Live the Dream - Episode 39

Podcast Transcription

Melina: They wanna do a podcast and they were like, "It's called what? Flippin’ off, they were like, "I don't know," and they were like, "Lighten up just kidding. It's not that big of a deal," Welcome to Flipping Off, a purpose-driven podcast about flipping houses and making a difference.

Dave: All right, well, here we are again, Dave Boswell with my wife, Melina. And we're in the studio today, we have a very special guest, never been here before, and we're super excited that we found the time to get Mr. Mark Kohler, a CPA, and attorney, in one ring.

Mark: Well, so they say.

Dave: So they say. That's what all the initials stand for, right?

Melina: It's a bunch of letters.

Dave: Yeah.

Mark: Thanks for having me. It's an honor. The studio is so jamming. I don't know people know how, like, you know, retro this is. You know, there's guitars and drum sets hanging out. We're just gonna start...let's just get a riff going. Let's do it.

Melina: Seriously.

Mark: Let's bust it out. Yeah, this is sweet.

Melina: Yeah, yeah.

Mark: This is more vinyl in here than, you know, in a hospital. It's just sweet, it's like awesome.

Melina: Well, you're welcome Luke. You're welcome.

Dave: Yeah. At the Frequency Factory in Riverside, there, so check it out. It's rocking.

Melina: Yes it is.

Dave: It's awesome. So, yeah, we've been coming here for a little while. We love this place but we are taking advantage of Mark. So we'll just say in advance, thanks for...

Mark: Use and abuse me.

Dave: Thanks for being here. Thanks for giving up your time this morning to come out and talk with us because you've essentially been at our club since day one. We actually met we're talking 10 years ago. 10 years ago.

Mark: Yeah, wow.

Dave: You were at a hotel, doing a seminar. I'm plugging away my tax practice and Mark's teaching me continuing education about taxes.

Mark: We're down at Tijuana and we're just...we bump into each other in a dark alley and the rest is history, this is crazy.

Dave: There you...nuts, right?

Mark: Yeah, yeah. No, it's been a great ride, and then such an honor to come to Riverside at least, gosh, a couple of times a year, yeah?

Dave: Yeah

Mark: And so made life-long friends here, and love being with you guys. Love the crowd.

Dave: Yeah, that' s awesome.

Mark: Those rock.

Melina: The peeps.

Dave: Yeah, so Mark teaches tax and legal for us, obviously being a CPA and attorney, Mark is...Mark and his whole team of lawyers and bookkeepers and everybody provides all those services for my wife and I and our entities and so forth. And I know a lot of club members obviously use his services as well. But the really cool part for us is that, you know, when you say two or three times a year, he's down here right now because, gosh, there's all this new tax reform and oh my goodness, what is this going to mean? And Mark's done a great job teaching students currently right now about...with, at least, with the information we have as to what the heck is going on.

Which is so cool because we've all these small business owners, you know, at the club and, I mean, they need information. And it's just so hard to decipher, nobody wants to go read 500 pages and 900 pages of this and then even if we read, we have no idea what we're reading. And you do such a great job at breaking it down to the layman, to the people that we don't know what the heck we're looking at. And I just wanna give you props, man. You are a phenomenal teacher and you do a great job of getting the message across. And you're, you know, part comedian. So that helps.

Mark: Well, thanks, I'm part cheese ball that we don't wanna say if they're actually funny or not, but I try but you gotta keep it real. But no, this is...thank you so much. That is so kind of you. And so many of the students, they're starving for information. Once they start flipping properties, once they start getting into the mix and the heat of it, the next question is, "Wow, how do I book this?" and, "What's my bank account up to?" "What the hell?" And then, you know, taxes that follow, and "How do I structure it?" And those are real questions and there's a lot of bad answers out there in the web so.

Melina: For sure.

Dave: A lot of bad answers.

Melina: A lot of bad answers.

Dave: Well, so a couple of things. So Mark's written...this is your fourth book I'm looking at here, right?

Mark: Yes.

Dave: Yeah, and this is the newest, latest, greatest, "The Business Owners Guide to Financial Freedom: What Wall Street Isn't Telling You."

Mark: Yes, yeah.

Dave: So you wrote "Labor of Love." The very first book, put you on the map with me was a book called "Lawyers or Liars". And when I met Mark at a seminar, he was teaching and I actually went to him at lunchtime on the first day and I wasn't very nice, and...
Mark: I remember that. It hurt.

