Team Liger - Episode 72

Podcast Transcription

Eric: Hello.

Manuel: Hola.

Eric: Don't look into my eyes when you do that, it's weird.

Melina: Welcome to "Flippin’ Off," a purpose-driven podcast about flipping houses and making a difference.

Hey, everybody. Melina Boswell here, co-founder of New Wealth Advisors Club. And today is...I feel a little giddy for lots of different reasons. But I have in the house some new guests that have never recorded a podcast with us before. So, but I have my cohort here, and my co-host, and my partner and friend, Mr. Oscar Solares.

Oscar: Hey there.

Melina: And so, first time in the studio, today we have Mr. Eric Cardenas.

Eric: Hello. Hello.

Melina: All right. And his way better half, Becky Cardenas.

Becky: Good morning.

Melina: Yes. And then on the other side of the table we have Mr. Manuel Salazar. Also known as Manny, also known as Larry.

Manuel: Hello there.

Melina: And his much much better half and gorgeous wife, Tina.

Tina: Hello.

Melina: All right. So today, we thought it would be good to have a conversation for our listeners to be introduced to these two lovely couples. And so I wanna start with just getting a little bit of, you know, basic background information. So we'll start, let's see, age before beauty?

Tina: Why do you all look at me?

Oscar: I didn't. I looked at Manny.

Melina: I did it. I was waiting to see who was gonna say. I guess that means us. So, anyway, I don't know. Nobody knows. I think you guys might all be like very close in age. So, I'll start with Eric and Becky. Why don't you guys just tell us a little bit about you? Like, how long have you been married? Yeah. That's, like, how long have you been married? Oh, look. You should see Becky's face right now.

Oscar: I think she's asking you to answer that, Eric.

Melina: Yeah. She's like, "I wonder if he knows."

Eric: Twenty-one.

Becky: Twenty-one.

Eric: Going on 22 years. Yeah. We're...

Oscar: Well done, Eric. Well done.

Melina: Congratulations. Very good.

Eric: it for the long haul.

Melina: And, yeah. And you guys got married young. Because I know...I bet when people meet you and they realize you've been married for that long, they're probably pretty surprised, yeah?

Eric: Oh, yeah. Definitely. Well, it's even funnier when you go to BevMo! And they go, "How old is that person there?" And it's our son. And, "Oh, he's 19." And they're like, "Oh, he needs to step outside unless his parents are with him." And we're like, "We're right here." "You have a 19-year-old son?" "Yeah. And we have a 20-year-old son too."

Melina: Isn't that funny? It's so funny. So I bet everybody backs in and does the math, right? "Oh, did you get married because you were knocked up?" Right? That's what everybody wants to know.

Becky: Every time.

Eric: Every time. Yeah.

Melina: Oh, just say it.

Eric: Well, I think the ring was there before. I think. Might have been the same time. I don't know.

Becky: Barely.

Oscar: Way to seal the deal.

Melina: And it's great. It's just so great. So, you know, I really appreciate. I think that your story is amazing. And it's actually very similar to Manny and Tina, we get over there, which... So, let's talk about that. How long for you guys? How long have you been married?

Manuel: It will be 20 years this August.

Melina: Oh, look at... He showed you up. He was way more confident and precise, I feel like. Anyway, so, 20 years. And you guys... So back to Cardenas's. You guys have two children, two boys?

Becky: Yes.

Eric: Right.

Melina: And they are how old?

Becky: Nineteen and almost 21. Yeah.

Melina: Oh my God.

Eric: '98.

Melina: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And, Mandy and Tina?

Manuel: We got three kids.

Tina: Yes. 18, 15, and 13.

Melina: It's so hard to believe that you guys have...well, it's hard to believe that Tina has an 18-year-old. Let us just say. She looks like she's 22. So, does it same with you people, just like trip out that you've been married for as long as you are, and that you have kids that old?

Tina: Oh, yes. They always question how old am I.

