crazy journey, but it's really the relationships that we've been able to build and form from the people who are little older than us, a little bit wiser, and I've been able to learn from them.

Oscar: You know, one of the things that seem to be a theme in these conversations is the non-real estate related growth that people go through. Obviously, we're in this business for real estate. We do it for, you know, we make a decent living off of real estate, but none of that would be possible without what you guys are talking about right now. That growth, right? Being able to become the people you need to be to do the things you need to do, right? It's pretty amazing for me to see that growth happen. And then once that all aligns and comes together for everybody, it's like magic. You know, things start clicking and things start happening. And now, the homeowner conversation has become better. And I know, Monique, you're pretty awesome talking to people and having those conversations. I know your background has always been of service as a nurse.

Monique: Yes.

Oscar: So that's your heart, that's where you're at. So these conversations are really powerful.

Monique: For sure. I mean, to touch on exactly what you're saying, the biggest thing for me, one thing I would wanna share with people who are looking into getting into this, t he unwavering support that you have at the club is something that you can't even describe. They support you through, walking you through your own as Melina says your "caca". They walk you through things that are going on in your marriage, in life, and the leads that come through. You know, what they have is, I don't think there is anything out there, and we are just grateful and so thankful to have been able to come across this.

Joshua: Hey, good afternoon everyone, this is Joshua Bourne. I am here with Kim Jacobson.

Kim: Hi. And?

Kim: Alright, well, I'll start, Josh. So the reason I joined the club, I have been a member now just over two years. And for me, I had had a lot of great cooperate jobs, but I was in a place in my life where I wanted change. I wanted to be challenged, which at times I've totally regretted that. And I wanted to be involved in something where there was no limit, like no cooperate position limit and no limit to how much I could actually make. So I think in the back of my head, I had always wanted to run my own business, but it just came to that where I really had to go for it. And so I was totally new to Southern California. I had moved down here for different reasons and was looking to get into this business and thank God, found New Wealth Advisors Club. And really what did it for me, I had checked out another organization that taught you how to do real estate, but this was a group of people that were doing it locally and just to know that I had access to people who could walk me through the properties, walk me through the process was huge for me, and has absolutely been instrumental in my business. So when I think of like who or what has impacted me the most in the club, really, the list is too long.

The conversation I've had with Peter V, Tim, Oscar, Dave and Melina, John and Celine, so many people, and I think that's the beauty of the club, is there is so much wisdom to tap into and people there that are willing to help you, who have been through what you went through. That is just the support is just fantastic. And I think the other huge thing for me and what I really want people to know when they're thinking about joining the club is we've said it a lot today, you do learn so much about yourself and even when you are not thinking you're going to. I mean, I got into it to learn real estate and to kick butt and to make money and make an impact around the world, but as you're doing what they teach you to do, you start to look back at some point, and be like, "Wow, I've really grown in this area and that area." And that is a really cool feeling. I knew I had drive and determination, but to see it play out in this business, I've surprised myself. Because we all say how easy it would be to quit or you reach those points where you want to, but when you press in at that time, you learn so much about yourself. So I could go on and on, but...

Tim: So Josh, you and I, we have been friends since, I don't know, 1989, something like that?

Josh: 1989, yeah.

Tim: Yeah, so we've been friends forever. You're the only person from high school that I still talk to. You saw me doing this business. Why all of a sudden did you get involved a couple of years ago?

Josh: Because you wouldn't stop bugging me. It kind of got annoying, "Hey, why don't you come out and meet everybody?" And just kind of where I was at in life. I wasn't ready to be introduced to new people. You know, we live in a lifestyle of, you know, I'll just say, "rock star". That was what we were doing prior to getting involved with real estate. That was just the life that I was living. You know, I wanted to live a different style of life, but I didn't know what that looked like. And seeing the changes inside of you and business, I was very intimidated because I had this idea of the business person being rich and... how do I put it in words? I've trying to think about this last few days. But there was a stereotype about rich people and I fell into that. So I didn't wanna go meet those people with who I was because I was baggy jeans, tank top, that kind of stuff, long hair and piercings. So I wasn't going to fit in with that kind of people.

So you asked me to come out to an introduction. I was like, "All right, fine. I'll come out and meet everybody." And there was a big difference than what I expected. People accepted me for who I was. They didn't care what I looked like. And it was that feeling, you know, Melina mentioned it again just about every week, you know, misfits. You know, here I'm home. Here I am with a bunch of misfits. You know, yes, my aesthetic look at that time needed to be changed because tattoos, piercings, long hair, that's not the kind of thing that really work in this business.

