I Want To Be Like Dave - Episode 75

Podcast Transcription

David: Do you ever listen to Howard Stern wear all those weird things?

Melina: Oh, yes.

Tim: We should have that.

Melina: Baba Booey. I don't know. I don't even know. I haven't listened to Howard Stern in like 15 years.

Melina: Welcome to Flippin’ Off, a purpose-driven podcast about flipping houses and making a difference.

No, I don't need that. It's okay. All right. Hey, everybody. We're fighting over who's wearing headphones in the studio this morning. So Melina Boswell here. And so today, sorry, and I'm messing with this technical stuff and my son is putting my headphones on. So today in the studio, we thought it would be...this is like one of those podcasts that it's a conversation that I think is an important one to have but it's kind of like that, a little bit of a dreaded kind of conversation but I think it's an important one to share mainly because we've built our business on transparency and allowing everybody that is our membership to get to know us.

And so as in tune with that and in line with that, we thought it was important today to just talk about one full year actually running the business without Dave. And for me personally, I've been doing a lot of reflecting as I'm sure everybody can imagine and what's been happening in my life and I personally and professionally with and as far as the club goes and the fact that it's been one year ago exactly that we did our first three-day training, what we call our RPP. We did it one year ago and it was the first time without Dave and just reflecting and maybe memorializing what the last year has been like for us and the things that we've done, you know, accomplishments, setbacks, a little bit of our crazy, what grief has been like for us and what it looks like to work through grief, to sit with grief, and live anyway.

And so I'll start a little bit for me and I'm gonna ask everybody to share what it's been like for the last year, what personal things have happened and I'll start with me, what it's looked like. If you've been listening to any of these podcasts, you've heard me say, you know, Melina Boswell, co-founder of New Wealth Advisors Club or how I refer to myself even has been a unique thing. I think coming to grasp with the fact that I am a widow has been one thing. So I have these new titles or these new identities that I'm learning to live with and not knowing exactly how to handle that or how to manage it and what is appropriate, what isn't appropriate. And what I've learned is that you will never be able to please everybody.

Somebody will have an opinion about every single thing that you do and how you handle things. And at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. I have to answer to one person and that's God, and everything else, I just do the very best that I can knowing that I'm failing forward along the way and trying to get my bearings as not just Dave's wife or co-founder of NWAC but now as CEO of the club and what that looks like and where am I taking the club. And certain things that were huge milestones for me this last year, one of them I think is becoming CEO of the club. Also, you know, I don't think I've shared this out loud with anybody but the first time, you know, I bought a house for the first time on my own this year and like in my entire life.

And it's so weird because that's what my business is, that's what mine and Dave's businesses has been, is we buy and sell houses. I don't know how many houses we've bought and sold. I don't even know the number. I know that there's lots and lots and lots of them. But I had this realization that I bought my first home, like I bought a home on my own for the first time this year and how terrifying that was for me, how insecure I felt, how unsure, how unstable, how terrifying it was for me to do something that I have done hundreds of times. But doing that one thing on my own was something that was fear but I did it. And so, for me, one year in business without Dave has been by far the most painful thing I've ever experienced, the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced but also probably the most growth in my life, of course, because that's what happens, right?

And, you know, I made it. I did it, and it was okay. It was just this weird feeling of okay, so this is a new chapter for me in that I'm gonna pull the trigger. And I still find myself every time. I now go to buy a house or I go to do something, I question, and come to the realization of I don't have any person, you know, I don't have my person to bounce it off of and to maybe carry the brunt and whatever, celebrate. So for me, that's...I think probably the two biggest milestones for me are those two.

David: You know, the thing about my dad was that he always thought ahead. If you knew him, you know that he was always thinking ahead and he kind of made it...I'm thinking about how to say this but the way that he raised me, it's kind of...it's almost a little bit of a disservice because I feel like he raised me always knowing that he would handle things. I'll tell a little story. I don't know if I've told you guys this before but when I was 15, I had just got my learner's permit to drive and I was looking forward to getting a car in about a year. And I was super pumped about driving and dad was a really good driver. He took those, you know, as being a police officer, he took those advanced training courses on how to just maneuver cars all crazy at high speeds and he was so, so fun to ride in the car with him.

