Podcast Transcription

Melina: You know, I heard she squirts the hot lava.

Dave: You have Joe back there. I see, so...

Melina: Welcome to "Flippin’ Off", a purpose-driven podcast about flipping houses and making a difference.

Melina: Hi, everybody. Well, Melina Boswell here. Welcome to podcast number 29. That's amazing. So, I'm here today with my awesome, hot, sexy husband, Dave Boswell and...

Dave: We're not alone, honey.

Melina: Oh, that's right. Clear the room. Let's freak.

Frank: Whoa. Closing my eyes.

Melina: I'm just trying to loosen things up a little here. And so, anyway, today in the studio we also have with us Mr. Frank Luna Jr.

Frank: Hello. Frank Luna Jr. Okay.

Melina: All right.

Frank: I'll take that.

Melina: And Mr. Joe Sanchez.

Joe: Hello.

Melina: Hello. Welcome.

Joe: Thank you.

Frank: Thank you for having me.

Dave: Wow, glad you guys are here. You should see the looks... I wish everybody could see the looks on your faces right this moment. What on earth is Melina gonna say next?

Melina: I know. Why did...

Dave: You just never know, everybody's holding their breath.

Melina: You're welcome.

Frank: Let's not loosen up too much.

Dave: Okay, all right. We made a few of that. All right, well, here we are.

Melina: Well, I didn't know I was opening, so this will happen. You just put me on the spot. I'm gonna...

Dave: Just the way it goes.

Melina: I'm gonna do me.

Dave: I'm very, very thankful for you.

Dave: So, we're here in the studio today. We've got, for the purposes of this podcast, we wanted to have a conversation with Joe, and Joe is working with Frank. And Frank's obviously been around for a long time in our club. And we go back, gosh, many, many, many, many years now. I don't know how many that is but it's a lot. And, obviously, you've heard Frank and Cathy in the past on our podcast. Or if you haven't, go back and...

Melina: They're episode number...

Dave: Sixteen.

Melina: That was so awesome.

Dave: That's cool. So, anyways, yeah, they've been on here before. And going to, you know, a lot of the model that we have inside of our club is really, this is a really good example of just that. Where, you know, Melina and I are developing systems with the teams, and all the different stuff that we have going on. And Frank and his group of people that he's been helping to come alongside him. They build or do more, get more real estate deals done, and more accomplished. And Joe, and his wife couldn't be here today, but Lilly as well, we wanna acknowledge her for, obviously, your better half, you should...

Joe: Absolutely, yeah. Lily is on a helicopter on her way to Catalina.

Dave: Oh, got it.

Joe: Work-related.

Melina: I hate her.

Dave: Work-related. Happy wife is a happy life.

Joe: Isn't that amazing?

Dave: Yeah.

Joe: Work-related in Catalina.

Melina: Yeah, yeah. No, I'm...

Joe: On a helicopter.

Melina: Yes, that's awesome. Now I'm jealous.

Dave: So, Joe came here a couple of years ago, and came into the club. And, maybe, you can share with us, you don't have any experience in real estate, right?

Joel: Absolutely none.

Dave: None. Okay.

Joe: I bought my personal home. That's as far as it goes.

Dave: Okay. And what had you looking for real estate? What was going on in your life? Like, why'd you find us?

Joe: You know, I've always had an entrepreneurship or entrepreneur's mindset, but I didn't know how to bring it out. I was in the utility business, 20 years, close to 20 years. And was let go. You know, your typical corporate. "Hey, you know what, we're moving in a different direction. We'll let you go."

Dave: That's similar to Frank, huh?

Joe: Yeah.

Frank: That's exactly what happened. Yeah.

Melina: Yeah.

Frank: I got laid off, 2009, yeah.

Joe: And so I tried, you know, getting into real estate. I tried talking to people who were in real estate making a lot of money, you know, '06, '05, '07. "You're making this much and blah, blah, blah." And I tried to join those people but they were just about making the money. And they were making a lot of it. And that didn't really resonate with me, because for me, really, what I didn't understand is I wasn't in it for the money. I never was. I was making money, you know.

