Relationships Matter

Podcast Transcription

Melina: Welcome to Flippin’ Off, a purpose-driven podcast about flipping houses and making a difference.

Dave: You're so funny looking at you over there. I mean, dancing to that intro.

Melina: It's the most awesome music ever.

Dave: Dave and Melina Boswell here, and we are in the studio doing something completely different today. We're not sure how this is gonna work out for everybody else out there but it our minds, it's an awesome idea. So, the other day, we're sitting in my office and we were just literally brainstorming different ideas and different things that we're doing in our businesses. And like, we just stopped for a moment and said, I think it was Oscar that maybe said, "How do we capture this so people could be able to experience this because people don't really get all the things that happened behind the scenes and all the stuff that happens." And so, today, we're actually sitting in a room with... well, at some point, you've heard them on this podcast, so I'm not gonna through and introduce everybody formally if you will. I've got Frank, Tim, Peter, Christian, Oscar, Cathy and, of course, my beautiful wife that's sitting right across the table from me. What an awesome view I have this morning.

So, we wanted to be able to capture all the things that happen behind the scenes without every one of us wearing a GoPro somehow and editing video and these kinds of stuff. That's like an impossibility. And so, we're gonna try to be really mindful today and not talk over the top of each because I know a lot of us have a lot of things to say and share and so forth for you listeners out there. We really wanted to build a stop for a minute and talk about as we head into doing this business. We're in an exciting time like there is more enthusiasm, I think, in what we're doing and just all the systems and the growing of the club and rebranding and redoing lots stuff in our curriculum, and it's just really cool stuff. So, we're all excited about it. And then we wanna stop for a minute and say, "Well, okay, hold on a second. How did we get here? Like, how did we get here? What have we done in the last working on, what is it, 9-10 years, whatever. What have we done to get here, and what are the resources that it takes to make this happen, and what are the things that maybe we take for granted where we sit today and putting all this together?" Because we need a lot of people, and a lot of people come with some really crazy expectations as to what this business looks like, what is it gonna take to get done. And as we were talking in my office, there were so many great nuggets. And so, today, guys and Cathy and Melina, I'm looking for a way that we can capture those great nuggets and really share those things that we talked about the other day. So with that, I'm actually gonna start with Oscar because this was Oscar's idea, and I'll give him credit for it in that. He said, "How can we get this, how can we do this?" So, Oscar, you're on the spot, man, because...

Oscar: Cool.

Dave: Tell us a little bit about what your thought process was the other day when we were sitting there.

Oscar: Sure. The thing that I find is that when we're together, there is power there because there's a synergy, there's that dynamics that we need be able to plan and architect things. And when you put enough brain power in a room, it's a pretty cool experience to be in the middle of. And I just thought it'd be great to have everybody's insights and inputs and share it with the rest of the folks out there to hopefully get them thinking of what does this year look like for them, what is it gonna be like for them, and how much power is there in what we do as a group.

Dave: Got it. And I think a real key to that would be like, "How can plug into that?" Like, "How could I go be part of?" I mean, every one of you I'm sitting here looking at have their own team, some of you are working together, some of you have your own things going on. We talked to, a couple weeks back, with Frank and Cathy and just about what they have going on with Danielle Monique and all these certain things that are happening. But how could somebody else plug into something like this, like how is that all possible? And so, I wanted actually go over to Tim. And Tim, if you're gonna articulate for some going off from what Oscar just said about the brain power and like that power that mastermind, that type of thing and that resource. If somebody listens to this right now, what'd be one of the takeaways you would say like, "I really want them to get that X is vital to this business." Like, what is X for you? What would be that one thing that you know get inside the club that you have to have in order to make this work?

Tim: For me, if I had to narrow down to one thing that I'd get from the club, it would definitely be all of you and the other club members and the ability to work with people who have different life experiences than I do. Because when we're working through a deal and doing things, I mean, I work with homeowners sometimes where I truly can't identify what the challenge... I'm a single man, I have no kids. If I'm working with a homeowner who is married with children, I don't really have those life experiences to be able to really connect the way that Frank and Cathy could coach. Like a few weeks ago, they were talking about coaching Daniele Monique. I couldn't help them through that. I've never been there.