Dave: Yeah, I'm sure it did. He's still got scars. You know, he was talking about things that I had never heard and so at the time, I'm an enrolled agent, so I'm doing taxes and I was doing, yeah, 500 returns a year and I'm taking all this continuing education all across the country and paying for these seminars and everything else.

And Mark was teaching from a perspective of things that I had never heard. And nobody was teaching me about how to, like, actually plan and save. I'm to fill up forms, is basically what I ended up doing, and then how to keep your clients out of jail. That's really a lot of what you're...

Mark: Yeah, that's a big priority.

Dave: Yeah. And, but nothing really to take back to a business owner and really start implementing planning and strategies, and things that can you know, really make a difference in their life, you know, 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now. And especially when you're doing returns for so long and then... Anyways, so I went up to him and told him what I thought of him and thought of what he was teaching and I didn't get it and I was upset because I hadn't heard it before. And then he gave me some instructions, he said, "Go home and look up some stuff. Come back and see me tomorrow if you think I'm, you know, really not telling you the truth then, you know, I'll make a fool of myself and tell everybody in here that this is..." You know, it was...I'm giving you the PG version for it...

Mark: You were skeptical, you know. That's okay.

Dave: Yeah, for the purposes of this podcast, I'll keep it PG. So anyways, I went home, I did exactly that and I learned that I just didn't know what I did know. It was as simple as it got. It was just I didn't know. And I went back and I gave him kudos, and I said, "Man, you're doing a great job," then I went home and I bought 500 copies of "Lawyers or Liars",

Mark: I remember the picture.

Dave: Yeah, 500 copies gets delivered to my office. They're stacked up and I gave them away as client gifts because they're under $25 bucks. And so they were my client gifts and I wrote them off for the year, and I did it.

It was an apology to Mark and at the same time, it was...there was valuable information in there that I really wanted clients to get because we just see the clients get so scammed by so many of these services out there that just put them in all these different entities that they don't need and structures and craziness, and people find themselves in a lot of trouble ultimately. And you did a good job on that first book. So I remember reading it cover to cover, and then you wrote the next book, right?

Mark: "What Your CPA Isn't Telling You"

Dave: Yeah.

Mark: So kinda, the tax book. The first one was, you know, I'm not really attacking lawyers but talking about asset protection and what scams are out there and then...

Dave: Great title though.

Mark: Yeah. And then the second one was more of a story. Kind of an example of what tax strategy can do to a family and keeping it interesting because no one wants to read a tax book, it's still boring. So, it was written in a kind of an allegory type format and it was fun. That was book number two.

Dave: Had some great stories in there by the way.

Mark: Yeah, yeah, that's fun. Try to keep it fun. And then there was "The Tax & Legal Playbook: 28 Game-Changing Strategies", and different little case studies and stories that help each chapter stand independent of the whole book, and then now, "Financial Freedom." Boom.

Dave: Yeah, and what's our message in this one?

Mark: Well, this is really the financial piece of the equation. We've got the legal piece, the tax piece and now it's like so many of my consultations with clients are like, "What do I do with my profits? Where do I go? What do I do next? How will I... My business is successful now, how do I deploy those profits the most efficiently?" And so I partnered with a financial advisor, I felt that needed to be an important part of the book is to have someone with their credentials, a registered investment advisor that's independent. This is a big message of Tony Robbins' book "Unshakeable."

It's that we need to really peel back the curtain on Wall Street. And Wall Street investment advisors are very self-serving. They're out for commissions, they're out for themselves, and many people don't realize that, you know. Warren Buffet's been very vocal about it. I thought Tony Robins' book was great. Dave Ramsey talks about that. And so I really wanted to title the book, "What Wall Street Isn't Telling You," it's just the head title, but my publisher wouldn't to go for that. "Financial Freedom" apparently sounds a little more sexy especially on the search engines.

Melina: Yeah.

Mark: So anyway, it's working out and I'm getting the message out there. And that's really the story of this book is, how do I enter my financial landscape? So it sounds exciting, what's your path? What's your path?

Melina: Yes, it's very exciting.

Dave: Yeah. This is...just got delivered to me from Amazon, and I was looking at the reviews. Dude, they're off the charts already.

Mark: Oh thanks.

Dave: I mean, people got the book and like instantly read it and it's off the charts. So congratulations on your fourth book in 10 years.