Oscar: You know, I remember they shared a story once where Tina was taking one of the kids to high school registration, and they thought she was one of the students.

Manuel: Oh, yeah. Actually, we were paying for my son's class ring, the 18-year-old, he graduates this year. So we were paying for...and the guy thought I was paying for Tina. And he wouldn't let her sign the paperwork. He was asking for her dad.

Tina: Yeah. I didn't get it for a minute. I was all, "What?"

Oscar: "What are you talking about?"

Tina: "I'm his mom."

Melina: Oh my God, that's hilarious.

Eric: Yeah. It was pretty funny.

Melina: That's so great. So, and I think it's really cool to kind of talk about how... I'd love to hear a little bit more about your backgrounds. And we'll go through that, I think, as we talk today. But, when I'm sitting here with you, I realize you guys have so much in common. And is this the thing? Like, you know, that's kind's interesting. Because you guys met at the club, right?

Eric: Yup.

Melina: And how long ago...And you're both married couples working this business together, which, you know, if you've listened to me at all you know I'm a big fan of. I think that married couples are the most powerful team that there is in business, and specifically inside of real estate investing. And for me that relationship in our culture is one that I want to really harness and help people to grow that, you know? The marriage relationship, in my opinion, is the most important one in the family. And I think it actually contributes to the world, truly, you know? If the family is intact and the family is strong, then it just helps you to be better producers. It just makes you to be more effective in things that you do and really good, you know, citizens, if you will, that contribute to society and the culture that we live in. And so, I'm such a big fan of married couples working together. And I also know that it's not easy, right? It's difficult. So, you know, Dave and I work together always. And I remember there was probably, I don't know, maybe one year? One solid year where we weren't working together. And it was when we sold our first business and were in the process of opening up the second business. And that one year I kind of took off, and Dave started the tax practice on his own, that first year. And it was miserable. We hated not working together. And it was, you know, obviously, we didn't work together in the very beginning, but once we worked together and then tried to not work together, it was impossible for us. So, have you had that, have you gotten to be that same way, where now you've really enjoyed working together? And are you surprised by it? Or is it just miserable and you wanna stab each other and that's why you're, like, partners with each other. Like, which one is it?

Eric: Yes and yes.

Becky: I think that's all that we've known.

Eric: Yeah. That's true. That's true.

Becky: Because, you know, we worked at the plumbing company shortly after we got married together. We just weren't out in the field together, but we still had a lot of communication. So, I think it's just a habit.

Melina: That's interesting.

Eric: And it's definitely easier and harder at the same time because you think you can read each other's minds sometimes. And you're like, "I thought I told you to do that?" And you're like, "No." "Well, we need to do that." You know what I mean? But it's also great to be able to, "Hey, I need you to do this because so and so needs his paperwork right now, or yesterday." You know? So, it's really good to be able to explain what you need. And they understand just from being there in the club too, like, what we need, you know. The angles we're going at. So, it makes it easier that way, too. So.

Melina: And that's an interesting point because when you guys first joined the club...actually, Eric, you came first.

Eric: Right.

Melina: And then you were in the club for how long before Becky came to her first RPP?

Eric: Almost a year exactly.

Melina: Oh, okay. It was almost a year. Yeah. And I remember...And so, let's just lay it out there. Were you reluctant, hesitant, skeptical?

Eric: I think I was more skeptical just because I didn't want it to be too overwhelming for her because she was a stay-at-home mom for so long. And she was really used to what she was doing and where she was at versus coming into... We've all... I mean, once we got into that real estate, "Hey, we wanna do this?" She got really on it. But also it was like, "Hey, we're still transitioning from young teenage boys to, okay, now I need you to come to the club all the time." And this is what the club is, and it's... Now that she's here I can't imagine it any other way. But, yeah, I was kind of reluctant that way. And I wanted to still be the breadwinner and be the know-it-all. But also, I knew what we had to do, like, financially together there and commitment wise for time. So, once that was there, then it was like, "Okay, Eric, we're going. And we're gonna go from the intro all the way through." And I was there with her through the intro and...

