New Year, New NWAC

Podcast Transcription

Dave: All right. All right, so this is why we're not going to have in the updates. So, all right?

Melina: And just relax.

Dave: He's like, "Yeah. These guys are cool!"

Melina: Welcome to "Flippin’ Off," a purpose-driven podcast about flipping houses and making a difference.

Dave: Well, here we are, all staring at each other going, "Wait, who is supposed to introduce who?" Because it's a new year and we're lost.

Melina: You mean alive?

Dave: Oh, yeah. Well, we're live because it's after the new year. We've been on holiday mode there for a couple of weeks, and the grandkids specifically, right, honey?

Melina: Mmm.

Dave: Aww, Hi, Davy, hi Jenny. So we are in the studio. Well, obviously I'm Dave Boswell, those of you that are new, the founder along with my wife, Melina Boswell, sitting across from me.

Melina: Hi.

Dave: She had to say something. I knew it was coming somewhere. And then we've got Oscar Solares.

Oscar: Hey, good morning.

Dave: And what's your name again, John Slater?

John: Correct, yes. Good morning.

Dave: Good morning to you. Have you learned English yet this year?

John: Yes, I'm still speaking English.

Dave: Can you speak into the microphone? Because we can't even hear you.

John: You can't hear me? Do you hear me now?

Melina: That's better.

Dave: I can hear you now, yeah.

John: Okay, great.

Melina: Like, you've got to eat the mike, remember, eat it.

Dave: All right, well, so this is a new year's message, and, really, what this message is talking about, what we've been working on for the last several months. There's been a lot of things happening. If you're listening to this for the first time maybe you have no idea about the club, somebody dropped this off to you and you're just listening going, "What is this all about?" We'll give you kind of a broad stroke of that as well. But then we also, we want our current club members to hear this and know some things that are changing in implementing. And then those that are current club members, if you want to be invited to our club you actually have to be essentially sponsored by somebody. Somebody has to recommend you to come to the club. And so by doing that we want them to have the information that if they are sending somebody down to the club they have an understanding of what it means to come down and get a preview or a free look at what our club does and what we're doing. So does that make sense?

John: Yeah.

Dave: Clear and concise?

Melina: That was great. So now we know what we're doing.

Dave: Now we know what we're doing.

Melina: That's awesome.

Dave: So now we checked the box out there. Let's look at our checklist. We got that checked. Okay. So last year kind of in review. One of the things we did, we implemented the technology to take our monthly club meetings and roll them online. So what we're trying to do was...our initial thought was can we get more of our club members to be able to make trainings, right? We're in Southern California so getting the training in our freeway systems on a Monday night maybe, or middle of the week or even on the weekend, you know, it's tough, you know. Traffic and everything. So we invested in the technology, and laid the fiber lines, and everything so we could run streaming video for training out to our club as we're having our monthly trainings. And so I don't know what you guys' thoughts were, but what feedback you got from students and club members, and so forth, but...

Oscar: Yeah, it's been great. They get the ability now to sit home, if they can't get a sitter or anything of that sort, right, and actually still attend the club meetings or any training that we put out there. And so it's also archived, right, for the the private Facebook group. So our club members can actually go there and revisit those meetings. Or maybe they missed something, they had to go to the bathroom, whatever, right? Things happen. So they're able to listen to it again and just maybe take some better notes and then compose some questions for their coaches and so forth. So...

Dave: Right. You know, it's funny you said that because last night we actually had a club meeting. Was it last night, last week, whatever the date is. I don't know what today even is. I apologize. I'm lost on my days.

Oscar: It was like, yeah.

Dave: Yeah, whatever. I was sitting there and I got interrupted during a section. I was like, "Oh my gosh! I wanted to hear this right now." As we had one of our instructors teaching. And so, and then I go, "Oh, dude, I don't need to stress. It's no big deal. I'll just go, it'll be archived, and I'll just go back. I'll press rewind and go listen to it again." And for me, that was really cool, and I saw it on... We do have it on... You mentioned private Facebook group. We have a closed group. You can't go search it. So if you're listening to this, don't go searching for our group. It's not out there. You can't see it unless you're part of our club. You've got to be invited to it, and so forth. But on that group, there was somebody that said, "Oh, I'm gonna be late." And another student's like, "Oh, no big deal. I'll take the notes for you. Then you can, like, watch it back." Right?