Dave: You had a good job. Your wife has a good job.

Joe: Yeah, absolutely. So, for years we were just making money. So, it wasn't like, "Oh, I need to make money," because it was already there. For me it was something that was missing. So, I would get to these groups, hang out with them, look at them, and then fizzle out. "Oh, yeah, you made how much? Oh, cool."

Melina: Now what?

Joe: Yeah.

Dave: Next.

Joe: But what did you do? You know, so that's where I came, that's where this place comes in. I came here, I'm like, "Well, it's another real estate group." Until I met Dave. And right off the bat Dave's like, "I don't care if you're here. And I don't care if you stay." And, you know, and I'm like, "Wow, you know, he's not, like, selling me anything. He actually wants me to leave." And he found out I'm a Dodger fan, and he wants me to leave. He wants me to leave now. So, it was a completely different feeling, an aura, you know, about you guys. And, you know, that was two years ago, you know.

Melina: Yeah. So, to explain maybe or let me say, disclaimer here, it isn't that Dave wants anybody to leave.

Dave: Or Dodger fans. I tolerate them.

Melina: Yeah, of course. Yeah, the reality is, is that we've just, over the years, we've become incredibly clear on who it is that we're looking for. And so we know that when you're looking at different opportunities, you're looking for different businesses, people are always trying to sell you something. And the thing that really, that I think that we've come to really, like, buck the system in is we don't do that. We are so the opposite of that. We don't, like a lot of people I know like to sell the dream. And that's, I think, what we were taught, you know, to sell the dream. And we've just learned that we have no desire to sell the dream. The dream is already there. You know, our goal is to help people actually achieve and frankly help them understand what the dream is, right? Because people think that they are, you know, working for financial freedom or whatever, and...

Dave: Well, I think Joe hated exactly that. He was seeing people make money completely unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and it would fizzle out. And so...

Melina: It always does.

Dave: Yeah, and so we talk about when people are chasing that almighty dollar, and want to just be able to close a deal so they can make some money for today, that in the end, then that's never gonna create any real staying power, if you will. So, you've got to be attached to what it is that you're looking to do, and it's got to be beyond you.

Melina: You're right.

Dave: So, when I say get out, I mean for people, like, if they don't have that mindset, and they're not open to changing that mindset, absolutely, 100%, please do not join our club. In fact, if you're listening to this podcast and that is not you, hang up now.

Melina: Yup, you know.

Dave: Take your headphones out, go on to something else. Because, no, we really are looking for people, you know, like Joe was talking about. Like, where he's at. Hey, I want to find a bigger purpose, I want to find, you know, I do wanna make money. There's nothing wrong with that. But at the same time I want to be attached to, you know, what is it that's really gonna satisfy and fulfill me. And, you know, we don't have a club that's open to just anybody with, you know, and we're not going to change the way we do things to accommodate other people, or to sell people something, or some dream, or what have you. You know, when you join the club and you pay your dues, this is the culture that you're immersing yourself in.

Melina: That's right.

Dave: And, you know, I love is that Joe said that exactly I guess, that was his reality when I was sitting there saying, "Look, I'm not gonna sell you anything. If this doesn't work for you, don't come."

Joe: Absolutely. See, and that's where I've been to other seminars and everything they want to do is sell, sell, sell. You guys can blah, blah, blah, and this, and this. And I don't wanna talk bad about anybody. But when I came here I was like, "Oh, wow. This is awesome." You know, and I'm looking at Lily, and she's like, "Wow. This is completely different. This is, like, awesome. It's amazing." So, we were kinda literally sold on not being sold. And it was just an amazing situation.

Melina: Right?