Melina: To experience the whole thing.

Eric: Experience together. So, it was totally different. Night and day.

Melina: It was for you experiencing it with her?

Eric: Oh, yeah.

Melina: Or was it because it was the second time? Or both?

Eric: Yeah. Both. Both. Because I was so excited for her to see what I was starting to see at that time and what the club really was, versus just the investment part of it, or just the training. It was more about people, and Dave and Melina. So, yeah, that's what it was like. It was really exciting all over for me again to bring her there.

Melina: And what about for you, Becky. Were you...Like, did you think, "Oh, it's a cult."

Becky: No.

Melina: Oh.

Becky: I mean, we went to FortuneBuilders. We did that whole thing. So that's why I was a little hesitant. And...

Melina: Oh, I didn't know that.

Becky: Oh, yeah.

Melina: How did I not know that? Or maybe I did. I just forgot, maybe.

Becky: Yeah. He signed up for the club without even asking, talking to me about it.

Melina: The little bust run.

Eric: Yeah. We're doing this? Okay. I did this.

Becky: No, it was just... The first year for him, I think, was hard. Because he's trying to go to the classes, go to MMMs, and then come home and teach me how to door-knock. And I have the realtor mindset, not helping the homeowner. So that made it, I think, a little difficult. But then, yeah, once I did my three days, I was like, "This makes total sense." I mean...

Melina: That's awesome.

Becky: Yeah. Huge. Huge.

Eric: That we just got our license right before joining the club. So we just knew that versus... And I knew a little bit from my cousin, write 50 offers a day and hopefully one sticks.

Melina: That's my favorite business model.

Eric: In Bakersfield.

Oscar: Slightly different market.

Eric: Yeah. So. And we were ready to move to Bakersfield to do that.

Melina: Wow. Wow.

Eric: And then, for some way, how, I was invited to the club from a friend, so.

Melina: Wow. That's really awesome.

Eric: I mean, I'm staying, so.

Melina: Yeah. So, you two, because you guys came together from the beginning.

Manuel: Yes.

Tina: Yeah.

Melina: And you also had like an in because you were friends with Frank...well, I wouldn't say friends. Would you say friends?

Manuel: Yeah. Acquaintances.

Eric: Is anybody ever friends with Frank, like, really.

Melina: He's not here, so let's bust Frank.

Tina: He worked with Frank.

Melina: He worked with Frank. Okay. Got it. Yeah. Okay.

Manuel: Yeah. So, yeah. We used to work with Frank...well I used to work with Frank. And then once our company closed down, that's when Frank got into real estate. And Frank had told me, "Let's go do real estate. I found this place, and I'm gonna do real estate." And I just said, "No, I'm fine. I'm gonna get another job, and I'm good." Even though I kind of thought about it, but, you know, it just wasn't my path at that time. And then, a few years down the line we ran into some issues with our home, and I reached out to Frank because I remembered, you know, "I wonder if he's still doing the real estate thing." And he was doing really great. And I was just, "Oh damn. I should have went." So he was like, "Yeah, you should check it out, you know." So we were dealing with our issue, with our home, and he was helping us out and trying to figure out what the best option and stuff like that was to do. So, but he had said, "You should come and check out the club." So we went to the club. We checked out the intro, and, you know, like most people when they go, we just fell in love with just the culture of the club. And we both went that time and we were just like, "Wow." We were just blown away at that time, you know, when we drove...even like when we got in the car, Tina just said, "Wow." She was just like, "Wow." So we knew that that's where we needed to be. And, you know, we had a couple other struggles right after that, you know, with our house. We ended up having to sell our house because I ran into a bad business deal with a good buddy of mine fell apart. And, you know I was the dumb one with the, "It's my best friend. Don't sign any paperwork. We're good. We're friends. Nothing's gonna happen." And...