Melina: It's awesome.

Dave: It was very cool. Like, I can't get there because traffic, or because I don't get off work in time but I'll be there. So I thought that was a really cool thing that we did in 2017 that we didn't know how it would work out. It had its bugs like any technology.

Melina: Techno demons.

Dave: Techno demons there for quite a bit. But it feels like we got that pretty solid and pretty dialed in right now. So that was cool. Now our board of advisors, which obviously John and Oscar sit on along with... Tim's not here this morning, fighting whatever it is, he's fighting the flu or what have you. And Frank's not here this morning. But we've been having lots of discussions and you guys have come up with some really good ideas. And I must say you guys because these are not my ideas. And I wanna give credit where credit's due because you guys rocked it. Like, the things that are happening in 2018 are just freaking sick. Like, there's just some stuff that's like yesterday... As we're talking about this more and more I'm like, "Oh my gosh! That's brilliant. Why were we so slow to think of this before?" And so why don't we talk about some of those things? And we won't give them too much information because our club members... Don't call us and go, "We heard this. When is this happening?" We'll let you know when this is happening, all right? Because it is exciting, I know. I know there's a few of you that listen to this and we'll get an immediate email, or a text, or phone call. And you're gonna go, "Oh my gosh! I want to do that. When is that happening? When is that happening?" We'll let you know when you'll need to know. So let's talk about some of those things. So first thing you guys started implementing a few weeks ago was going Facebook Live. So what's the idea there, what's the timing like there? Why don't you tell us about that, John?

John: So what we tried to do, I mean, the board of advisors came together and said, you know, "How can we come to the club members, you know, new people looking to join us here at the club and give them the kind of...the information, the knowledge, the education, you know, something in addition to whatever it is that we already do." So, you know, as a great example, a couple of weeks ago we went out to a property. This was a new project that Oscar and Tim are working on. We were able to walk through the property, go Facebook Live from the property. And then the week after, go back into, you know, I don't wanna say the studio, but back into, you know, an office environment to be able to now dissect that deal. Really talk through some of the things that's going on. Great, it's a really cool deal, a historical property, all that stuff, the challenges that they've have been having. You know, I've been getting some great feedback from a lot of the students out there. They're loving seeing what we're doing. They're able to ask questions and, you know, it's very interactive. So that's, you know, the four of us. There's a lot of different knowledge sat on that board of advisors, you know, from, you know, people like us. Oscar has been around in the business for a long time, myself, you know, not as long as these guys. But still, you know, we have a lot of information to be able to give.

Dave: Right, right, and so you guys have made it, it's at 12:00?

John: 12:12. So 12, noon. Twelve minutes past 12:00, in the afternoon. On a Tuesday. Every Tuesday it's on the New Wealth Advisors Facebook Fan page.

Dave: So anybody can search...

John: Anybody can find it. It's not restricted to the closed group. It's on the New Wealth Advisors Facebook Fan page. It's 12:12, every Tuesday. We tend to go live about 12:10. So you may see some interesting things in the first couple of minutes before we get started.

Melina: You're welcome. You're welcome.

John: But then we really go live at 12:12 and get into whatever topic we're gonna be doing. So you know every Tuesday. And I'm excited for the next couple of topics. We've already got them nailed down as to what we want to do. You know, we need to be able to bring that exciting content to everybody.

Dave: Yeah, go ahead, hon. Were you gonna say something?

Melina: I was just gonna add that it's not only, and you guys are probably aren't gonna say this about yourself but I'll say it, is that it's not only that you guys are knowledgeable and you have, you know, all this information and content. I think that it's a great opportunity for people to get to know you guys personally. You know, it's difficult when you have a lot of club members, and a lot of people, and you guys are doing a lot of the trainings, and you're working with students, coaching with students. And this is an opportunity for people to really check in and see who you are as real people, you know. And I love that. I love it.

Dave: Yeah, that's cool.

Melina: Yeah, I think it is too. And I love it like when people will come on and they will ask questions or post questions. They will actually even make comments about what they're seeing, it's hilarious. Because it catches you guys off guard which is, you know, fantastic because you're live. And so you have to deal with whatever is coming at you live. And so really it's not scripted. And it's a really, really neat opportunity.