Mark: Yeah. And it takes a lot to write a book. So I'm averaging about two to three years. I wanna do a second edition now that the game has changed, "The Tax & Legal Playbook, The Game Changer" the new tax line. I mean you've heard it in the news, I think most people have, that this is the most comprehensive tax legislation reform since the '80s.

Dave: Right.

Mark: And so it's a big deal and it sounds kinda dumb, but if you're a business owner and those listening to this podcast, obviously love real estate, you gotta know what the rules of the game are.

Melina: Absolutely.

Mark: So that you can exploit it.

Dave: And there's some significant changes that, I mean, I know a lot just from what you're talking about and I've been picking up all your stuff on Facebook and you know, all your videos. And I know you we're anti this whole bill, to begin with, and then came around quite a bit, right?

Mark: Yes, yes. Yeah, and maybe can I share just a thought on this?

Dave: Yeah, for sure.

Mark: I really want people, whenever they listen to any podcasts, to walk away with some usable info. And I think as real estate investors out listening to this podcast, there's an important two or three takeaways. One is, the real estate laws and the real estate tax laws have really not changed.

Dave: Right.

Mark: Depreciation schedules are the same, real estate professional classifications are the same, the sale of home exemptions survived, which is good. 1031 exchanges are still alive for real estate. So I think the lobby for us out there as real estate investors, the National Association of Realtors did a great job watching our backs.

But, the other takeaway is as an operational fix and flipper, there are some incredible opportunities now that are for the better. So there's nothing bad, nothing changed in a bad way, but in fact, you get an extra bonus. And so this 20% deduction of the pass-through profits really applies to wholesalers and fix and flips and rehabbers. So if you're listening to this podcast, you're gonna save taxes if you know how to structure it, seriously.

Dave: Absolutely.

Mark: It's gonna be sweet.

Dave: You know, and while I'm here plugging at the same time, one of the big mistakes I see a lot of people make is as they're doing that, they're trying to figure this out on their own and they go out and I mean, it's just a disaster.

Melina: It's horrible.

Dave: You know, part of the reason why I got out of the tax business, I just, I can't hang with that. But, don't try to figure this out on your own cause I guarantee you someone like Mark or someone on his team can find...they find one deduction, pays for the return all day long and just gives you the peace of mind that, "I actually did it. I know what I'm doing," and that little bit of advice that they can give you for the following year could make all the difference in the world when it comes to tax planning.

And you know, I meet with a CPA from your firm multiple times a year and plug in the numbers, we do some different...some planning, some checking, "Got some money coming in, what are we doing? Help me out, Brian," this kind of stuff. And it's been great. So I just wanna throw that out there. There's a lot of times we'd...because we're self-employed, so we're running our business and we're trying to get it off the ground, but then all of a sudden, oh a deal pops, we got money. "Okay, let me jump on TurboTax and see if I can figure this out," and that's's just a recipe for disaster.

Mark: And your comments might be frustrating to a lot of people because one of the sales pitches of the GOP on this bill was that it was simpler, we were gonna get simplification. So I want people to realize what we're focusing on when it came to simplicity was the W2 wage earner. You rent, you got a couple of kids, you give some money to your church, you have, you know, the end. You're gonna have a much simpler return. Using online resources like TaxSlayer or TurboTax, go for it, that's fine. Don't even call me because I can't save you.

Dave: That's right.

Mark: And things will be simpler. But if you are a small business owner, if you've got that piece to your life, that is the area where a little bit of planning can go a long way, an ounce of prevention.

Dave: Right, absolutely.

Mark: Absolutely, that cliché applies. So don't be thrust by that. Take advantage of it. You're out there learning. If you're listening to this podcast, obviously you desire education, you wanna learn, so take advantage of it. Don't be saddened by that. You could be a one up on your competitor.

Dave: Yeah. And I've seen what it looks like when you bury your head in the sand for you know, a year. One year, after the next year, after the next year, and you sometimes go back and I've...I'm sure you've done this as well. "Oh, we need to do these returns and look at all the money you missed."

Mark: Yeah.

Dave: And I've seen people have those experiences of like, "Oh my gosh, but I thought it was so expensive to talk to a CPA or have an attorney on my team and it's really not," it's really not. In the long-term, you're gonna do this as a business. It's really not that big of a deal.

So whether you use Mark and his team is obviously fantastic, but anybody, don't try taking your small business and go tackle the tax returns and try to figure out this stuff yourself. So you've done a great job at educating that. Now people that are out there, I obviously know how to get in touch with you, like through Facebook, I watch all your videos and all that stuff, but anybody who's listening to this and they wanna catch... Because you just do this great two, three, four, five-minute content out there. How can they find you?