Tina: Best friends for 20 years.

Manuel: Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, 20 years. And, you know what I mean? And it happened. And I learned a big lesson of, you know, paperwork. Always have paperwork with anything. And...

Melina: And that wasn't real estate though?

Manuel: No. That was not real estate. It was a concrete pumping company that we'd started. And, you know, so that didn't work out and I learned a big, hard lesson with that. But you know what, at the time we were pretty sad. But I'm learning as I go, is that journey, that thing is know, that brought us here. So if that didn't happen, I wouldn't have found the club, and I would be, you know, slaving away out there every day. And that's not what I envision my life being. So, I'm glad now that did happen...not really glad, but, you know, I understand.

Melina: You're not quite grateful of that.

Manuel: Yeah. Yeah.

Melina: But, you know, you can see that there is...there was obviously growth in that pain. And that...I'm sure, you know.

Manuel: Yeah. So once we got over that hump and we entered the club together, I would say it wasn't a smooth transition for us. Like, we've always been just us two together and we've overcome a lot of obstacles just us two, you know, with ourselves. And, I think, sometimes that hurts because we just keep to ourselves and we do it ourselves and we just get through it. So when we started working, for me, I'm always the one that...that I need to solve the problem. Like, I need to know the answer. I need to fix it. So, and I usually don't tell her how I'm gonna fix it, because I wanna be like, "Here, I fixed it." So, she doesn't know what's going on in my head. So, I'm just doing it and doing it and doing it.

Tina: Oh, there he goes again.

Manuel: And, you know. So when we first started with the club, you know, we started working together, and then I kind of shied away with door-knocking with her. And to be honest, she actually got upset, I never told anybody this, but she actually expressed after that she was ready to walk away because I wasn't running the business. We were kind of doing it together, but I wouldn't go out with her. I'd go out with the other students while the members go door-knocking.

Tina: Didn't make sense.

Manuel: I finally... Well, I had to like... I was actually afraid to go door-knocking with her because I didn't wanna fail in front of her. So it was just my mind is, you know, I'm supposed to be the man, and I'm supposed to have all the answers. So, I didn't wanna fail in front of her at the door. So, my deal was, go door-knock with everybody, then I'm gonna learn, and then I'll take her, and then I'll have all the answers at the door, you know? So.

Tina: What are you talking about? You know we're doing this together. It's something new that we're gonna learn together, you know? So, at that point I was all like, "Okay. Well, he wants to do it himself," you know? So, we kind of talked about it after a while. And then when he told me what he was thinking I was just like, "No, you know how, it doesn't make sense." You know, we're both learning it. It's something's brand new for both of us. So, this is the time to experience it together. And, yeah, we're gonna fail but we get right back up like always, you know?

Melina: Were you surprised, Tina, when he shared that with you?

Tina: Yes.

Melina: Yeah. Wow. That's so insightful.

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Manuel: Manny, were you like keenly aware when you you was in your present mind, or it wasn't subconscious? It was totally, like, in your present mind? Like, "Hey, I don't wanna fail in front of her so I'm gonna go do this." Or were you just kind of, like, you know, reacting to...

Manuel: No. It was...I didn't wanna fail.

Melina: You were very aware?

Manuel: Yeah.

Melina: Wow.

Manuel: I was aware. I just didn't wanna look...I wanted to have the answers and be like, "I'm solving it. So, okay, now I know how to do it. Let's go and..." You know.

Melina: So insightful.

Manuel: Yup. So, when she told me that, then we started to door-knock together. And we still door-knock together. Every week we go. So.

Melina: It's so great. It's so great. So then explain to us how, like, the four of you, like how did that happen between you guys? Is it... Oh, they started laughing.

Eric: It's kind of funny.

Manuel: I don't know. It's weird because we were in the club...I didn't even know Eric was here until I came here.

Eric: I didn't even know who they were until the serve team. I was like, "Who's Manny and Tina?"