Dave: Right.

Tim: So, the ability for all of us to come together and bring all of, like the people in this room, the brain power that is in this room, to be able to take that and then to put it in front of the club, so that way, no matter where the club members sit, somebody in this room has been through it and can help you get to where you want to be or where we are if you choose to be there. That's for me.

Dave: Very cool. And so, Christian, I see you over there standing. You've got something you wanna add?

Christian: Yeah, just to add real quick and from this conversation, a quote popped into my mind. And the quote is, "For you to attract attractive people, you must become attractive." And just sitting here and reflecting and everyone here in this room, everyone here is attractive and not talking... I'm just talking mentally wise and personality wise.

Melina: We're hot, too.

Christian: Yeah.

Melina: All hot.

Dave: I'm hot.

Melina: I'm hot.

Christian: So, I think a lot of times, people just coming into the club have the expectation to just rely on senior investors or investors with more knowledge, but you also have to come to a space where you have to invest a lot in yourself and become attractive so you can attract attractive people.

Dave: Very good. Yeah, that's great. Really, really good insight, really good insight. I think and Melina, I'm looking at you now, honey, but one of the things that... we talk to a lot of people that come in, obviously, they're looking at us and saying. Most of the time, those people out, they've been searching ahead of time like looking for information, get plugged in, they watch TV. I think a lot of the people that were at housing are getting the idea of real estate investing from the television.

Melina: Right.

Dave: Right?

Melina: Agreed.

Dave: And so, what would you say would be the perspective that a lot of people have when they come in and they say, "Okay, I'm gonna do this because I saw this on TV and I can do this and I just need X." What is X?

Melina: Yeah, usually it's money.

Dave: Right.

Melina: Usually, they tell me, "Oh yeah, I have deals, I just don't have money." So, I used to say things like, "Whoa, you obviously don't know what a deal is because money is always looking for deals." But now, I guess, I've softened up a little. It's so funny because when you're asking the question what's the one thing, I was gonna say women, you need women, that's what you need, actually. So, I'm actually glad Cathy is in the room today because I'm always the only woman. And think that you need to have strong women to be a part of your mastermind. I think that we could bring something unique to the table that I don't know that everybody necessarily is able to tap into. My belief is that women rule the world. And so, I mean...

Cathy: It's my belief, too.

Melina: Exactly. Well, women in banks ultimately do rule the world, and you're gonna find that to be true over and over. So, yeah, anyway, so I do think that it's important to have a woman's perspective because our world view is very unique. So, I know I'm lightening it up a little bit.

Dave: Crazy.

Melina: Yeah, I know. But people are always looking for money and when I explain to them, in fact, I just had a gentleman ask me and he's an educated professional and this was just very recently. And he said to me, "You know, I have this incredible deal and I'm smart, I'm a professional, this is what I do and there's an opportunity here to make half a million dollars." I was explaining to him that we don't do business with people we don't have a relationship with because we don't need to. And the importance of true relationship business, we call belly-to-belly relationship. And he said, "So, I have this deal and you're telling me if I am not a member of your club, you wouldn't take the deal?" And I said, "That is exactly what I'm saying because I'm just not interested." I think that we've into a point in our life where you and I personally, we're on the second half if you will, with our life, money doesn't become the driving factor anymore.

Dave: Right.

Melina: Significance and people become the driving factor. So, that is why the power of the mastermind is so important. I don't need it, I want to go make a half a million dollars with somebody I don't know because I understand now that the journey is where the power is, which is what this is right now, sitting here with these guys, with all of you. I love this. I love the power of the mastermind. I just wish I had chocolate to chuck at each one of you because I would.

Dave: That'd be great, I'm hungry. Chocolate to chuck at you that we would all consume, as well.

Melina: Yes. Usually, our masterminds are surrounded around chocolate.

Dave: There is a lot of chocolate consumers that are masterminds. Maybe there's something to that.