Anyway, we always, you know, driving was just a thing. So when it came time for me, I was really excited and I was thinking about how am I gonna get a car and he told me...the deal that he made with me was save as much money as you can for a year and at the end of the year, I'll match however much you've saved and we'll go buy a car. We'll go find something. And so I'm like, "Yeah, I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna save. I'm gonna save...I'm gonna buy the..." You're not even gonna be able to buy the car. You're not even gonna be able to match, be able to save so much. And so I didn't save shit. The end of the year came and I had not saved any money. Long to be in short, but what he did was when I first got my learner's permit, I was driving around and driving their cars. And so he had to extend the insurance to make the insurance beef it up...

Melina: Cover you.

David: Yeah. To cover me. So he required me to pay a monthly payment for the insurance. Anyway, long story short, at the end of the year when I had saved nothing, it turns out he had saved every cent that I had given him for insurance. And which was about, I think...do you remember what it was? It was like 2500 bucks.

Melina: Yeah. It was like 20...yeah, it was expensive to add him to our insurance policy so we made him pay for his own insurance. And so, you know, what was happening was he didn't have enough money to actually save but, you know, so he was like, "I guess it's gonna take you another year to save..."

David: Oh, I think I had enough to save. I don't think I was in a place where I...yeah, and that was nice, but no. I definitely just...I wasn't disciplined enough to. I didn't need to, which is kind of why I say it was a little bit of a disservice because he ended up taking care of me in the long run. I knew he would but I didn't know what that would look like. But now, being in business, I've realized over the last, you know, my entire life, I've been raised...both my brother and I have been raised with all the tools necessary to do this business. And I don't know if most of you know but I bought a house in Idaho, we bought a house in Idaho and it was before...I mean, I had always known how to look for distressed properties and I had always known but I didn't really wrap my head around it because it wasn't something I was involved in all the time.

And so I just knew when an opportunity was there to speak up and to kind of...so that's what I did. Now, being in business, I look at the house that we bought there and I just go, "Holy crap, that was a really, really good deal." We came and we got a good deal on that. So I didn't realize, you know, he was equipping me all the time and so. But now being in business and rehabbing houses, when I first...when we first got here a year ago, I had a few things in my head. One of them was in a year from now, what deals am I gonna be in? What kind of flips are we gonna be working on? Actually, who's still gonna be sitting at this table?

Melina: That's honest.

David: I love you guys but I just...there was so many unknowns about what it was gonna look like and I'm pretty pleased with where we're at now. I think that we've...there's definitely been some growing pains. I thought maybe these guys would leave. Few times, I thought you guys would leave for sure. I kind of tried I think. To be totally honest, I think I tried to make you leave a little bit just because I think if I can try to and you don't, then maybe you're worth sticking around. You know, just being totally transparent. I'm just trying to be really honest. We didn't know. Andrew and I, we're hard to trust people. It's tough for us to trust people, just like my dad was. You kind of had to prove that.

But you guys have been incredible and I can see exactly why my dad had you all around and why you guys are exactly fit to sit at this table and I know he would be so proud to see Christian sitting here today. That's something I really wish he would...he definitely knew. He definitely was grooming you for a long time to do that. But I will say it's been so challenging because there's so many times when I know I could have gone to dad and just said, "What do we do...can you please tell me what to do here?" He would definitely have the answer. You just know he'd without a doubt have the answer. But that's so good for all of us because it's forced us to really grow. It's forced me to start to live into who I know I'm supposed to be, to be willing to fail so that I can get into that, you know, that position and be that person that I really I know I can be.