Mark: Oh why thank you so much. Well, probably the easiest is just Google, Mark J. Kohler, Mark Kohler, and you're gonna find my website, And you can get to the law firm from there, the accounting firm, sign up for our weekly free newsletter, the radio show podcast. We've been doing a podcast for over 12 years now and there's so many different topics out there. Right now, we're talking a lot about getting your strategic plan for 2018 in place. Get those New Year's resolutions for your business dialed in as well as your personal life. Help your business lose a few pounds if you, you know, it's good stuff.

Yeah. So anyways, so yeah, just get out there on my website and you can just start following us and YouTube, lots of channels...I mean a channel there with lots of vids, so just Google us.

Dave: You've got, let's see,, right? You're writing a lot of articles for them.

Mark: Yeah. Ryan Shea, the CEO of Entrepreneur, he's just a stud. He loves small business and they've been really looking for a tax voice that people can relate to as well. And so I've's been a great relationship with Entrepreneur and EG Magazine, They have over 3.5 million Facebook followers now and so I do Facebook Live every week on there and just thousands of people enjoy that.

And so give them a follow too. They're the number one magazine out there for people like you and me. And so give them some love. Follow them. They need your support too. It's so important.

Dave: Yeah, I definitely follow them. That's a lot where I pick up to catch you up with you. I, you know, I don't wanna text you all my questions. I figure I'll just go with rest of the crowd.

Mark: Well, you do have my cell phone number so you can text. You're dialed into the main vein, so anytime, you know...

Dave: And you live not too far from our grandkids up in Idaho.

Mark: Yes, Idaho, can you believe that?

Melina: It's the funniest thing.

Dave: Yeah.

Mark: It's crazy.

Dave: So the Entrepreneur and then you've also been on TV a couple times. What's happening man? Like, this stuff is just getting small...

Mark: Guess I'm trying to ride the wave, you know, I'm trying to... No, I wanna be a...I love helping people. I know that sounds cliché but I love the American Dream. When I'm in a class and I'm teaching something, it's not uncommon to have people have an emotional experience or an emotional reaction because they're like, "Man, where have you been? This is life-changing." So it's really exciting for me. And so if I can get out there, I've got a great agent that's helping me get on some, at least regional TV, Chicago, I'll be in LA for the "Today Show" on Monday morning.

Matt Lauer is coming out, I'm excited about that. No, I'm just joking, he's not. He would not allow him out, so that would be very bad. But I am gonna be on the "LA Today Show" and it's gonna be good. But you know, and an example of this, well, it's exciting. I was just teaching the class last night in Riverside and Melina, you got up and pulled up a student and you just gave him a check right there in the classroom and it was very emotional and it was exciting to see real was it for you? Was it pretty cool?

Melina: It was awesome. It's the reason that you know, the club is still alive honestly. Because for Dave and I, like you talk about loving to help people and wanting to see people succeed, it is, for me, worth more than any amount of money because I could go, you know, Dave and could do fix and flips all day long, right? Like just like you could go doing a million tax returns...

Mark: It gets boring going that thing every day, you know?

Melina: Yeah, well, you know...

Mark: I mean, you're rolling in cash and it just that sucks. It's cold, yeah.

Melina: Seriously, what are you supposed to do with all these, you know?

Mark: It's like Breaking Bad. You can only put so much cash in a storage unit.

Melina: Exactly. Exactly, ends up in a motor home and yeah. So yeah, so for me it is all about, you know, giving other people the opportunity to see them start to realize like, "Oh my gosh, this really is real. It can really happen," so I get why you do what you do. I totally understand. And I think that that is the juice that some people get and some people don't get. But a lot of people don't understand it. They look at you and go, "Sure," You know? But I, yeah, it's what I love.

Dave: One of the things that I heard you say, actually in class, we were talking about, you know, you see owners where they're making, they make half a million dollars a year and they're just struggling, and they're just barely making it. And then you have people that are like, "Oh, they make $50,000 a year," and they're putting money away and they're happy and they're so forth. And for us, this has always been the conversation, right, as the club has grown, I mean, you've seen this since it was like the ugly little shoe box with our...

Mark: You guys are working on a van down by the river and...