Melina: I think there is.

Dave: Yeah. All right, all right. So, a lot of times, they come in, "Okay, so I need money." And we kind of... I guess from... I haven't gotten soft on that, I guess, because I'm like, "You don't need money."

Melina: Right.

Dave: Because at end of the day, if you needed money, money is really easy to find.

Melina: Yup.

Dave: Like Google, hard money lenders and if there's really half a million to be made and the people with money agree to what you're looking at, they'll find that deal.

Melina: All day long.

Dave: All day. There's no problem there because people with money wanna do what?

Melina: Make more money.

Cathy: Make money.

Dave: Yeah, so they wanna make more money. So, money is gonna attract more money. All right so, now, we look at it and go okay. So, what about the people, and I'm gonna look at Frank on this because I know he does with this a lot. Often times, people call up the club and they're really all about like, "I just need information, I just need classes." And when somebody says something like that, Frank, what's your take on that?

Frank: Well, I know for myself, I started researching real estate in the 90s and it definitely wasn't somebody talking at you and it wasn't just the information. I mean, we talked touch in our relationships. There is also the money factor but more importantly, it is like, "What is my gain in training this person?" Like if you just say, "Hey, just teach me and it would great, we'll split the profit." But at the end of the day, I don't have a relationship with that person, I don't know them, I don't know their heart. And I think the community is where you get to know people at the club, starting to work with them, if you wanna call it networking or whatever. And there's just people that you click with. And they get you, you get them and there is a vested interest like Danielle Monique. Our kids play together. I wanna pour everything I can into that individual because I care about not just being able to make money, but being able to provide for their family, being able to have the hope that Cathy has spoken about. That's what's important to me. So, if somebody says, "Hey, just teach me how to do this and I'll kick you back some money or just give me money for this funding and I'll give you $500,000." It's like, "Why? Why would I do that when I have all these people that I have relationships with that I have a vested interest that has nothing to do with money but about living out their dreams, about fulfillment." That's more important to me. That's what I would say.

Dave: Very cool, very cool.

Melina: I feel like there's a common theme happening.

Dave: Yeah, what's that theme you're hearing?

Melina: I'm just hearing the theme of people matter, relationships matter. It's so funny, it's just interesting. Every single thing that you... whatever challenge you throw, it's always gonna come back to people and I think Christian hit the nose on that, hit the nail on the head, hit the nose on the dot or whatever that stupid thing is.

Dave: You've got all kind of Melina, our glossary inside of our club. Just so you know, if you ever come to our club, go read the glossary or all the different terms we put there. We put in Melinaisms and we call Melinaisms because she just makes stuff up. And so...

Cathy: They're all on the shubaship.

Melina: Exactly, yeah. I like words.

Dave: And if the word doesn't exist, you just mix it up.

Melina: Yes.

Dave: Or throws in something in its place when you can't think of whatever the word is.

Melina: Exactly.

Dave: All right. So, let's back up and go over to Peter. Peter, from your perspective in this and you have a different perspective in coming and saying, "Why real estate and how you're getting into real estate and so forth." And so, if somebody was looking at this and what's that vital thing that you know, "Hey, I'm in this club and I'm in this club for life because this is what I wanna to do." And like, "I can't live without X." Like, "I need X day in and day out and I get that from the club." What would that be for you?

Peter: I would have to say guidance. First, it focuses and revolves around the relationships, but the key thing for me has been guidance, people that have been to a place that I haven't been but wanna go and are willing to take me along with them and to coach me along the way, and be genuine about it. So, I would definitely say that from my perspective, the thing that has really, really got me sold out if you will is the relationships and not just the relationships, but what those relationships bring. It's not like, "Hey, here's somebody who I get along with." But there's actual real value exchange from those relationships. So, like they were saying, we all have our own gifts and talents and being able to come together and use those talents from one another and learn from one another has been what has really, really helped and helped me grow in the last few years.