So now I know I'm just working toward that and the only way to do that is just by going after it. So a year in business without dad has probably been, I mean, I hate to say it, but it's been one of the best years of my life because it's hurt so much. It's been the most painful. I seriously just last night, just very last night, to keep it really real, I was driving home and I was just thinking about my dad and I was so mad, like, that he's not here. I just, oh my gosh, I got so mad and I just grabbed my steering wheel and I shook it a little bit. And Ken was like, "What is wrong with you? What the heck is wrong?" It was just a random outburst driving down the street and I just said, "Oh, no, I'm fine, nothing. I have a headache." She was just looking at me like...

But times like that have happened. It's countless. I know all you guys think about him constantly but it's just so many times that has happened. And that's the definition of growth when you really, you know, when I think when you go through things and you want them to be a certain way, you have this idea about how things are supposed to look and then they don't look that way and you just wanna kick and scream and throw your hands up and quit but it's when you power through those experiences that you really come out on the other side, so much of a better person. So I don't know. Anybody else wanna share? Andrew?

Andrew: All right. It's probably gonna take me a minute to get through this but I guess I was actually thinking a lot last night, too, and part of what I did before I went to bed last night, I actually listened to the podcast that we did around a year ago now and just different things that we talked about. And it's funny because we've always kind of known or I guess, I say I've known but I don't really think I do, but we've always said and I guess kind of known that he was...that my dad was equipping us for our entire lives to be who we needed to be. But I guess if I'm being completely honest, I think a lot of the stuff that I said at this time last year, I really didn't believe it. I really didn't. I wasn't confident in it at that time. It wasn't something that we had ever had to do. You know, it's easy to say, "Oh, yeah, I know I've been equipped for this my whole life," but in reality, when it comes down to it, it's a really, really scary thing which...

David: You say the truth but you don't really know. Like, you don't really believe it. You know it's the truth but it doesn't really sink in, like belief level.

Andrew: Yeah. I hadn't had to actually use it, I guess, is really where I come down to. I mean, even in the military and just working after that and everything, having to lead isn't the same thing. The stakes were not nearly as high, I guess. And so it's leadership at a different level and having to be who you are at a different level, I mean. And also, the scariest part was, I mean, to be completely honest, we really didn't know what we were gonna do, you know, like what to do. Actually, we didn't know how to get started, like, where were we gonna fit in, what were we actually gonna do. And I couldn't see what that actually looked like in a year.

I guess probably my biggest battle over the last year has been like battling with the idea of actually believing that we were...that I personally was capable of doing what I need to do because it's really weird when someone kind of instills that in you for your entire life and then all of a sudden, one day when you need to ask them that question, they're just not there. So I think the last year, and to be completely honest, I really thought that there was gonna be a time in this last year, I just thought I was gonna shut down at some point. I really didn't think I was gonna make it through the year. But every time that I would think that I was getting to that point, I would just have to think about dad and I mean, for lack of a better term, I could picture him just kind of smacking me and saying, "Dude, get your shit together and go do what you need to do." Because that's the kind of things he would say to me because that's the kind of things that I need to hear. And so...

David: He would smack you.

Andrew: Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. And so I think that that's probably been what the last year has looked like for me personally. It's just actually going into and actually having to do what I kind of knew I could do but didn't really believe that I could do and actually doing it and the experience of acting out what I've needed to act out. And it's funny we, I guess, we say a business without dad for the last year but I actually don't feel like that. I mean, in my darkest times, I definitely do and I get angry and I feel completely like that but in reality, like when I'm doing something that I know I'm supposed to be doing, I actually don't feel like that at all. I feel like he's right next to me. I actually feel more and more connected.

Everything from, I mean, it's weird. I've seen pictures sometimes and I just picture him, you know, driving down the road with me in the backseat with me and Oscar when we're on our way to look at stuff when we go into sketchy neighborhoods and everything and we're like, "All right, how are we gonna handle this?" I just think about, you know, him telling us, hey, we should act this way or we should do this and I actually do know exactly what to do. And I think that that's probably been the biggest thing that I've overcome this year, is believing that and actually being able to step into it.