Manuel: And I was the same. I was just like...After the MMM I'm like, "Damn, that dude is just talking to us. Who is that guy?" I'm like, "Who is that?" I'm like, "Is he a new guy?" I'm like, "What is that guy..." And then after I'm like, "Man, he's been in the club for like a year." And then they popped up on the serving team. And then, like that first day, Tina and Becky just...they just hit it off...

Tina: We just clicked.

Becky: Yeah, totally.

Manuel: ...and they just were just talking all day. And Eric's like, "Hey, I think they're best friends now," you know? And we're just like...And I think...

Melina: Were you jealous?

Tina: Yeah. I think so.

Manuel: No. I was like, "Yes."

Eric: We're like best friends. We should go for a beer.

Manuel: Yeah. So, yeah. And it's weird. And then we just, kind of, started talking with the serve team, where we're together a lot. So, it just like...we just clicked, I guess. Personality...

Eric: I think, yeah. Me being in construction too, like, that field. And then, I came from construction concrete, so I knew a little bit about that. And then, it's like, "Oh, our wives are talking. How long have you been married?" "Twenty years." "Oh, me too." You know. "So, how many kids you got? Oh, how old are they? Dang, you started young too." So it just kept snowballing.

Manuel: All the similarities are just...everything, like, just our daily lives, it's weird how everything it's like the same. It's weird. Our both jobs...

Eric: Get up early. Get up at 5:00. Get on that stupid freeway, you know? Do a bunch of calls and then try to make calls in between that. And then, yeah. "Hey, what are you doing for lunch?" You know. "Where you at?" That kind of thing too. So.

Melina: So that's really interesting because, you know, you guys talked about being on the serving team. And then, you know, having that connection and how we are all together a lot. And isn't it interesting now that you guys have built this crazy friendship?

Tina: Oh, yeah.

Melina: And now you're doing business together as well. You guys have, kind of, formed... I'm just curious, do you have anything in writing?

Eric: Actually...

Manuel: No, we don't have, do we?

Eric: You just jinxed it.

Manuel: Oh, man.

Melina: I didn't jinx it.

Manuel: We're getting ready. We're trying to figure out some paperwork.

Melina: Oh, okay. The details.

Manuel: It's coming. It's coming. Yeah.

Melina: It is coming. Okay. As long as you're talking about it, that's the most...

Eric: Yeah. We're like, "Okay. LLC, DBA. Where are we at? How much further do we need to go?" So.

Melina: Okay. Good. Good. Good. Good.

Eric: And then it's like, "Do we wanna stick with this name?"

Melina: Okay. So, let's...

Oscar: The ladies say no.

Melina: The ladies say no. So why don't you tell us. What is your current company name?

Manuel: Team-Liger.

Eric: Team-Liger. Yeah.

Melina: Team-Liger.

Oscar: So which one of you is the lion and which one is the tiger?

Manuel: I'm the lion.

Oscar: That was really fast, Manny.

Eric: Well, the tiger has stripes, you know. So, I think I wear the stripes better. But then we're thinking like Tiger-Worldwide, like, Liger-Worldwide, you know? So, international.

Manuel: And that's why I think we get along. So, it's like our personalities are the same. We just have the same kind of mind, the weird...I don't know. We can go off...

Eric: Like humor. Our humor is the same.

Melina: Your humor is very much the same. All the time.

Eric: One-up each other on...Yeah.

Manuel: Yeah. Then our wives just… like they're doing now.

Tina: And me and Becky are like, "What's the team name?" "What the?"

Eric: They're like, "What just happened?" Yeah.

Manuel: And just within minutes. Like, we had the little logo. We had everything just, you know, like, "What is all this?"

Eric: T-shirts are ready. Like… "Okay. Here, put this on."

Melina: Do you guys communicate in means constantly?

Manuel: We've got better.

Eric: We've gotten better.

Melina: Have you gotten better? Yeah.