Dave: Yeah. And, you know, it's different when, I think, when you're coming from your own office too, right? Because we have, you know, our own office and that kind of stuff. So it's not in, you know, some hotel, and you're there today and gone tomorrow. So, there's a different vibe and a feel. Especially when, you know, anybody who walks in a club says it all the time like, "There's something different about this place. What's going on in here?" And I get that. It's so far outside the norm, you know.

Melina: Well, not only is the office beautiful, but there is definitely an energy that is so real, it's palatable, yeah.

Dave: Yeah, there you go.

Melina: Not palatable, yeah.

Dave: There you go.

Melina: And it's difficult too, you can't really articulate it because you feel it, right? It's a feeling. It's not tangible.

Joe: It keeps you coming back.

Dave: Well, given that, you guys... So, Frank, you've kinda taken Joe and Lily and taken under your wing, if you will, and kinda showing them the robes, and help coaching them along, and so forth. And you guys have closed now with three deals so far?

Joe: Yeah.

Dave: Three deals so far. You just had a pretty good one out in, is it Moreno Valley?

Frank: Moreno Valley. Yeah.

Dave: Yeah, that's right, Moreno Valley. So, how'd that one come about for you? Like, what was that like?

Joe: Well, you know, I teamed up with Daniel and Monique. So Lily, myself, Daniel, and Monique, you know, we teamed up. And Frank, of course, is our mentor.

Dave: So another...

Joe: Another couple.

Dave: ...couple that's relatively new and learning the ropes as well. Okay.

Joe: And so we got together. And we're like, "You know, let's hang out. Let's see what we can do together." And we created a mailer. And what he also did was we were creating like an event for homeowners who were facing foreclosure. And through that mailer...

Dave: There you go.

Joe: ...we got a call. And the rest just...

Dave: The rest Frank did.

Joe: Well, pretty much.

Dave: So, what happened from there, Frank?

Frank: They contacted me, Daniel and Joe. And said that they had a potential seller. And so it looked like it was gonna be a huge short sale. It was so over encumbered. So, we connected with Melina, and talked with, you know, what does this look like, had the seller meet with them, found out what they ultimately wanted to do. And, you know, at the end of the day, the property was just completely uninhabitable. It probably would've been red-tagged if the city would have came in and saw the conditions.

Melina: Absolutely.

Frank: So, it was definitely time from the sales, way past that. You know, it just comes to a point when you are not able to make your mortgage payment, and you can't keep up any repairs. And so, he was gonna eventually go live with his daughter. So they needed to decide what they were going to do with the house and go through that process. So, we initiated the short sale process. And it turned out it was a reverse mortgage with just this huge mortgage amount in that area. And they took a discount from $500,000 plus down to $137,500.

Dave: Holy cow.

Frank: Yeah.

Dave: I knew the numbers were a big, I didn't realize they were that big.

Melina: Yeah. We were talking about that. Like, I don't even understand, frankly, how there was $500,000 ever owed on that house. It's kind of bizarre.

Dave: This was like a reverse. It just kept on compounding...

Melina: It was a reverse.

Dave: ...and compounding, and compounding all of it.

Joe: All that interest was growing.

Melina: Yeah.

Dave: Wow.

Melina: It was just a horrible situation.

Dave: Wow. All the way down to how much?

Frank: $137,500.

Dave: So, the bank ultimately said $137,500.

Melina: Yeah, well, yeah. I think their offer was at $135,000 and the bank countered them at $137,500.

Frank: Correct.

Dave: Got it.

Melina: Yeah, and it was really based on the condition of the property. It was, you know, you know...

Dave: Really bad?

Melina: Yeah, really bad. Yeah, not even, really, working bathrooms.

Frank: Yeah, and it seemed like it was getting worse from week to week. It was continuing to deteriorate. It got to that point where something needed to be done with the house before it was gonna be a tear down. It was bad.

Dave: Wow. Oh, wow.

Melina: Yes, that is correct. It was almost a tear down.

Dave: See you guys go in, and did you decide to fix and flip it?