Dave: Oh, one of the things I think that's really cool about it too is the idea that it's on a consistent basis, where even if you can't catch it live, it's still archived as well. So people could go back once again. Hey, I can't get it at noon. But I can still go back and get to it, and get content and relevant information to my business. But a key we've said all along, like, to do this business, and to really do this business like long-term is consistency, right?

Melina: Yup.

Dave: So, you know, one of the comments that was just posted, you know, somebody talking about their struggles and their struggles in the business. And John immediately went to them and said, "But, you know, you don't consistently come. You don't consistently come to class, you don't consistently plug-in anything." So your struggles, of course, are gonna be your struggles because you're struggling alone, right? You're out there doing whatever it is that you're doing, you're having nothing new implemented in into that. No new thought processes, and we get stuck in doing whatever it is that we're doing and we're not having the results that we want, but we're not actually adding any new variables to that so we can try to measure and see what we're doing.

I think it's really cool that every week I can kind of check in, and if somebody says, "Hey, that's a really cool idea. I never thought about that. Oh, tell me more about that." And right there you're like, "Oh, let me expand on that, you know." So I think it's just massive, massive value. And then on top of it you've opened it up to the public. So if anyone's out there and they're like, "Oh, I don't know about this club. I don't know about these people. You know, there are so many things on the internet this day and age. Like what's legit? What's real, what's not?" You can get on there and see, you know, we're legit people doing legit business, having real results, talking about the good and the bad, right? We don't candy-coat it. It's not all, you know, every deal you touch doesn't turn to gold. And so I think that's important. And people can see that's in a public space.

And so if you are looking at this you can go to, you know, Facebook, and find the fan page, like it, and then you'll get notifications when they go live, and you can be part of that. And then if you're interested at any point. I'm sure they'll have it on there but you can always join And there is a place on there you can leave your information and somebody from the club can get in touch with you and get you more information about the club. And it's free to come check us out. It's not a big deal. We're out looking for the right people. So there is a vetting process if you will. You've got to talk to somebody, somebody actually has to agree that you're somebody that they may want to work with. And, if you will, essentially sponsor you, or put their name behind, put their reputation behind inviting you. So it's not open to the public. You can't just walk in and say I want to check this place out. It doesn't work like that. So I think that's really cool. So that's one of the things you guys are implementing. What's the next thing you...

John: Well, I was just going to say, just to, kind of, piggyback off what you were saying, in particular, Melina when she said that it's not scripted, these, you know, the BOA meetings. You know, what's great for me is it's easy to forget that anybody that's looking into this or anybody that's struggling in this business, you're not the first person to struggle. You know, we've all been there. And for me, that's what's great about having so much different experience at the table is... When I spoke to a student the other night and said, "Hey, you know, you need to come back to class. You need to plug-in more." I know what it felt like to be unplugged. And I know where my successes came from when I started to plug back in properly. And then the other side, simply, you know, we meet on the morning of the BOA meetings and we say, "Okay, here's the topic today. Let's go." There's no preplanning. It's just this is a topic. It's not scripted. And for me, that's great because it just allows the conversation to go wherever the conversation needs to go. So I just, you know, I want to piggyback on that but it's a great opportunity. I mean, I'm loving being a part of those BOA meetings. And, you know, we get some great questions as well. So it's brilliant and especially new people as well to just, kind of, really get a feel as to, "Oh, wait, these are real people." So...

Oscar: Yeah, you know, just real quick, the other thing is that it's an opportunity for folks that have just joined the club to get some exposure right away as well, right? Which kind of leads into something else that's pretty damn exciting. I can say that, right?

Melina: Yeah, you can.

Oscar: So, but we always have current members asking, "How do I refer people?" Right? Man, point them to the fan page. Let them get a glimpse of what we're doing, what we're talking about, and if it makes sense, it makes sense. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Because we're always telling them, surround yourself with people you want to do business with, right? So if you want to refer somebody, start them there. And get them going. So...

Dave: Yeah, that's a great tool. And you guys are doing a great job with that. So the next thing...

Melina: You just want to talk about one other thing? Let's just pick one other thing that we're gonna implement in 2018. I think you should pick up one and I think it should be... I'm just going to pick one.

Dave: Oh, you are?

Melina: I am. Dave's looking at me like, "What are you doing?" So go ahead.

Dave: Silly chic. Oh, goodness. What are you talking about, "One other thing that we want to talk about?"

Melina: I was just saying we should just pick one other item, one other enhancement or added value that we're planning on implementing this year.