Manuel: We were doing that all the time. But we're kind of, you know, there's some words in there now, so they can understand what we mean.

Melina: They do communicate. Yeah. All right. So now talk to me a little bit about, you know... I know that by being in business together... So, first of all, we have, you know, married couples and your families, right? And then now it's the two couples coming together and the power in that. And I feel like it's accountability. The accountability is a little off the charts in my mind. Am I right?

Manuel: Yeah.

Tina: Yeah.

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Melina: Would you say that that is like the best...

Eric: Yeah.

Manuel: Yeah. Yeah. Because we both have...You know, we got four of us now. It's not just one person and another one. So, it's always like, when me and Eric are doing our daily job or whatever, we have the ladies at home. And they're watching like, "Hey, Eric, can you make a call?" Or, "Manny, can you make a call?" Like who's...

Eric: Who is on today.

Manuel: Yeah. Who's busy here at this time, who's not busy?

Melina: That's great.

Manuel: So, and then, like, Tina and Becky will spread out the week. Like, Monday through, like, Thursday or Wednesday. It's, like, Tina's days and then Becky. So that way it kind of eases the load off of everybody.

Melina: That's great.

Manuel: And then we just kind of have that, kind of, working together process and just kind of communicate through a GroupMe that we have for us. And specifically, there's always something...

Melina: Something going on.

Manuel: Yeah. We all share a calendar together.

Melina: Nice. Look at that. Aww, that's...

Manuel: So, they input the calendar like that, so.

Eric: It only took a few months. "Hey, we should do a calendar." "What?"

Becky: But we got it. It's good

Eric: Yeah. We yell at each other through the GroupMe, all that good stuff. So.

Melina: That's great. So, and, you know, let me say this, that both Eric and Manny are on the Advisory Council at the club, which is the leadership team. Which is a volunteer position but it is, you know, really, the second tier of leadership inside of the club. And so, I know that that also takes time and energy from you guys. And you guys have spent quite a bit of time really crafting and cultivating the Accountability program. And what that looks like, and really honing in and working with Oscar in making that just stronger and better. And so, Oscar, why don't you share a little bit about, like, how you see maybe the benefits that these guys, and not just the guys, but, you know, these folks, the Team-Liger has… You know, what you see has come from the fruit, you know? And how it's really fit into the club. And maybe the Accountability Partner program and what that looks like.

Oscar: Sure. So the first thing is just to acknowledge the fact that they were able to step into that role. Because we don't take the Accountability Partner program lightly. There's a lot of responsibilities, there's more time, there's a lot of things. And it's all voluntary, right? It's not like anybody's on a payroll or anything. So, kudos to them for being able to step in and filling those roles. That said, and I think they'll agree on this, is that, when you're put in a position like that or you have to show up for others, inevitably you have to show up. And that means that you have to be there. You have to be present. You have to do. You have to act correctly and do all these things. So from that, I believe that the growth that we've seen in them has definitely come from that aspect of having to show up for other people versus showing up for each other. It kind of one-ups things for them. So much so that they've actually transitioned now and they're filling more of the coach role. And stepping into that role now is totally different. Both of them have sat with me when I sit with new members to do the initial 2-hour meeting with them and get to know them and all that. So they've experienced that now. And I think that opens them up as well to understand better how to approach people and how to... So the personal growth that they've gone through is directly related to the programs that are in place at the club. And it just continues to feed. So now they feed, right? Because, you know, Eric just pulled me aside, "Hey, look I'd like to do this for the club meeting. What do you think about that?" Right?

Melina: That's great.

Oscar: That's all great stuff, right? Because we want people to step into those roles, you know.

Melina: Yes, we do.

Oscar: What I don't wanna do is us being the ones that always do everything. Otherwise what's the point? So at least now we're starting to see now people grow into those roles and into those responsibilities. For me, it's great. I love these guys. They're awesome, you know. All four of them are awesome people. They're great to get along with. Their sense of humor just cracks me up, left and right.