Dave: Basically, and, you know, here we are now with this, you know, huge office and then we've got the charity going on and all the food drive. And I mean, there's just so much cool stuff. And there's times when we were like, "Oh man, we're working our tails off like there's so much," and then last night that's when I, you know, I, kind of, pointed out when you were handing the check out and I'm like, "This is the juice. This is the juice." This guy does not know that, you know, this deal closed today, that check was here out of escrow. And he's like, "Oh yeah."

And just to see the look on his face and, you know, 14, whatever it is, $14,000 check that he gets and being able to like, here he is in the room and everybody else was there to be able to share in that experience, and then watch him be emotional about like, that's the juice. Like, so when you say, "I do it to help other people,"

Melina: Yeah.

Mark: Do you get it?

Dave: I get it.

Melina: Oh, 100% get it, yeah. It really is.

Dave: And I tell people all the time. If you don't have that mindset, our club is definitely not a place for you.

Melina: Right.

Dave: Like that's gonna be our model all the way through. We gotta help other people out. We need to find homeowners that need help and we've got to put them in a better spot.

Mark: Yeah. And I know it sounds kinda cheesy as we talk about this, but I asked the students last night in class, I asked them and I'll ask you the listener today, what's your what? Why are you doing what you're doing? You know, now I know we need to have a baseline. We've gotta pay our bills. We've gotta hopefully take...if we have a family, we've gotta help them get through school, put food on the table and clothing, but why are you doing what you're doing?

If you're gonna start a business and lose sleep and work weekends and nights and you're passionate about that concept, what are you gonna do with the profits? Why are you doing this? Is there a charity you have in mind? Is it just to, maybe breathe, you know, just not be living month to month? And when you have stability in your own life, then it's not too much to ask to serve a little bit more in your church or in a local charity or just help your grandkids or your kids learn more of what you've learned in life. And you can't really be a mentor to someone else until your life is in order.

And so I think that's a big question people need to ask themselves is, "Why am I doing this?" And then that gives you the energy and the purpose to really follow through.

Dave: Yeah, the drive, right.

Mark: Because it's not easy. You have to be a self-starter if you're a small business starter. If you're a fix and flipper, you gotta go knock on some doors.

Melina: You better believe it.

Mark: You better freaking have a reason to get out of that car door because it's not easy if you don't know what the hell you're doing or why.

Melina: Oh absolutely.

Dave: Yeah, no doubt. And when we start that in our very beginning training, we start that from the word go. Like if you're not...if you don't have a purpose for this, if you don't have a purpose for this other than being able to go out and make a quick buck, you're just never gonna do it.

Melina: Well, you don't have any staying power, right? You'll never be able to, you know, sustain this long...

Mark: I like the staying power.

Melina: Yeah, you just won't. You might even get a quick deal. You might get a quick like, you know, maybe a quick paycheck but ultimately, it's just you're not gonna go anywhere. You're not gonna have any staying power. You'll end up quitting. Most people quit.

Dave: I say we watch those people come and go all the time. People make a quick check and then they're gone.

Mark: Yeah. And let's talk about, yeah, if I could mention that, I tell people this, I said it last night in class. New Wealth Advisors with Dave and Melina teaching is not a get rich quick scheme.

Melina: No.

Mark: It's not. But that's okay. Folks, if you're out there looking for that get rich quick scheme, you're gonna be disappointed. You're gonna be frustrated. You're gonna blame society or blame someone when it doesn't happen. So, you know, the secret to life is expectations. My daughter often says this. She goes, "Dad, you know what I figured out? The secret to life is low expectations," I'm like, "Well, that's great. Okay, I can live with that."

Melina: Actually, there's a lot of wisdom in that.

Mark: There are.

Melina: Because disappointment comes from unmet expectations.

Mark: That's right. She's like, "Dad, I think I'm gonna have a crappy day every day," and then it turns out a little better than that. Okay.

Melina: Yeah. That's actually wise.

Mark: So I'm feeling good.

Melina: I like it.

Mark: So again, with all of the financial strategies and real estate strategies that we learn out there, we've gotta realize that we wanna be a part of something that's local, the support's local, the strategies could be used locally and it doesn't need to change my life dramatically in the next three months or six months. But over time, where are you gonna be 10 years from now? It could be huge. And so, that staying power is so important because it's not gonna happen overnight. And if that's what you're looking for, just go to Vegas. Put it all on black.

Melina: Right.

Mark: Just, boom. Just do it.

Dave: Yeah.

Melina: Yeah, that's just as likely actually.