I was okay adapting and changing, but the best part was I really found who I was. You know, I lived behind this mask, this fake lifestyle of trying to be something that I wasn't. And by being able to surround myself with people that accepted me for who I was and who I was, most importantly, because I felt like I had to pretend to be this person or pretend to be that person. And, you know, it just felt really nice just to be able to be who I was and be accepted for, like I said, who I was and who I wasn't. And here I am, six years later. I did a lot of growth, I am not the same person today that I was six years ago. Got a lot of growth to be able to move into, but it's been a great journey. And best part been able to do with you. You know, best friends for damn 28 years.

Kim: So yeah, I think Oscar, you mentioned it, but what is so cool and what we have been hearing today and we hear around the club all the time, is just how everybody's journey is so different, And yet I feel like one common denominator, I am always is telling students, it's true if you work it, it works. And I think when you come into the club, again, we all have our journey, you can make it what you want to make it. I mean, some people come in and they're working a full-time job, they're parents, they have a lot going on, but if they decide to give 5-10 hours a week, you know, whatever they determine to give, is just what you put in you get out.

And then it's really cool to see the effects of that and the results from when you work it, but that's something that is always shocked me. Like they tell you to do something and you do it, like a home owner calls you back, you're like "No way, that actually worked." But it's so true, and so really this business, as hard as it is, it just takes time and if you keep plugging along, you're going to see results. And that's really cool.

Josh: Yeah, it has been a journey. There's a lot of times that I wanted to quit. You know, it's just like here we go again, one more obstacle, one more hurdle that I need to overcome. How am I going to overcome this? What do I need to do? And I am very fortunate to be able to have enough people to come back to ask question to. You know, if I can't get it from you, I can go to Tim. If I can't get it from Tim, I've always got Dave and Melina. So it's much bigger, especially from the beginning, it's something I didn't realize that now I have myself surrounded with people that can help me move forward in all the areas.

I got into this to do real estate, but ultimately, you know, I really got a life from this because I was able to take off the proverbial mask and become who I am, and something bigger than just myself. You know, being able to go up there, help students, help home owners, and it's really not about the money. Just mention prior to two weeks ago, I woke up the other day and I was like "Oh my God, this is my life". I choose to do what I wanna do, when I wanna do it. I got the priorities taken care off, but it's not like I have to punch a clock, " Oh, I have to go to bed early tonight, so I can get up at 3 O'clock in the morning to be at work at 6." And working 6 days a week, 12-14 hours a day. And now I am able to overcome those obstacles and be around a bunch of great people.

Andrew: Hi, this is Andrew Faudree. I am with Peter.

Peter: Hi, everyone.

Andrew: I was just going through why I joined the club, remembering because it's actually been 6 years ago that I did it. And I was looking to change my life. I had just come from South Africa and at the end of the day it was really, I wanted a different mindset, a different change of life because the nine years I've spent so far, it wasn't working out. Until I met the club, I would say the most people that actually changed my life in the last 2 years would be Tim, Dave, Melina, Cathy. The club itself, if you're gonna do real estate and you wanted to come to the club, you gotta realize that it's not just the real estate. Like it's been mentioned a lot, it's more of a culture that you need to get into because with all the MMMs and all the training, there's nothing out there.

Peter: Yeah, I would have to say that one of the most influential persons in my business and my life absolutely is Dave and Melina Boswell. They've been able to give me an example and the support and encouragement that I don't think I personally could have received from anywhere else. I look back at part of my journey, I look back at my growth and process and even you Tim, I remember you were one of the very first people that I connected with at my RPP. And I'll never forget one of the things you said there to me like, "You know what, if this is all about money, then some thing's not gonna work," But one of the things that you even encouraged me with was, "Hey, one of the main reasons I'm here is the relationships and growth." And then to know where you are at that point and to see where you have grown is a huge encouragement to me and a huge milestone for me to look back and go, "Hey, those are some of the same processes that I watched him go through." I'm now stepping into some of those same things, and I always have someone I can go to and talk to when I need to.

Andrew: I would say if you're gonna do this, you gotta be consistent and show up, and that was one of things I found it doesn't matter at the time and I was staying in ocean side. And I didn't even have a form of transport, but I knew this is what I wanted to do. You know, so if meant getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning to catch a train to be at class at 9 o'clock, that's what I was gonna do because that was why I am doing it, that was as Melina always talks, "what is your why?" You know, and then catch another train and a bus and so forth. But then end of the day, the other thing that changed my life a lot is being actually part of the club. Don't just be a spectator and actually take action, be part of the events, show up, basically. Dave always says you can always Google stuff, but the stuff you're gonna Google is not gonna get it.

