In Class

We believe that educating people is one of the primary keys to their success in the real estate industry. That is why we have taken the time to put these teaser videos together, in an effort to help understand what our classroom educational experience offers. Our in class education is second-to-none, with expert instructors ready to teach you what you need to get started as a real estate investor, answer your questions and guide you on a new journey. Our coaches and mentors are ready to take you under their wing.

In the Real World

We are professional real estate investors who are active in the Southern California real estate market utilizing real world experience to teach you strategies that are efficient and effective. Our educators and coaches have years of experience flipping houses, partnering with investors on real estate deals and mentoring new and experienced students. Our classes offer the most current content to keep you privy to market changes, tactics that work and a proven real estate investment plan of action.


Set Expectations


Fill Your Pipeline!


Education From Experience