Melina: Me too.

Oscar: And it's not just the guys, by the way. The ladies have their own flair on their sense of humor too. They have to, right? To keep up with those two. So. But, yeah. Overall, the program itself has really flourished because of them stepping in as well, right? Because we always point...When new accountability partners show up, it's like, "Hey, look at what Eric and Manny are doing. Look at what Tina and Becky are doing." That's what you need to step into. And let people start to emulate them now. So it makes everything flow a lot... And we're all about consistency with people, right? Just making sure that everybody gets the same message and all that. So, they're key to that. Absolutely.

Melina: Yeah. I agree. And that really is why I wanted you guys to come on the podcast. It's because I thought it was important for people to hear your stories a little bit and get to know you a little bit more personally. Because in my mind, what I see is huge growth in you. And I see that you're gonna just continue to grow in your leadership in the club. And that's exciting to me. Because I think what Oscar said is really key. That, you know, if we can't grow people to become leadership, then what is the point? We're not trying to run an organization where it's just, you know, eight people at the top. And we're the ones doing all the work. And also getting all the fruit, frankly. You know, the idea of the club is that people can create as much leverage as they choose to. And the thing, I think, that is so unique about the club is that leverage is created through personal relationships and service to one another. It's very different than what, like, for example, corporate America looks like, you know. Leverage is created by having people work for you, keeping them at a certain level, financially, so that they have to come to work every day, right? The idea of a job, just over broke. And what we've created is no...there's no ceiling. Like, there's not even a glass ceiling. There's truly no ceiling here at all. Anybody can have as much success as they wanna have. We don't fight over humans, you know? That's really what we have, is the leverage that we've created is human capital. And human capital is very real. And I think the thing that's unique with us is that we do treat humans like they matter, right? So the idea that, you know, Oscar, you're talking about a two-year...sorry, a two-hour... Could you imagine...

Oscar: Could feel like two years.

Melina: It did feel like two years. A two-hour meeting with brand new members once they come in and sign up. And you spend two hours with them and really digging into their lives. And the reason for that is so that we can serve them. And we can't serve them if we don't know who they are and what their needs are because we know that every human is completely different, right? Every one of us is uniquely made. So, we can't serve appropriately if we don't know who they are. And so, maybe before we kind of wrap this up, maybe if I could hear from either one of you or maybe both of you. You've experienced that one-on-one with Oscar, that initial meeting. And would you wanna share? Like, was there something...did you have an aha moment? Did you learn something? Not about the person, obviously, that you were meeting with. But, you know what I mean, like what was your experience that you would wanna share? What did you experience when you got to sit in and kind of be a fly on the wall in that initial meeting? Is there something?

Manuel: I think my aha moment was just really hearing Oscar taking in the full story. Like, when you come to the club, you know, you get the feeling, like, you feel that you guys you really care about the people here, the members here, like, when we first signed up. You can feel that. You can just see, like, you want people to succeed. And you have this deep, like, just you're rooting for them, and you wanna help them as much as you can. And then sometimes, like, we don't know that person all that deep. And then you're like, "Man, I don't know about that person but they're just keep pushing him and pushing." He's like, "That person's not really doing anything." Why are they doing that? But I don't get it because I don't know that whole person yet. So, I can see now when I saw and I heard the whole story, the whole...and for me, that got me, and I'm like, "I want these people to succeed." And like, "I wanna do everything that I could to help them." You know. So, I when I got back and I told Tina, "I get it." Now I know how you can feel so much for somebody when you hear the whole story and what kind of a person they really are. Because you don't always get that whole perception of somebody when you first meet them. You just get the top surface because... You know, I know, for me, I don't tell everybody, like, I'm really, really guarded, I'm working on that. But you know...

Melina: And you've come a long way, by the way.

Tina: He has. Yes.