Dave: Okay.

Oscar: Okay, so I guess you're saying because there's a few things that we're working on and we're putting together... So I think that what I was referring to was the addition that we're making for club members on the coaching side of things.

Melina: Yeah.

Oscar: Is that kind of what you're ...

Dave: Yeah.

Melina: I love that. Yeah.

Oscar: Yeah, so we had a coaches meeting. And in that conversation, which is great, right? Because it's just masterminding things and ideas come together. And the irony of it all is that oftentimes we find that we're thinking about the same things with maybe a little bit of different angles. But when we share it and we put it together, man, it was cool, right, to say, "Hey, what if I was able to call and have conversations with some of my students?" "Great. We're thinking about doing video conference." "Great. Let's put that together." "Oh, no, wait a minute, what if all partner curriculum folks had access to come on a call with two or more coaches, and just talk real estate once a week?" Very cool, right? So as it goes...

Melina: Like a live call?

Oscar: Like a live call. It's not, you know, like webinars are that are prerecorded and canned with questions and answers. None of that stuff. Like John and I would be on there and you can ask us questions directly. We'll answer directly. Nothing ever scripted because we don't know what people are gonna ask us, right? So very...

Dave: The conversation?

Oscar: No, we may decide that we pick a topic to go down, but at the end of it all it's really just giving people the opportunity to stay engaged, right, to your point John, that when you fade away, you fade away, and things happen. But if you can stay engaged by being in conversations and listening to the interaction that happens... So the vision that I had when we were talking about that was that, man, this is what we do in Melina's class, right? This is what happens, is you're out in the field, you come back with great questions. There is interaction. People get feedback and input. Let's do that once a week.

Melina: Yeah.

Oscar: For an hour, right?

Melina: Awesome.

Oscar: And we're working out some of the details for the technology side of things, but it looks real good. It's gonna pan out real well. We can probably hold somewhere up to...what did we say? Almost a hundred people on there?

John: A hundred people. Yup, a hundred people.

Oscar: So...

Dave: Wow. Very cool. And then on top of it, we're going to make this... So the brand-new student that comes gets trained, right, and then they come through kind of the process. If you're listening to this, the process is you would come down, have somebody invite you over to an introduction at our office. It'll last for a couple of hours. John will spend some time going through a lot of the details of the club and so forth. You'll meet, I'm usually, either Melina or I. At the end of the event one of us will be there or both of us will be there. And that's kind of your preview or introduction to the club, right? So, let you know in 2018 we have changed pricing. So those of you that are listening to this if you listened to a previous version, this would be the newest version. So our newest pricing. To join the club is $2,400 for the first year. You have to pay a deposit. We call it a deposit because it actually has a money-back guarantee attached to it. But a deposit for the weekend. We'll train you for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 9 o'clock in the morning 'til we're done usually around 5, 6 or 7 o'clock. And your deposit is $1,500. We do those trainings nine times a year. So you could join the club at one of those nine different times, come to the training. And then the following month your club membership starts where your balance on that $2,400 will be $900. And so that breaks out to over 12 months, 75 bucks a month. So we offer discounts to household members at half price, and we really want, you know, if there's two people on the house that want to work together we want to encourage you to work together. So there's a discount for that one. And that kind of gives them a difference, or I guess that's a pricing difference we got for the year, right, John?

John: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Dave: Yeah, so just to give you a heads-up on that. And then you don't have to pay that all at once if there's, like, "Hey, I need a plan for that," or any... We call it layaway. It's really simple. Tell us you want to get here at next month's training. I need to make a couple of payments. No big deal, that stuff's easy for us to work out. And when you come down to our training we're not like a hotel where you've got, you know, hundreds of people in there. It's small, it's intimate. You know, it's around 30 to 40 people that we train at any given time. You will know us, we will know you by the end of the weekend. And that's part of the cool thing about the club because it has that intimacy factor of being in our office and, you know, being driven and taught by, heck, everybody that's sitting here right now. So that's really cool. And then we take away all your excuses for the weekend, right? Get you out there in finding your first leads and being able to get some help on those first leads. So now we have that, we have the partner curriculum that we have after that. I think that was John's stomach.

Melina: It was his belly

John: That was my stomach. I'm sorry. I'm in need of breakfast.

Dave: Yeah.

John: That was my belly for anybody that heard it.

Melina: Feed me.