Dave: Yeah, very cool. I tell people this all the time. A lot of times, especially when they come and they're coming out to an introduction and they're like, "What's this club about and who's all... " They always come from a perspective of like, "What's in it for me?" Which is I think every one of us, if we really look back at our own journeys and why did we create the club, and then on top of that, every one of you are in here, at some point, a new person sitting in the club. And it's always that principle, "What's in it for me?"

Melina: With them.

Dave: Yeah, with them. So, what's in it for me and the idea of like, "Okay, so what's in it for me?" I think people need to start shifting that and start really looking at going, "Okay, so here's a group of people that have success in what it is that I want to do" So, my big take away for anybody listening to this would be, if you wanna do this business, you'd better be hanging out with, like spending the majority of your time with people that do this business. It blows me away when people say, "I really wanna do this business, but I hang out with people that have nothing to do with this and or even don't support the idea that I wanna do this business." And I have to go with the people that are saying, "This will never work or that's never gonna work." And I won't dwell on that. But I need to hang out with those people. But then, the next layer get a little bit deeper than that, not only that I need to hang out with them, but I need to figure out how do I bring value?

Melina: Right.

Dave: To their business. So, a really, really, big key. So, in 20 seconds or less, I generally make some determinations about people when they come in, in their conversations with us. So many people come in from, "What's in it for me, and I only really care about me. And either I need money or I want to partner up with you because..." Really, what they're really saying is, "I don't know what I'm doing. And I think I know what I'm doing but I really don't. And on top of that, I need to make a home run tomorrow. This whole lottery microwave mentality, and instead of saying, "Well, hold on a second, these people have success in what I wanna do, they're doing it." I've been struggling for X number of years trying to break into it, going to seminars, watching webinars, going hotel room to hotel room to hotel room. That was us.

Melina: For sure.

Dave: That was us. And I even think my own perspective was that same way.

Melina: Yup.

Dave: Going to people and saying, "Well, okay, I'll join you but what's in it for me?" And instead, now, every time I meet somebody successful in doing what I wanna do, I gotta figure out how do I connect with them. I connect with them by what is it their business that they need that I might be able to bring value to them. Like, how could I help going to Tim? Tim, he said it great earlier and that, "Hey, I don't have that experience like Frank and Cathy have to be able to connect with that couple with kids because I'm a single guy, so I'm missing that." So, hey, but I wanna break in with Tim, maybe I have that life experience that he can have. People speak other languages.

Melina: Yup.

Dave: Vital, like, "Hey, I'd be happy to provide this service for you if you'd be willing to provide this service for me of like sharing with me how do you connect with people. Like, I don't necessarily know how to do that." And so a takeaway for those of you that would be listening to us today is to think about that. Whether you ever come to our club, whether you're just randomly listening or somebody sharing this with you or something, but from a perspective of us owning the club and being able to do this business and share with people, that's how you get our attention.

Cathy: If I think like we're on the table with everybody here, I think this. I think I don't know that every one of us walked in with the perspective of, "Oh, what can I do for you." I think everybody comes with the initial perspective of with them, and I think though it's a journey that people need to be willing to embark on, don't you think? Like they have to be willing to embark on the journey like, "Okay, I'm just gonna jump in." Like, maybe forget everything that you think you know and empty whatever knowledge or whatever experience you think you have, and if indeed you want to live a life that has a lifestyle that we've been able to live, then what are you doing and follow, right?

Frank: Right. I was gonna say that we talk to people who wanna become club members and things like that, and I think most people that I talked to when I first talked to them, there is a lot of them talking to me from the 'what's in it for me.' Some of them are so stuck in 'what's in it for me' that the only question they can ask me is, "What's in it for you?" They don't get that I really enjoy working with other people, I really enjoy helping somebody who, I can see the block because I've been there. I've broken through it and I'm literally looking at. If I'm at 50,000 feet and you're at 100 feet, I have a better vision of your situation and I can see what you need to go through and I enjoy watching people and help. My two-word mission statement, cultivating growth. I like seeing people and helping people to get through that. The people that I don't invite down to the office are the people that can't get past that. I really do want to help. I want to see you get whatever it is that you want to get and I wanna be a part of helping you through there if that makes sense. And, yeah.