Frank: Yup. I went in there with my contractor, walked the property with me. We came up with the budget, and we stayed within that budget, within 5%.

Dave: Nice.

Frank: Like we should, and...

Melina: Boom.

Dave: And take note there, Joe, that doesn't always happen.

Frank: It doesn't always happen. But, yeah, it turned out to be a really good project. Their house came out beautiful.

Dave: For sure.

Frank: Yeah, there was a lot at work that we had to do to make sure that everything was done correctly, when we took out all the walls. We got in there and did some termite, not termite, pest control.

Dave: Pest control.

Melina: Yeah, you should tell about the pests.

Frank: There's a...

Melina: I don't know, are...

Frank: I think we had the Pied Piper out there. There's mice and rats running out everywhere.

Melina: Out of the walls.

Frank: Out of the walls, yeah.

Joe: I hear a conversation about, "Yeah, we have dead rats and live ones, and they're coming out of the walls." Literally, coming out of the walls. I'm like, "Why, is there a concert? I mean, what's going on?"

Dave: Wow.

Frank: Yeah, so we got in there and we completely remodeled everything. Everything is completely new. And, you know, just the homeowner got a completely new house, really, from there. And, you know, what's weird was it wasn't an old house. And it was built in 1994. Some of these houses in this condition are, I would say, like from the 50s or 60s. But it was from afar done.

Melina: Yeah, yeah. And he was, you know, the owner of the property was an older gentleman. His health was really beginning to fail. He needed to live with his daughter. She needed to take care of him. So, the timing was right for him, for sure. Probably stayed in the property, maybe, a little bit longer than he should have, you know, in terms of, he just wasn't able to care for himself. So, it was a real win-win for sure.

Dave: What was the timeline like? How long did it take you guys to...

Frank: When did you drop that mailer and first contact them, Joe?

Joe: It was in March. And then from there we started the conversation with the homeowners. And then from there, I don't know exactly when the short sale process started. But we actually closed in September.

Dave: So you're talking six months?

Joe: Yes.

Frank: Yeah, that sounds right. I didn't know when you actually gave him that mailer.

Joe: Yeah, I know. We had been working with him for a couple of months before we...

Dave: That's a great time for him, actually, with the amount of work that he had and short sale, and...

Melina: Well, and the short sale was done actually very quickly. And when the owner and his daughter came in, I think it's important to note that whenever we have a situation where we have an older homeowner that's in this kind of situation, it's important that, you know, we have a family member who's willing to take responsibility for...

Dave: So, we get some help.

Melina: Absolutely. Make sure that the owner is left in a better position. And so the daughter and the owner came in and met with me. And we looked at other alternatives, actually, first. We looked at, because the property actually, the loan went into default. There was a notice of default because the property taxes had not been paid. So, I worked with them on, you know, options like, "Hey, maybe we can..." There is programs out there that would help him pay his property taxes. But, ultimately, so after we walked through all the options with the daughter and the homeowner. They, I don't know, it probably wasn't very long after I met with them. I'm gonna guess it was, maybe, about a month at the most, that the daughter called back. And she looked at everything and said, "You know what, I do think it's best that I move him in with me." She was ready to have him move in with her. And so it was best to just sell the property.

Dave: Gotcha.

Melina: And I'm gonna guess that was June, July, something like that. That's what I believe.

Dave: Got it. So, it was actually relatively quick by the time you guys actually got in there, and got this place fixed up and sold. And so everybody wants to know, of course, everybody listening, so when's the payday? Because we don't care about the payday, Joe, but we do care about the payday, because...

Joe: Right, absolutely.

Dave: Because there is value in that, I mean.

Milena: Of course.

Frank: After all expenses and everything, we netted $51,000 on that one.

Dave: Fifty one grand. That's a pretty good payday, huh?

Joe: I think so. That was fun. That was fun.

Milena: Yes.

Joe: Absolutely.