Dave: So we have partner curriculum that's not part of that club membership. I will go through classes when you come out for the three-day weekend. I spend, you know, about an hour or so going through our other classes that we offer throughout the year. I think there's around 17, 18 days of additional classes that we do. Those are not part of that club membership. But they're for people that say, "Hey, yeah, I really want to be able to do this business, and what does it look like to take classes?" and all that stuff. And the cool part about that is if you ever join the club for any reason and you ever take any classes, you only pay for those classes one time. Like, we're not like other seminars where like, "Hey, you go to a seminar and then that's like your time period. As long as you're a club member, inside of our club... We've had now club members for, heck, how long have we been here, Oscar?

Oscar: Seven years. A little over seven years.

Dave: A little over seven years. Since the beginning, really.

Oscar: Since the beginning.

Dave: And John, what, four years?

John: Yeah, four and a half years down here.

Dave: Four and half years. So they pay club dues and a renewal. So the new renewals for new students that are joining, the renewals in your second year is $900 to stay a club member. So that includes your monthly meetings, and that includes the streaming training we're talking about, the parties that we do, all the different stuff, you get access to all of that. So that's really cool. Now the partner curriculum is a different animal, right? We have all these different classes, all this different stuff, some I wanna make sure that as we are on this podcast nobody gets confused by this because what you guys are talking about implementing is a once-a-week coaching call, right, for anybody in partner curriculum. Is that what I heard you say?

Oscar: Correct.

Dave: So anybody, past, present, or future, so as long as these people in the past are paying their club dues, they can call in and be a part of this.

Oscar: Partner curriculum...

Dave: No additional cost to them, nothing.

Oscar: No increases, no nothing.

Dave: I mean, if you're listening to this and you're in partner curriculum, and you're not like jumping up and down in your car right now, or like, "Like, oh my gosh, what are we..." Like, this is something these guys did and my wife. I say guys, but, and my wife did for you guys. Like, "How do we help them do more, stay more plugged in, stay engaged 'cause the more we can do that the higher the likelihood that you'll actually go out and find your first leads that turn into deals." So really cool. So now I have this vision of, okay, so I'm a new student. I'm coming Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We see all the students that get pumped up, they get all excited. And then all of a sudden they say, "Okay, I'm excited but, oh, that next class I wanna go to is not for a few weeks. What do I do now?" So you guys came up with, how do we express, "What do we do now?" Tell me about that. Because I was all excited and jacked up when you guys were telling me.

Oscar: Okay. So they make a decision, right, to take the partner curriculum. And they invest in themselves, they get enrolled, all that's taken care of. Then John and I will meet with a few of those folks. And we'll share with them the details behind, what all that's gonna look like going forward. But the real cool thing is that, one, they're most likely going to already know who their coaches are gonna be. So out the gate, right?

Dave: They get a coach like out of the gate?

Oscar: Out the gate. They're gonna have their coaches assigned. They're going to also be sharing with them...we're going to be sharing with them the number to dial in for that weekly call. There's a code that goes with it and a bunch of other details. But, so all of that will be shared with them right there on the spot. So come that following...and I think right now we're talking Monday. We've got to look through because now there's a super...I mean, the football thing talk about it. But Monday nights is when it will happen as it stands right now. And so that following Monday, immediately they're going into listening to a call and having conversations already.

Dave: Very, very cool. And so there is no downtime basically, between when they came, when they're getting started and when they're being, you know, essentially... And when you say coach, it's like one-on-one coaching, like I'm sitting down giving you... I think we talk about like their shadow sessions. They're different sessions where they're actually watching what you do in your business and being able to, essentially, be a fly on the wall in your business kind of thing, you know?

John: And this, again, I can't reiterate enough. I mean, I keep saying this to students over and over again, you have to plug-in. I mean, the new things we're implementing, the Monday night coaching calls, the Tuesday BOA, it's just more and more additional support for you to plug into. And if you can't plug into those then business is probably not gonna work. Because it does take that time, it does take that effort. I mean, it's crazy what you guys have created with the club in the first place. But now with all the additional stuff that's going forward, it's every opportunity to make it work.

Dave: It's kind of crazy.