Cathy: It makes perfect sense. I mean, that's the idea of significance. What you're saying is I wanna be of significance and you can only be of significance with people, not money. Money may make life easier for sure, it makes life nicer, but it's not going to make you significant. I mean, it may leave your name on a building somewhere, but how is that really significant? You're only significant when you affect people, when you make an impact on their lives.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, very cool. I think that we had the conversation with Cathy and by the way, if you haven't listened to that podcast, go back and listen to Frank and Cathy because Cathy really shared all about that significance and what that does in bringing value. And you talked about, and not to put you on the spot again, but you kind of talked about that, even in your role in the club and your role in, obviously, your marriage and with your kids. But inside our club, what is that, always never working?

Cathy: Yup.

Dave: Always never working, yet not punching a time clock, but being able to be there. And so, maybe you can... you know you talk to a lot of people, a lot of people call and those types of things. What would be something that you could leave them with? The club provides X for you and that's why you can see. Kind of like Tim's perspective was awesome, in that I can see things you can't see. And so, maybe you can shed some light on that. I'm not sure if there's a question in there, but maybe just looking for your insight.

Cathy: I think for me when I'm talking to people, I always share with them that the club will provide hope because people are calling looking for something and it's not real estate. They wanna do real estate because it provides money. And usually, we get people that call because they're living in survival mode. That's why they have the question,"What's in it for me?" And you can't see past that when you're in survival mode.

Melina: Right.

Cathy: So, I usually tell people like, "What you'll get from the club is hope and on top, of you'll make some money." The club is very valuable in the part that it builds up people, it shows them their value, it gives them hope, and it provides an income, like it allows you to build a business that provides income that you can't make anywhere else.

Melina: Right.

Cathy: Especially not knowing, not going to college or having some kind of degree. For Frank and I, we were just regular W2 employees before. So, to make the kind of money that we make now, that we've never made before, it's like, "Oh, where do you get that kind of chance?"

Dave: Very cool. Christian, you were gonna say something? I saw you over there with the...

Christian: Yeah, just to piggyback off of Cathy, it is tough when people do have their backs against the walls because they have mortgage payment and kids to feed. But if they can look past that and look from the sky to the ground, this is an opportunity where you can hang around people that are making millions of dollars in real estate, and the truth is that you just have to be hungry. And like you were saying, Dave, people can't have the mentality where they're just entitled and they're looking for what can I get because if you surround yourself with this group with the club, your income is gonna skyrocket not from even the real estate knowledge that you have, but just from the person that you become.

Dave: Spoken by Melina...

Melina: I was so gonna say no snowflake there.

Dave: Go ahead, Oscar.

Oscar: The thing that comes to mind for me is people being willing to collaborate. So, we're a team, right? It's a team sport. And if everybody plays their roles, everybody does what they're supposed to do through that team, man, the success is ridiculous. But when you go out there and try to do this on your own and you think you have it figured out, ask me how I know, right?

Dave: I was just gonna say, are you speaking from experience?

Oscar: Absolutely, it's really being willing to, you know, we talked about being trainable, being coachable. Yeah, it takes that and just be open to the collaboration that takes place. Then you take to another level, it's to be open to being vulnerable.

Melina: Right.

Oscar: Right, because it's the worst thing to sit in your own mess and not be willing to take the constructive feedback and the challenges that come with this business. That's what I get from the people around this room, right now. And there are so many conversations we've all had together exchanging that, and just sometimes, yeah, you feel like you're put on the spot but what happens after that is ridiculous.

Dave: Yeah.

Oscar: Right.

Dave: You're actually being put on the spot.

Oscar: Yeah, absolutely. It's being on the spot and then it's like you're being put on the spot but you're sitting in a catapult, and as soon as you're off that spot, you get launched.

Melina: Awesome. That's a great analogy.