David: That's crazy. He said...I just realized like I've been saying we've been in business without dad but we've definitely not been in business without dad. We've definitely been in business with him. Yeah.

Christian: Okay. I'll share. There's so many memories just running through my mind and what Dave is saying, you know, like, I feel like Dave, he was equipping me all throughout like the day I joined the club, really. I remember the first introduction and I always sat at the front row and he was right there and he pointed me out. He's like, "Look at this young kid. He's gonna..." Kind of like, "He's gonna do things if he's here." Like so many memories are just running back where he was, you know, my mentor and big life decisions or big life events, like, I remember, I think I was more nervous to tell Dave that I was having a kid versus like my parents. I remember that conversation. I walked in and I'm like, "Hey, you know, this is what's going on." And he walked me through it and he just gave me confidence and said, "You know, the Lord is gonna take care of you." And that just went such a long way.

And then even to when I was buying my first house, I went to Dave and I asked for mentorship, what do you think? And we fell in love with the new build. It was like a KB, you know, a model house. And he's like, "No, don't do that. Like you're an investor. Think like an investor." And I'm like, "Yeah, but it's so nice," and try to sell him. He's like, "Dude, don't do it." And it ended up working out. I bought a for sale by owner just from everything I learned through the club. So big changes like or big life events, he was there to walk me through it. And I know what came to me, too, throughout this whole conversation was a retreat that we were at a couple of weeks ago was the difference between personality and character.

And he had such a, like he built his character and I know like, for me, that's what I strive to continue to build because personality, that's something we're kind of born with and charismatic, whatever, but character, that's developed through like living a life of integrity and being honorable and that's really what...that's what I strive to do. So I looked up to him and I still look up to him to this day. I wanna be like Dave. I've grown a lot throughout this year and as crappy as it has been, it's been such a year of growth but he's been here throughout this whole time and he's instilled so much in all of us where we know what we're capable of doing what...

David: He made you be better, you know. No matter who he was around, he just forced you to be better. Sometimes it was frustrating, actually, a lot of the time, it was frustrating, but he really forced you to be your best. And if you weren't your best around him, you definitely...he was gonna let you know.

Christian: Absolutely. I had a random memory of when we were golfing, me, John and Dave, and he just wants you to be a better person. I remember I was driving with John and I think I left John to walk to the hall and Dave is like, "Dude, why'd you make them walk all this way?" And I was like, "I don't know. I think he told me he wanted to walk or something." But he always had people's back like, "Dude, why did you make this dude walk?" And I was like, "I don't know."

Melina: It wasn't even thinking about him.

David: Is that a joke?

Melina: It wasn't even about him.

Christian: Hi, this is Christian Rios. As many of you know, I've been a member of a New Wealth Advisors Club for over seven years and got started when I was 17 years old with absolutely no real estate experience. One of the biggest lessons I've learned from being in the industry is the need for authentic relationships. If you're looking for an actual team locally in Southern California with all the resources needed to close deals, register for one of our free workshops by visiting www.joinnwac.com. Thanks for listening to "The Flippin’ Off Podcast."

John: I think this year has been a very strange year and from my perspective, the way I look at it is Dave was teaching me to go up on stage, to be in front of the room, to be the initial face of the club when people come down and meet us. And I was fortunate to at least get some time with Dave where he would coach me through that, you know, coach me through the right things to say, the wrong things to say, you know, mannerisms, body language, all the different things that are out there and not realizing that all of a sudden, I was gonna be doing that pretty much every week. But now, I'm representing what Dave left behind. And the weird thing is I've never once felt nervous, or, you know, you get up on stage and you're talking to 30, 40 people for the first time and I've never once felt nervous.

I know at some stage, I wanna be talking about Dave through the introduction and it is like the boys said, he's...because you always feel like he is there anyway, you still feel like he's got your back even when you're doing the introduction. So there's nothing I can say wrong because I just can't say anything wrong. It's always gonna be okay. There's always bits I can do better but he put me in a place of being able to do the right thing, to say the right thing. So it's from those sides of business to running the club, to helping out with the club, to the mental side that he was, as Christian said, he would always tell you if you were wrong and that's great because you need that. You need that coaching. But he's a year younger than me and he had the answers to every single question. He always had the answers to every question. And I always wondered whether he really knew the answer or he was just so confident.