Dave: And, obviously, Daniel and Monique are not here, I would get their perspective as well. But, obviously, you guys came together, you worked together on that. So, obviously, I mean I know you have your own company now, Joe, and My Home Solutions Group?

Joe: My Home Solutions Group.

Dave: Yeah, so, you know, Joe's got his own entity now. Because he's, you know, been involved in multiple deals, and they're working on more stuff in their pipeline right now, and so forth. But if, you know, you having gone seen other real estate before, and anybody who's listening to this, like, what's one takeaway you might give them, some words of wisdom or something that maybe you've learned over the last couple of years going through, you know, this whole process, and, like, you know, from zero to... I mean, you just got through a major rehab with multiple challenges, with a reverse mortgage that most people will look at that and said, "This is impossible." Like, how do you get a $500,000 mortgage down to 137 grand? Like, give us some words of wisdom. Lay it on us. I know you're a Dodger fan, and it's a challenge, but...

Joe: I didn't know about that. But, well, you know, from what I've learned here is you just need to surround yourself with the right people. You have to have a good team. And I think previously, you know, from different aspects of just going through life, a lot of people tend to go alone. And that's where I think you have a problem because, you know, I know getting a homeowner was difficult but finishing that project would've been impossible. You know, Frank came in and he took over where I had no idea what to do. And I probably had no idea what to do, like maybe three weeks after we actually started talking to the homeowner, and I'll be quite honest with you, you know. So, I think that's what people need to understand is that we need help. We need team. We need someone to come in and show us how to do it right.

Melina: Yeah, and, you know, I was just thinking when I'm looking at you and I understand, like, I was just thinking in my head. Is it kinda crazy to you to think about how much you've learned? Like, what you know now, and then if you look back at yourself two years ago, just sit on that for a minute. Like, the amount of knowledge you have, I know it's pretty substantial.

Joe: I'm at a loss for words. When I came here I knew it all. You know, I knew it all. And, like, now I think I've regressed. I don't know anything.

Melina: Yes

Joe: So, yes.

Melina: He's enlightened.

Dave: Yeah, hallelujah.

Joe: From back then to now, it's like now I have... It's just a completely different feeling for me, absolutely.

Melina: Well, and I was just thinking...

Dave: That's great.

Melina: Yeah, it is great. And I think that happens a lot to our club members and to our students. I don't think they realize, sometimes, how much they've learned and what they know now. And I've like had conversations with people and, you know, I know we've had situations where somebody got stuck. They're like, you know, "How come that person... How did that even happen? How come they didn't just, you know, fix this, this, and that?" And I remember what you know. Like, you have an arsenal of information now that we just take for granted. It's our language, it's what we do. But not everybody has access to all of the tools and the arsenal, really, that we have to be able to solve problems very, very quickly, and seemingly simple, right?

Dave: Yeah, it's hard. If we could somehow, I guess, you know, create a chronicle or something, and some sort of journal where we could go back and remember some of the very questions that we get. When Joe says, I'll fill Joe in the box with a lot of other people who come in saying, "I know all this." You know, I mean, we hear it a lot. People go, "Oh, I know everything you're talking about, everything you're talking about."

Melissa: I just need you to find my deals.

Dave: Yeah. "Can you just write a check and do this?" And we're like, "No...

Melina: That's my favorite.

Dave: ...you know, we're not, we don't do that." Like, that's not who we are. We're about creating those teams and those relationships, and, you know, deploying our resources in areas that make the most sense for us. And certainly writing a check for some stranger that knows everything who's sitting there broke, is not on the top of my list of things to do. But it is great that you have the perspective of, "I knew everything." back then. Right, "I knew everything and I was just coming here because I just needed a team because I knew everything." But now realizing, "Wow, I didn't really know everything. And look at all the things I didn't know that Frank just took care of." Right? And, you know, you take for granted there's a lot of that that goes on.