Dave: Yeah, it's a great visual. Yeah, it kind of reminds of sitting at the church just last week and talking about being willing to take the hit. And every one of us has got to be willing to take the hit at different times when we fall down, we make mistakes, being able to be coachable, humble, and then really accountability. And I think that that's a really big thing and I know that you've been stressing that a lot and even recently with classes and so forth and club meetings and creating some accountability. You say you want this, are you hungry? How hungry are you? How coachable are you? Hey, what you're doing isn't working. Great, why don't you plug into somebody that is doing something that works and figure out what is it that they're doing that you're not doing? Or who is that you need to be that you're not? And they've already been there, done that. That's an intangible. I can't articulate it in such a way. In a two-minute conversation when people come up and go, "Yeah, I heard about your club, why should I join? Like, it's impossible. So, I see with a bit of breath over there... Tim, go for it.

Tim: Well, I think I almost forgot what I was gonna say, but I think it had to do with Oscar's analogy of the spotlight and the catapult. And the visual that I got was, I think he is absolutely right. It's like being in the spotlight and sometimes it's painful. And in that catapult, they have to pull that catapult back and there's a lot of tension that's there when you pull that catapult back. And the visual that I got was that unless you personally release the catapult, like you have to release the catapult. We can put you in the spotlight and we can show you that things that are there for you, but you have to do it. You've got to be the one, as scary as it is, to actually release that catapult. But when you do...

Melina: Watch me soar.

Tim: Watch me soar, yeah. And you're bash through all of those glass ceilings that you're been... and I can only speak from own personal experience, but that's what happened for me. I mean, glass ceilings that I was smashed up against for years trying to get through, watching people above me doing the things that I knew that I could do, not knowing what was stopping me, not even able to see the glass ceiling, and finally releasing the catapult.

Dave: Right.

Tim: And watch me soar. That was great, Cathy. So that's, yeah.

Dave: That's so awesome. Yeah, you have got to surround yourself. Like, think of the brain power in this room alone. And I think about all the times that we've sat around and we talked about it before. Like, if you ever read anything by Napoleon Hill and just the power of that mastermind. Even Melina and I, as much experience as we have and business experience and so forth, we're sitting around and we have a conversation, and then be like the two of us and then maybe we're sitting and having a conversation with Tim and then that morphs. And then we're also in this like, "Okay, now Oscar in that presence and Christian and all of us are all sitting around. And now, that idea is 10 times bigger." Like this year is gonna be huge in the club, right?

Melina: Yup.

Cathy: Yeah, I was thinking this. I was thinking when Oscar was talking and he was talking about the team and creating success. And I realized that the thing that is so astounding to me is that like you and I, we don't have any financial gain if Oscar and Tim go do... we don't have any financial gain. And then, Oscar, if you and I do a deal, whatever we're working on doesn't necessarily, unless Oscar is in the deal with us, but he...

Dave: Sure.

Cathy: Just because he is not involved in the deal or we're not involved in each other's deals, our desire to see each other's success is a win for all of us. So, one person wins, we all win, which is astounding.

Oscar: It is.

Melina: It's extraordinary.

Cathy: Yeah.

Dave: People freak out by that all the time.

Cathy: Yeah, I know.

Dave: It's a constant question I get like when I do an introduction to the club. "So, hold on a second. So, Oscar told me I could come done here and see an introduction to the club and then like, if I chose to join the club, that's great. And if you guys accept me, that's great. But what's in it for Oscar?" Well, Oscar basically gave you the opportunity to see if this is right for you. And then if so and there's synergy between you guys, then great. Maybe there's an opportunity at some point that going back to Frank and Danielle. Like, Frank didn't know Danielle before Danielle came, but there were some commonalities between them and there was a connection. And so, Frank having been there said, "Hey, let's work together, let's joint venture. Let's go out and close this property that we're making $60,000 on. And you know what, we learn through that process together, we work on that together. And by the way, we got paid on that together." That's kind of that by product. And so, I get asked that all the time like, "Is that MLM... like this club, is there's some sort of direct marketing, MLM, lotions, potions, pills, juice?" No.

Cathy: You know what's unique about that? I was just thinking that when you're talking about Danielle Monique. Did you invite Danielle to the club?