Dave: Yeah, that's true. You know, it's funny because we're, you know, it's 2018 and here we are 10 years later, right? So we went through that whole recession when everybody told us, "This business won't work, close it down, it's never gonna happen. Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy," And here we are going, "Wow, this is, it's phenomenal, all the things that have happened," And I just wanna say thank you for being there from the beginning and...

Mark: Thanks for having me.

Dave: ...taking my phone call and saying, "Sure, you know, I'll come, come teach for you," and it's a really big deal for us. You know, when we put the club together, we said, "Look, we wanna go get the best and we want the best instructors. We want the best people. We don't want, you know, some just, you know, anybody to come in and teach our students. We don't allow somebody to come in and pitch or sell from our stage. We don't allow any of that. So we wanna make sure that we...whoever is coming is providing value and really has the same heart of service that aligns with our core beliefs as well. And so we feel like you've done that from the day one.

Mark: Well, thanks.

Dave: And I'm happy that all the success that you've had. I'm happy that you''ve got Idaho now so you've got four seasons a year, congratulations. You have a lot less traffic and with your offices still in Irvine and you got an office in Phoenix...

Mark: Phoenix, Utah, Idaho. And we're helping clients nationwide. And I think real estate investors, you need to find that law firm, accounting firm that can think big picture. The world's getting smaller and smaller and as a real estate investor, hey, you might find some great short-term strategies here in San Bernardino, Riverside counties, but where am I gonna buy my rental? I need to be thinking outside of the state. I need to think, where am I getting cashflow the best?

I know you have classes that are just on how to manage your property manager.

Melina: Yeah.

Dave: Yeah.

Mark: It's not how to manage a rental. How do you manage the person watching your rental?

Melina: That's right.

Mark: And so, we're there to help you set up the LLC in the right state, maintain it properly, affordably, and rather than going out and hacking it out on LegalZoom folks, this is, so don't worry about where my office is. I might be, you know, holed up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, ice fishing but yeah, I still am in the office 12 hours a day, making phone calls and Skype calls around the country and we'll take care of you.

Dave: That's exactly what I was gonna say. So since having that I know your life is better being up there and at the same time nothing's changed for me as a client. And nothing has changed. You know, all of that stuff has been seamless and while you're not here surfing every day, you get to go play in a little snow.

Mark: Yeah, you have to compare ice fishing to surfing.

Melina: I was gonna say that. I was gonna say, "So you're really ice fishing?"

Mark: Yeah, well, I'm surfing tomorrow at San Onofre and the water temp is 60 degrees, so it will feel like ice fishing at least those first 10 minutes until my body's numb. But no, I love a variety in life and so just living the dream. So I'll be in Santo tomorrow, one hour folks, three to four feet It's gonna be sweet.

Melina: Santo.

Dave: Chest high at 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m.?

Mark: Well, I don't know. I've got traffic to deal with and I'm here in Riverside tonight late with your peeps. So I'll probably hit the water around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. So...

Melina: That's good.

Mark: I'm in no hurry tomorrow. I'm just gonna relax. Get some Pedro's little Lupe's Mistake Burrito. You know what I'm saying, folks? You've been there.

Dave: Yeah. You don't have that in Idaho?

Mark: Yeah, oh no, yeah. We have this place called Chili's, Applebee's, Denny's...

Melina: Love it.

Mark: Oh, amazing. Yeah, Idaho cuisine off the chart.

Dave: Yeah.

Mark: Baked potato, maybe you've heard about it.

Melina: Mm-hmm.

Mark: Kind of a big deal, okay so...

Melina: All potatoes.

Dave: It's fantastic. Well, with that, I just wanted to say thanks for coming out this morning. We don't wanna take up too much of your time, I know you got a bunch of work to get done, and congratulations on all your success...

Mark: Oh, thanks.

Dave: And thanks for being you and thank you to your family for allowing you to be here. And so Melina will be...we'll both be in Idaho here, surely, so we'll look you up...

Melina: Busy weeks, New Year's.

Mark: Nothing like Idaho in January. You're gonna love it.

Dave: Yeah, beautiful.

Mark: It's like negative something.

Melina: Oh yeah, I love it. Lot's of sledding.

Mark: Love it, keeps your blood thin or thick, something.

Melina: I don't know.

Dave: Yeah. I have to rent clothes to go there.

Mark: Well, you in more clothing, I'm not opposed so you just bundle up. It's good to. All right, well with that, we'll catch up with you guys. So thanks for having me.

Dave: Awesome. Great job, Mark. Appreciate it.