Manuel: Yeah. So. But I get it. I was...totally that whole meeting just, like, switched something in me. And I get it now. I totally, fully understand it now when I see that. I just understand it. So it was great. It was a great meeting.

Melina: That's great. That's so wonderful. Because that is so insightful and so true. A lot of times people don't understand why we continue to root for somebody. And you're right. They've quit on themselves and we haven't quit on them yet. And, like, why do we do that? It is like dragging people across the finish line sometimes. And it is because we know what their true story is. And when you talked about people don't share that, it's, you know, people come in so masked. We're all walking around with masks on. And so once you can get past the mask that somebody is wearing, then that's when you can really serve them. But they have to be willing to remove the mask. And it is a skill, would you agree? To be able to get somebody to remove their mask and feel safe doing it.

Manuel: Yes.

Melina: It's not easy. So, there's a lot of trust and a lot of confidence that is put into us. And I know Oscar, I believe, is really, really good at that. And so, Oscar's goal is to train them.

Oscar: Mm-hmm. Absolutely.

Melina: To do the same thing.

Oscar: Yeah. And I think one of the things that we do really well is that we let them know first time they show up, right? When I do the introduction, I need to know you so I can coach you, guide you, and instruct you, right? I can't do any of that if I don't know you really well. And people will look at you kind of weird.

Melina: They're not used to that.

Oscar: Right. And then when they go through that process, you could see it in their face too, like, "Wow, these guys really do care," right? And so we say it from the beginning. And absolutely the intent of having these guys in those meetings and others in the meetings is for them to learn how to do that. And it's not gonna happen over one, right? I've been doing this for a number of years, so. But, with time, they're gonna get better at it. And then they can start taking those meetings over. Which is, again, growing them, right? To be able to do other things.

Melina: Yup. That's what leadership development looks like, for sure. Would you add anything to that, Eric? Anything that's...I'm sure you experienced the same thing. Was there anything else you'd wanna add? Or...

Eric: Yeah. It just gives you that bigger picture feeling. And it gives you that... Like there's a bunch of people out there that end up somehow, some way, getting to the club, and you're just like, "The world is a big place." And it makes you feel small when you hear some of these, like you said, when you get to know somebody, you're like, "Holy crap, that's really cool."

Melina: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Eric: You know. Or, "Holy crap." Like, maybe, you know, stuff that happens to your normal day isn't as a big deal anymore when you're like, "You went through that?" Or, "You're going through that?" I wanna be there to help. I wanna be there to, like Manny said, to root you on and be there that you can lean on, whether it's real estate or not, like, we're all club members, we're all the family. So, it's like, "Let's get through this. I'm here if you need it." You know. So, whether it's, "Hey, I need to text you every time I'm door-knocking," to, "Hey, I just have a random question." You know. So, I love it. I love being there for people. I love trying to help them through that, whatever they're going through, and help them get to the next level. And stay. And stay in. And keep coming back. I wanna be a reason that people come back. They see us, they see Manny and Tina and like, "Oh, they're cool. Let's go back to the club and see what's going on." So, that's kind of where I get with that too.

Melina: So great. That makes my heart just go pitter-patter. It makes me so happy. When you have this vision, for me, personally, a vision that this would happen. And for Dave and I to sit back from 10 years ago and have... This was our goal. This was our vision. Was that we would create leaders, we would duplicate ourselves. And duplicate ourselves in a way where people would actually care about other people, and pay it forward, and really serve them. And that's what you guys have been. So, for me, personally, I'm really honored and thankful, truly, for all four of you, five of you, Oscar included, obviously. But I'm very, very thankful for who you've shown up to be for the club. And one of the things, I think, that I need to say, and it's probably the final thing that I wanna say is this. Not one person is bigger than the club. The club exists, and its mission is tied to everybody, it takes everybody. And there's not one person that is more important than the entire club, no person. And you're just proving that to be true. So, thank you, thank you for that. So, I think we're out.

Oscar: I think so.

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