I've actually had students say, "Oh, my gosh. You know, can you slow down, and tell me about this, and tell me about this, and tell me about this." And I don't even realize that I'm doing it, you know. I don't even realize that I've already thought 10 steps ahead because I've already done this so many times. They're like, "Oh, what about this? What about this?" Like, just a couple that I won't mention their names, they're not here right now. But, you know, a couple of deals that we're working on right now with some students that are doing their very first, some girls, by the way, who are doing their very first "fix and flip". And, you know, you get down to the end of it.

Melina: Those girls can flip houses, too.

Dave: It turns out they can. So, we'll get them in here, eventually. But, yeah, just all those little things that I'm like, "Oh, gosh, I don't even think about those anymore." And I think it's really good that you recognize that, Joe. It's great. And I hope... Go ahead.

Melina: I was just gonna say, and for me another thing that's really cool in watching Joe's growth, is that I know you've helped a lot of homeowners keep their homes, probably more. Obviously, you've saved more homes than you've bought so far. But I know specifically you have one that you worked really hard on. And they got their loan modification, you helped them stay in their home. Would you share about that a little? Because I think that's...

Joe: Sure. Yeah, well, you know, we door knocked a home. The gentleman opened the door, and of course, "What do you want?" "Oh, I'm just here." You know, we had a conversation. And he had told me, "Yeah, someone just came in 20 minutes ago from, you know... They give me all the information you just gave me." And I said, "Oh, okay. Well, you know, I can help you fill out that paperwork that you're talking about." And we just kinda developed that, you know, "I'm just here to help. Whatever happens, happens." And he gave me this look, like, "Okay, well, give me your your card and I'll call you in a couple of days, because the paperwork is coming in a couple of days." And I said, "Sure, here's my information. Call me." A couple of days later, he called me. And so that started, you know, the whole process. And it took a few months to finally get him through. And we were able to get a modification. I was shocked with him that he got the modification. But, you know, I learned so much in that process that...and those are the kinda things that bring me joy. Becauyse you met the couple, you know, they're the sweetest couple.

Melina: Yup, very special.

Joe: And this was putting a real huge strain on their relationship. And they've been together for years, you know, 30 years.

Melina: Yes.

Dave: So, disclaimer here, did you get paid for that?

Joe: No. I got paid, but it wasn't monetary. Absolutely wasn't monetary, yeah.

Melina: Priceless?

Joe: It's priceless, yes.

Melina: Yeah. Yeah, it's funny because I think it was, maybe, in one of the last couple of podcasts we were talking about that. How, you know, I challenge people when they walk in the door, you know, "Are you willing to help a homeowner and not get paid?" And everybody says, "Yes, yes." And then I always tell them, "Oh, but really, you know, you're going to get the opportunity for reals." And so, you know, I say that jokingly, but it is true, isn't it?

Joe: But, you know, you do get paid. You really do get paid. It's just how do you see that payment. Is it gonna be monetary, cash? No. It's something that you get. You get something back. I'm giving something to someone, but they're giving it back to me as well. And I tell you, we're still friends now. You know, we're on Facebook friends, and stuff like that. And I'll text him, "How is it going?" "Oh, how are you doing?" And that's it, you know, it's...

Dave: That's awesome.

Melina: So, your Facebook official? I'm just kidding.

Joe: Yeah.

Dave: That's awesome. And it really is a good point, I think, with saying you do get paid for it. Because there is a sense and a feeling of accomplishment, and I did something to help somebody else out. And to say that you don't get something from that, it's not true, because we do. I mean, otherwise you wouldn't do it. I mean, honey, I don't know how many hundreds upon hundreds of homeowners that you have helped over the years. I mean, I would hate to say thousands because I don't know for sure, but it has literally been hundreds upon hundreds that have been through our office where it's literally been just that. Working for no money, and helping them save their house, and putting them in a better spot. And I know that there'd be no way for you to do that if there wasn't some satisfaction, and fulfillment, and, you know, something that's filling you up to be able to do that. Because it's impossible

Melina: Oh, yeah. That's why I always say I don't believe there's anything truly altruistic, right? You know, because the truth is when you serve, the payoff is, the reward is really priceless in my opinion. And that's why I tell everybody, you know, you won't ever work for financial freedom. You won't stay in this business for financial freedom.