Tim: I would have to say that it's been the consistency that I have seen others model. It's been watching you guys come to the office day in and day out, and constantly go out and work your business, and constantly come back and spend the time to answer questions. And I guess, just through that process, I remember Melina long ago saying, "Hey, if you wanna be a coach, then you need to do what coaches do." And I saw that first seeing the impact and the effect that my particular coach had on my life and my growth, part of that allowed me to then begin stepping into, "Hey, these are some of the things that I was able to work out in my life through the coaching and guidance of hey, doing the right thing all the time, no matter what."

And I started to see an opportunity in who I was growing in to be, I started to see how my peers and my friends, and my business partners started to uplift me and encourage me. And sooner or later, just by hanging out there, it was almost kind of like osmosis where one day, I just aha one, I could answer questions, and could do things, and like doing this business really became real to me. And I mean, looking at it even from that aspect where I'm at right this moment, and my wife now putting in her two week notice to quit her job, and we just bought a house using some of the same strategies and stuff that we've learned through being an investor, and got a really good deal, and didn't have to go through bidding wars. It was actually pretty crazy experience for us.

But now my wife is for the first time, really seeing not only is this real, but there is an opportunity for her to either step into it or more importantly, find whatever it is that really truly gives her passion since she's been at the same job for so many years and never had that opportunity.

Oscar: You know what, Tim, I find it humbling to sort of an extent with when I met Dave and Melina some 7, 8 years ago, not having a clue of really what I was getting into. And now, you know, sitting here listening to all these folks that we've been around, and hearing the stories, and just really absorbing it all, and realizing the effect and the impact that little idea that they've had, right?

Tim: On a napkin.

Oscar: That he draw on a napkin, that just the thought that, "Hey, we can take this. You know, we learned from this guy, Greg, how we can do this. Let's do better." And now that we've done better, how many other people can we teach and bring along?" And the ripple effect, right? It's like casting a little stone into that lake. The ripple effect is insane. I mean, just you have to step back and appreciate things.

Tim: Right. Yeah. I'm kind of taken aback by the people that we've had in the room. I mean, it's really cool to me that we have people from, like you in the room, who's been since the beginning, to something like Adam who has been a club member for only a few months. And to hear the different perspectives about what the club is to all those different people, I think it's really cool. And for me, like I've heard all the stories, right? I talk to everybody, I've heard Peter story, I know what happened with Jason and Brianna, I know their story and how they've evolved from the beginning, and Christian and Danny, and all of that.

But to sit here today and get plugged into all of that today in one sitting, it just reinvigorates to keep moving forward, right? Because it's, again, I mean, I tend to get sometimes head down into my business and sometimes I forget about the people that are really here supporting me, and that I'm hoping to support, as well. And rehearing those stories is just... I'm newly inspired again today by everybody who shared. It's just awesome.

Oscar: Yeah. It's set me back a little bit hearing all the stories, again. And I guess at the end of it all, it's wow, Dave and Melina. The way you've touched the people that have crossed your path, the way you've affected them, impacted them, redirected them, and not a selfish moment in their lives over it all, right?

Tim: Right.

Oscar: They give, and give, and give, and pour into people, and give an opportunity for us to have businesses and move forward. So hats off to you guys. Dave and Melina, love you guys. It's been a fun journey up to this point. It's a journey that, from my perspective, is really barely beginning. You know, it's just starting to take off, and some very, very cool things are gonna happen. And not just, all of the credit to them, and to our Lord and Savior, man, because without him, we wouldn't be here, right?

Tim: Right. Amen. I wanted to kind of say one last thing. I mean, Melina always talks about... well, I'll start with Dave. Dave always talks about he wants to leave a legacy. Melina, she talks about ripple effect, and one of the huge things that I'm taking out of this recording today is exactly that. I mean, the ability that Oscar and I can sit here and have this conversation, you know, in place of Dave and Melina because they're on vacation right now, and we wanted to come together and do something for them, so that when they come back from vacation, it's like one thing off of their list.

But what, I think for me, what it has become as we're recording, it's just so much evidence of the ripple effect because every single person that was in this room, every single person that was mentioned as having an impact on somebody else's life inside of this room, they all started with Dave and Melina, all of it. If it wasn't for them, if it wasn't for those two people and the vision that they had and what they put together, I wouldn't be here, Oscar wouldn't be here, you guys wouldn't be here. The rest of the people in this room wouldn't have been here. It's just like, it's huge. It's huge what Dave and Melina have done. And so for me, that's probably the biggest thing that I'm taking out of today, is just how impactful Dave and Melina really are.

Oscar: Yeah, agreed. So we're gonna call this a wrap. And again, just thank you, Dave and Melina for all you've done for all of us, and I know that the ripples will continue.

Tim: Right. I'm gonna do what Melina is doing. This is Tim an Oscar. For Dave and Melina, Flipping Off.

Oscar: Flipping out.