Dave: No, I did not. All right, and that whole idea where Tim said, I think, and maybe it's just society, and maybe that's just the sad impact of maybe what's going on in our society in this day and age of instant gratification, 100% attached to social media and the fake lifestyles that people are portraying in social media. There's a lot of that. We really got to take captive of the things that we allow to impact our minds and how much that affects people because I think it's been down played if you will in that. It's not necessarily good because then they miss out. They miss out on the Tims of the world who say, "Dude, I really do just wanna see you succeed." Like for me, there is 100% I would shut down this club in two seconds if I felt like I wasn't creating value for other people. Like, there is so much work that goes into all the things that are happening here. And nothing's truly altruistic, right?

Melina: Right, that's right.

Dave: Like I wanna help them, but you don't get how much it feeds me to watch people succeed. And there are hundreds of examples I could come up of people having success where we never once got paid a single dollar on that.

Melina: Yup.

Dave: We had no vested interest. I mean, we talked about it just a few weeks with Frank. We have to choke details out of Frank, right? About real estate deals, because he's not standing around going, "Oh yeah, we just closed this one and we made this money, we did this, we did this, we did this and it's like his own, I don't wanna be the center of attention kind of thing." But gosh, that's a really big take away from this and people listen to this. And maybe that's, if you're listening to this now, maybe that's your perspective. I don't know. So, what are you gonna add to that, Oscar?

Oscar: Yeah, you know what the thought that came to mind when you're talking there is everybody in this room runs a real estate business. And because of the club and what we learned through the club, we get that opportunity. But along with that, we get to help other people get started. And where else can you say that? It's not corporate America by any means. There is doggy dog world but here, you get to run your own real estate business, do well that and support your family and because you're doing that, now I get to help someone else get started and put them in that same position. I can't find that anywhere else. It's pretty awesome.

Dave: Yeah. With that, I'm just gonna add one thing to that real quick and then I'm gonna grab you over there, Tim. The club, I wanna make sure we're really clear. Like when we say the club, the club is just people. The club, all it is, is an office with a bunch of offices, but it's just people. What's made this club so phenomenal and why we're so excited is because we've done a really good job of creating a culture inside the club of people that are a lot like us. We're really looking to attract those attractive people and those people that are attractive in their mind sets and what they're really looking to accomplish. And so, I think maybe that's why we can look now and be so excited by it because our club is surrounded with just freaking awesome people.

Melina: I was just gonna say those exact words. I was just gonna say freaking awesome people.

Dave: They really are. I mean...

Melina: Yeah.

Dave: It's so cool to walk in and be excited to see this person and that person, and this person. And then when we see people with big smiles on their face, and sometimes those big smiles on their faces is just like I just wanna be around the energy and enthusiasm and the excitement. They haven't even closed a deal yet. They may even just had their homeowner conversation where somebody said, "Maybe, I might work you." But they're watching other people, and another take away from that and sorry, but just things coming to me. We need to be able to go through experiences with other people. For me, I needed to be able to go through valleys with other people. I needed to also be able to witness their mountain top experiences, right? Because that helps feed us, that helps keep that going. It's a super big encouragement like as a new person, "Man, I'm going through the struggle of I don't get all the stuff and I'm at this for six months, eight months, nine months and the light bulb just came on for me." But during that 6, 8, 9 months, 12-month journey, I watched X number of people close deals and some of them, their first deals, and some of them their 10th deal or whatever. But that helped encourage me through my valley or through my struggle and being able to have that. I know every one of you in here, obviously, this isn't a visual, but I see everybody shaking their heads going yes, yes, yes and... Tim, go ahead, I'm talking away, but I'm just excited by that.