Frank: You're right.

Melina: You won't, right?

Joe: You won't.

Melina: No. So, I think you have such a cool story, Joe, because it's like you started out, when you came to us, financially very stable. I would say even more than comfortable. I might even say fat, and, you know, by some standards, for sure. And, you know, you were looking for something that would bring actually meaning and purpose. You know, and interestingly you lose your job. So then, and this is the funniest thing, right, then all of a sudden money is suddenly, you know, maybe your business does need to make money, and that put you in a new, you know, perspective. And I wanna give you kudos for, I never saw a change in you, and I can honestly say that. I never saw you operating from a space of scarcity when I saw you working with homeowners. Because I know you lost your job, and you still helped somebody save their home. And I know that with the relationship you built with them, you know, you built credibility. And you could've done pretty much whatever you wanted to. So, I'll compliment you on that and give you a kudos for that. It's impressive.

Joe: Thank you.

Melina: Yeah, would you agree with that, Frank?

Frank: One hundred percent. Just in the conversation and working with him, and, you know, that's how you train us, is to serve first, and let the money show up based off of all these interactions with homeowners. The opportunity to purchase homes will present themselves when that's the right thing to do and it serves the homeowner. So, just that business model, it just feeds itself, you know. Referrals, just, you know, people wanting to work with you and being able to be out there. And then getting really grounded and in alignment with that message. And, you know, homeowners, when we're talking to them and it's like, you know, "What's the catch? You know, are you're gonna help me for free?" And it's like, "Well, there is no catch." I mean, I know I'm out there. I couldn't be out there if I wasn't buying and flipping houses that do need to be bought. I couldn't continue to do this. But that opportunity presents itself enough.

So, by going out there and serving, and being completely in line with that message, what you teach us, you know, the homeowners are blown away. And they can see the genuineness because we're trained that way. And, you know, from my own perspective, just knowing people and having family members that have gone through the foreclosure process, and, you know, fought with the banks, I can really identify with those homeowners. So, your training is right on or it's spot on with my heart and what I want to do to serve them. Just, you know, being in that situation with people that I know and love that are in my family. So, for me, it's the only way to do any kind of business, you know, whether it's real estate or whatever you're doing, that you should be operating from a place of how you can most best serve that individual with whatever situation. And I just thank you for that.

Joe: Yes, thank you.

Dave: That's awesome. Well, it starts with you, honey. Because you do a great job and everything that we do, and the message has been consistent for the last decade. And, you know, what was once a theory, right, this idea of we could build this and put all this stuff together, and here we are. And the hypothesis has proven itself real. That, you know, there are people like Frank, and Joe, and others amongst the club that really can take what you've trained them, and go out there, serve homeowners, and make a really good living at the same time. Yeah, so with that, it's lunchtime.

Melina: Amen.

Joe: Yum.

Dave: Because I don't know who's stomach that is I'm hearing, but it's one of them. And so it is that time. So, I appreciate you guys coming out today. Thanks for sharing with us. I look forward to having more stories of that. Eventually, we'll get you to break 100, and stop being a Dodger's fan.

Melina: Oh, wow. You said you weren't... I thought he was sports...

Joe: I'm a Broncos fan.

Melina: Oh, there it is.

Dave: Oh, geez, the Rams are here.

Melina: You said we were not going to talk about sports, yeah.

Joe: We'll break the hundred, but I don't know about the other stuff.

Dave: All right, well, let's get some lunch and play some golf.

Melina: Yeah, we're flipping off, and flipping out, and flipping up, and flipping under. Oh, flipping under.

Dave: There you go.

Melina: Yeah, under 100.

Dave: All right, guys, catch you guys next time.

Joe: Thanks.