Melina: Yeah, I feel like, you know, one of the things I say to people, I stand confident that we take away anybody's excuse to not let this business work. You know, like I always, I really believe that. I know that. Because I know that based on the education that we received, you know, years and years ago in our journey, you know, to be a real estate investor was, we didn't get nearly the support. Like I was thinking about, you know, I remember we paid for our coaching calls once, like a telephone coach. And the person, she was a nice person, but the reality is she didn't know anything about me. And everything that she was giving telling us to do, like she gave us these tasks to do, they were just irrelevant. It really made no sense because, well, first of all, she was in another state which had nothing to do with, you know, California. And it was information that would be helpful possibly when you actually have a deal. There was never a conversation about, "Hey, here's what you need to go do to go find a lead that could possibly turn into a deal." Like, we were never taught that. And I don't believe anybody teaches that.

Dave: Not to mention, she wasn't doing it herself.

Melina: Oh, yeah, of course. I know. That's true.

Dave: That for me is a really big key. Like everybody that's talking and everybody that's here, they're actively involved. As a matter of fact, did you guys just close a $40,000 wholesale deal.

John: Yeah, I mean, we were able to pass the check to Amir at the last training that we did. We had him up on stage, you know, his first deal out there. And it's great because it involved everybody. It involved all of us. You know, Melina acting in that agent side for us there. And Oscar and myself it was pretty complex but, you know, we helped Amir get that deal done. So and we just started the year and deal one's down.

Melina: Bam.

Dave: I saw him holding a check yesterday with a smile from ear to ear for 14,000 bucks. I mean, yeah, that's cool, right? That's his first deal and then he talked about like... I guess he actually gave the kudos to you and Celine because you've been working with him, you know, through the whole process he knew nothing about nothing, right? That's so funny. John and Celine knew nothing about nothing when they came. Now here they are teaching somebody else and who knows nothing about nothing. And ultimately he goes, " I wouldn't have got anywhere near this deal done. They supported me through the entire process. And here I am holding, you know, the lion's share of this deal at, you know, 14,000 bucks."

John: It's pretty fantastic.

Dave: Yeah, it was awesome. That's awesome.

Oscar: You know the moment Melina was saying that we take away your excuses, right? So that acronym came back to mind with our team, COPE.

Melina: COPE?

Oscar: Yeah, COPE. I don't know if we shared with you that day. So a couple of podcasts ago I brought up about COP, right, C-O-P, commit, observe, prepare. So Mark Weisenburg is like, "Hey, I came up with another letter for it." Like...

Dave: Of course, he did.

Oscar: Same reaction, I was like, "Of course, you did." He said, "I added an E." Like, okay, so it's COPE, all right? So he said, "Yeah, commit, observe, prepare, execute."

Dave: Okay. There you go.

Oscar: Great. Let's go into 2018 with that, right? So we're going to help you cope in a way that you've never coped before, okay?

Melina: It's good. Love it.

Dave: Very cool. Well, that's probably a good name for this podcast at some point.

Melina: Yeah, I agree.

Dave: COPE in 2018.

John: Learn to cope.

Dave: Yeah. There you go.

Melina: Awesome.

Dave: Well...

Melina: You don't have to cope alone.

Dave: We're going to have all kinds of good stuff in there. But, all right, well, I don't want to let up...

Melina: Don't cope alone.

Dave: ...everything else that we've got going on. There's some other exciting stuff that we'll let roll out to you guys and share it with you, but bottom line, if you're listening to this, if you're not part of the club, join You can go there, get some more information, ask for somebody to give you a call and they'll give you 15 minutes over the phone or so to kind of go through an interview process. And then you can come out and catch us on like a Saturday, or mid-week, or something if it works out for you. Meet John, meet Oscar. I'll be there, my wife and I, and see if this is something that's right for you. And those of you that are club members currently, stop emailing us and saying, "Well, how do we refer people?" Listen to this podcast, this is how you're gonna refer people, because we can't juggle all those things, and then those of you that are talking about already have our partner curriculum just look for the announcements. We'll get those out to you guys as soon as we implement the new training and the new stuff that you guys have. Otherwise, we will see you Tuesday at 12:12 on the club fan page. Facebook, right?

John: Yup.

Melina: Yup.

Dave: You don't have a Facebook, get a Facebook, and join 2018.

Oscar: Yup, we'll put it out there on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook. So we'll put it out there, you'll find us.

Dave: You'll find us. All right, very cool. Well, happy new year, everyone.

John: Happy new year.

Melina: Happy new year. The Boswells flipping out.