Andrew: I think about that all the time.

John: He was so confident in everything that he said, in everything that he did that you could have been way wrong but he built you the confidence to make you say, "Actually, no, it's good. I'm good. I'm good." So, you know, one day we'll have that conversation but so it's been a tough growth year. I know everybody sees it as a growth year and we've seen some exciting things happening within the club. I don't think any of us really knew where it was gonna go this, you know, the first however long it was gonna be, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, you know, but we are past that anniversary now and we've started to see a light at the tunnel and we've really started to see some incredible change. And it's so unfortunate that that had to happen to have the boys come around the club but they've got some big shoes to fill in and they're filling it as well. So kudos to those guys and it's a tough conversation no matter what. So I'll let somebody else speak.

David: Thank you. Just so you guys know like, I don't know if this has been shared before but Frank, Frank was one of those people for my dad I know for sure that he just probably loved more than anybody, I think, probably just one of his best friends, definitely one of his best friends. And I have got to know Frank over the last year. Frank is just one of the people, and I don't know if you guys have probably heard Andrew say it before, but he's definitely such a safety net for us for specifically the Boswell's. We feel really safe with Frankie.

Andrew: He's loyal.

David: He's the most loyal person and he hides all the time but seriously, Frank is one of the most gifted people I've really ever met. I wish he wouldn't hide. And we're trying...I'm going to keep side kidney shot in him until he comes out of hiding but we're doing our very best. But I know specifically that I feel like Frank has been...like my dad's passing has affected Frank a lot and I could feel him all the time. I know that...I know it. You know, Frankie and I will just look at each other and start crying sometimes. So there's just a connection there that, you know, it's just a special connection.

Melina: Yeah, you're supposed to speak.

David: Hey, Frankie.

Frank: I wasn't ready to speak but, yeah. It's been a really tough, you know, tough year and like John was saying, it's been really great getting to know his boys. I was just talking to Melina about having you guys around, it's like Dave is not gone because you guys speak his words. You guys call me out the way he did. We had fun and stuff but I do miss him calling me out and he's just had such a huge impact on my trajectory. I just shared like if Dave hadn't have reached out and had been patient and kind, then all the different things and experiences that I've had, I wouldn't have had them. I would have been at a print shop working myself to death and not having the time to spend with my family grow and learn with them. So that loyalty, I just never had a friend like, you know, like Dave, he's just a really great, great person who modeled what the Bible teaches you to be.

And yeah, he changed everything for me. And I know my prayer was for something like that, you know. I definitely felt stuck in my job and just so many hours at work, never had any free time. And when I got laid off, it was perfect timing. It was God's timing that I would be able to not have to be doing that. I mean, I really thought I was stuck there, you know. And getting into doing this, I didn't realize how hard it was gonna be but Dave made it not hard, you know.

David: Doable.

Frank: He made it doable. And like you guys were saying, you know, does he really know all this stuff? And it's like, well, what did he use to say? My belief...no. Believe in my belief in you, right? And I don't doubt for one moment that them...and that's his confidence. That was his confidence, that he believed in you, that you could do it. Because I mean for me, the things that he would say about what he went through to get to where he was, and like his perspective was shit. If I'm here, there's no reason and then when you start sharing, like so many things that Dave would share about me. They had no idea that he kept, I don't wanna say he kept a secret but it didn't...he wasn't one to brag or whatever about where he came from, what he's done.

But in the moments when you're going through things and you need encouragement, just the right words, I know for Tim, for John, Christian, Oscar, and I know you boys raising you because you guys say, you guys are a mirror of him. And that's just been really, you know, that's his legacy, you guys and I'm just so glad that you guys are here and I just thank you guys for loving me the way you have.