Tim: Sure. Totally, I appreciate all that you said and right now, I'm just kind of giggling to myself because I feel like one of those people that keep taking the conversation back to a certain point because I had something to say and it was brilliant. So, even though the conversation has shifted to something else, I wanted to take it back to what Oscar was saying. And he was talking about that each one of us, we've come through the club and we've been able to learn this business and get to a point where we're running our businesses now, and we get that opportunity. And I thought it was, I was reminded of a time when I got started and I was just getting started, and Oscar was already doing his own business. And I just think it's really cool that there are club members, and I am gonna throw out a couple of names here probably. I don't know if I should or not, but I have certain club members that I have in mind that are like the next group of people that literally are building their own business and they're the ones who really grasped. Who this is, I'm thinking of like Jeffrey Rafansberger and Mark Weisenberger, and those kinds of guys that... and there are some ladies too. But the point is that they're really grasping that I'm building my business and they really get who the club is. And I see them pouring into other students.

Melina: Yup.

Tim: Just like do and they really get it. And their businesses, I have no doubt, are going to skyrocket as they start experiencing students actively looking for them to support them through deals and being able to really move forward. So, I just think it's awesome that you guys have put them together where somebody like me who's no different than any of the other club members, could come through having known nothing, learn what I've done, put a business together, and actually get to pour back into the next person. And it's just awesome because that's where I feel like I'm actually living. I mean, I used to go to work every day for a company. I worked hours every single day, every single week for years and years and years, and that's all I did. I never felt as alive as I do when I'm working with a student who just gets it. Like in that moment when getting it and whatever that is for them, that one little thing that they get that I can do this, that is when I feel most alive and for guys to put that together is just awesome.

Melina: What they get is hope.

Tim: There you go.

Christian: And I'm always reminded by what you say, Dave, the information is out there. You can go Google everything, you can look up stuff on Youtube, but just what Tim's saying, you need people and I think that's the whole conversation, that's what this whole conversation has revolved around. And I remember getting into the business and someone I would always go to was Oscar and give Oscar a con, "Hey, Oscar, I came across this. What the heck do I do next?" So, that's easy, call this company or get this paperwork filled out. Now, you're in a position where you're able to keep moving forward rather trying to Google this answer or this question. Obviously, there's classes that are in the club that are crucial to everyone's success, like Melina's. You have to be able to get there, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to people.

Dave: Yeah, very cool. Do you wanna add something there, honey? No?

Melina: No.

Dave: Peter.

Peter: Just this conversation alone has been eye opening again for me because each point that every person is making, I'm actually able to look back in my mind, in my journey and see those exact moments. See the time of when I first came and being jaded, being broken, being in a space of like, "This is everything I've ever wanted and you're telling me that it exists but I've never seen in modeled in the real world." Or being in the conversation that we had the other day that was really focused on helping me break through some of my issues and some of my traits. Like I'm sitting hearing every point that we're making and I'm just like a check, check, check. Each time, it's like, "Wow, this is really part of the journey that I've been on. These are really the people that I've surrounded myself with." And that's that key to those guidance, that's the key to those relationships that I mentioned earlier.

Dave: Really, really powerful stuff. Well, I think, unless there's anything anybody wants to add, we could talk for days in here and we do often. Because somehow, we could put a fly on the wall, but this giving me maybe just a little glimpse of that today and the idea of the power that's inside the club when really coming from each one of us living out authentic real relationships that are based on not what's in it for us but how can we provide for the people that hope that opportunity because I promise you, I don't get out of bed for real estate.

Cathy: Yeah, I was just gonna say, this is the core leadership of the club right here. Not all the leadership, but the core. And the other people that are in leadership, we could throw them in here and the conversation would be the same.

Dave: Right.

Cathy: So, I just think that that's such an important understanding for people to have that this is the leadership. That's what you're hearing a conversation between the leadership, which is how can we make things better, how can we make it better and faster. What do you say?

Dave: Bigger.

Cathy: Oh, bigger.

Dave: Better and faster.

Cathy: Right. Bigger, better, faster, exactly. Bigger, better, faster.

Dave: There you go.

Cathy: Okay, so be willing to be put in the refinery fire.

Melina: Yeah, that's true.

Dave: Yeah. But with that, we're gonna call it a wrap and we are gonna go grab some lunch and...

Melina: Hungry.

Dave: Yeah.

Melina: NWAC, leadership team, Flipping out.