David: Thank you, Frankie. We love you.

Melina: Tim is going.

David: Oh, Tim is going.

Tim: Yeah, well, thanks, Frankie, for making it okay to cry because I was struggling with that. This year has been a whole lot of growth. But when I...usually, I come to little blocks and I think about things that Dave would either say or do. Dave had a way, at least the way he interacted with me, of knowing exactly when I needed to be smacked verbally, like, you know when he had to say something that was like a jab that would get me moving or the loving encouragement. He just had a way of knowing exactly what I needed in that moment. And the first part of the year was difficult because I wasn't there. But then, I started realizing like I knew what he would do. Like he equipped me to just, you know, we have those things in our pockets or at least I do.

You know, what would Dave do? And for me, it's more about what would Dave say to me. What would Dave say to me right now if...if I can't move forward right now, what would Dave say? Because usually what he would say would be exactly what I needed to at least take the next step. And then having the opportunity to work with the boys here, you know, everybody keeps saying it but I couldn't say it any better than like Frankie. You guys are mirrors, you know. You're mirrors of your dad. You have a way of knowing, at least for me, when to be loving and kind and when to not necessarily be that.

Melina: Spare not the rod? Spare not the rod. Spare not the rod. That's the least...

Tim: You know, and the opportunity to really serve you guys in ways that I, you know, even just in...just to be able to support you because I know that you guys are... I know I think about Dave a lot and I couldn't imagine being the three of you. So any way that I can be there and support that and even if it's just a matter of taking stuff off of your plate so that you can go and be alone or whatever it is you guys need to do. I mean the opportunity to do that is one that I have to attribute frankly to Dave because he helped me to get to where I am to the point where I don't have...like, I don't have to go get a job right now. I can do these things and I am who I am today because of the mentorship of Dave and of Melina.

But this year has been painful and at the same time kind of exciting. It's hard to even say that because like I don't want to. But at the same time, it's exciting. We're going places. The club has made shifts and I'm excited about the way everybody has stepped up and the, you know, I'm just excited about us as a team and as painful as it is, which I think about Dave and walking into the AV room and thinking about, just brainstorming with him about like equipment to buy or just walking down the hallway and realizing that that's not his office anymore. That happens to me like all the time. I'm in the office every single day and many, many times when I walk by that office and I realize it doesn't have...like Dave is not in there. So I don't know.

David: I get it, dude. I almost come unglued every time someone thinks they can park in his parking spot. It's true. I told Andy yesterday that when I go to Hawaii, he's in charge of making sure that no one parks in that spot unless their last name is Boswell.

Andrew: I wanna cone there every day.

David: I think you blocked off, dude.

Andrew: Two coats.

Oscar: Yeah. So the year, it's kind of a year-in-review, it's emotional, painful. There's been anger, there's been fear, there's been anxiety. There's every emotion that you can imagine. I believe we've all experienced them obviously to different degrees because of just the relationships. But I guess the biggest thing for me has been just sitting back, I'm usually the guy that sits back in a room and observes and sees and watch as things happen. And to see everybody go through their cycles and their evolution and their growth and all that I think has just been fulfilling to sit back and watch and see everybody fall into place.

And one of the things, when I do the introduction or even at the RPP, I always share with people that I just don't like talking about in the past tense when it comes to Dave. It's always in the present tense. He's always there no matter what we do, what we say, how we act, how we react. Without fail, a decision is made and then it's reflection and looking for confirmation from him. So that's the, I think, the big thing for me is making sure that the legacy continues to grow, continues to move forward, and we do the things that I know he had in mind. But we work as a unit, we work as a team, and it doesn't mean we're gonna agree all the time. There's gonna be disagreement, there's gonna be going back and forth. That's part of growth.

But ultimately, it's all of us staying focused on the mission and as long as we can continue to do that, like he did, then everything will absolutely pan out. Everything will work the way it's supposed to work. I still shake the handlebars on the steering wheel in my car, I still, on occasion, punch things and it's always when there's a decision to be made. That's when that surfaces because my wish is that he had been around longer so that David and Andrew would have been integrated into the business by him. So it's something that falls on us and that's the part of the mission that needs to be done, needs to happen because we're not gonna be here forever, right? At some point, they need to be able to step in and step up and take charge and take control of everything that goes on.

But it's gonna take time and we know that and I know they know that but they've absolutely fallen into who they need to be right now. Now it's a matter of helping them continue to move forward and grow. And one of the things I shared with Nathan and Angelo was that that for me is the mission, is that the handoff happens. It's not about today. It's about continuing to build and grow so that this continues on well after all of us.

David: You know what's coolest? I'm sitting here thinking so many things, but something that...a couple of things that really ring true and one of them specifically is that all of you guys at this table, you know, all these guys have made a lot of money. If we're being honest, all these guys have made a really good amount of money. They figured that part out over time. But the fact that they all came like, you know, these weren't high-level executives, these aren't...these guys aren't super experienced in their specific field and we pull, you know, my dad didn't pull them from a magazine cover. These guys all came from regular jobs and my dad, the best part of that is my dad was able to identify every single one of you individually to be in this position that you're in and he molded perfectly.

It's so not perfect what we have here but each one of you have seriously the most perfect skillset that when I sit at this table and I know that going forward, we've got everything we need right here to really be successful with Tim's brains and John's politeness and Christian's work ethic, and Frank's literally all of those things mashed into one and Oscar's leadership and mom's incredible ability to be able to meet people where they are and just touch your soul without...even if you don't want it. All these people got put together and my dad really did mastermind it all. He was so incredible. So the other thing that occurred to me is definitely I said it where we, you know, this episode was titled "Business Without Him," you know, without dad over the last year and the truth is we definitely have been in business with dad the whole time.

It definitely has occurred to me throughout this whole thing that he is totally here with us and I'm so excited to realize that actually. I mean, we know that but at the same time, it's like to actually say that, we're not doing business without dad, we're definitely doing business with him. And mom and I were talking yesterday about Andrew and I having these big feet and like a little puppy with these massive feet and this big head that just kind of weighs you down. You can't really walk right. I definitely feel that. I feel like that. So I don't think about myself in any kind of way but listening to you guys talk about me and how what your kind of experience has been with us, I know that we do have these awesome qualities, these abilities but we are like these goofy little puppies running around not knowing what to do.

So the best way I can describe it is that we have all of these...the best tools in our arsenal to be able to move forward. We have like the most top-notch tools to do every single job that we absolutely need to do. So, going forward, we need, you know, Andrew and I absolutely need every single one of you all the time to hone those skills, you know, and working together. I mean, we're going to blow it up. We're going to do big, big, big things in Hawaii and we're gonna close more real estate than ever and we're gonna bring a lot of people on the way in. It just really excites me. I'm really excited.

Andrew: Yeah, just the last thing. One thing that I wanted to acknowledge is that it's just really cool to me to hear everybody talk and everything but the main thing I guess that it's funny, where everybody here has said in one way or another that my dad equipped them right to handle this and to do the things that we need to do. But the thing that I appreciate the most is that, like David said, we have been in business with him and that's not something that's just small when I think about that, right? The fact that he's at the forefront of every one of our minds, every one of the people that's sitting at the table leading this organization, the fact that he's still at the forefront of our minds is it makes me really happy and I'm grateful for that, too, because that gives me reassurance that the vision is still alive and the mission of the club is still alive and that we all know why we're here and what we're doing.

David: Let's be honest, there's not a lot of people that can smack you and love you and you really accept all of it. It's not a lot of people that you meet that can do that. And so it's pretty special. Love you, dad.

Melina: Yeah. I think it's the perfect time to just say how much we love Dave. And I'm grateful for every single one of you for stepping in and staying with the mission and continuing to honor Dave's legacy and honor Dave's life because, yeah, I think that's it. So, anyway, we're NWAC. We are the leadership team and we're flippin’ out.

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