We offer a diverse array of real estate investment courses, coaching and mentoring for every level, from novices to experienced real estate investors. Each class is capped so that every student receives the individual attention they need to succeed. All classes are taught by experts in their discipline who have grown up in the trenches and are aces in their industry. Below are a few examples of our courses.


Classes are conveniently scheduled on evenings and weekends.


NWAC Systems & Real Estate Foundations

Melina Boswell

  • Become familiar with basic real estate investment and financing terminology
  • Differentiate real estate hype and realistic expectations
  • Learn the basic mechanics of a real estate transaction
  • Learn how to evaluate a property
  • Learn the importance of overcoming fears and developing the confidence to act
  • Evaluate a quick sale and a buy and hold property
  • Learn Acquisition and Exit Strategies used within the NWAC Community
  • Learn how to communicate within NWAC Systems
  • Learn how to submit your deals through the NWAC Lead Submission System

Self Directed Retirement

Mat Sorensen

  • Become familiar with different types of self directed retirement options
  • Learn to have a retirement plan buy real estate to cash flow into the retirement plan
  • Tax deferred or even tax free
  • Learn options for using IRA’s/401(k)’s and various other retirement vehicles to invest in what you know
  • Learn to raise private capital through retirement plans rather than using costly hard-money
  • Use the 60 Day rollover to borrow IRA funds endlessly
  • Mat Sorensen is an attorney and expert on Self-Directed IRAs and real estate investing. He is the best-selling author of The Self Directed IRA Handbook, which has sold ~20,000 copies and is a widely used book in the Self-Directed IRA industry.

Distressed Property Acquisitions

Melina Boswell

  • Understand the process of a short sale
  • Understand the role of each party in a short sale transaction
  • Evaluate potential deals and determine how much to offer
  • Understand why and how to validate the Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO)
  • Examine the documents used in a short sale transaction
  • Discuss how to communicate effectively and work with the seller
  • Learn how to deal with banks, liens, judgments, and other title issues
  • Learn the components that can create significant profits when purchasing pre-foreclosure properties by discounting existing mortgages
  • Understand the foreclosure process, how to find and market to leads, and how to evaluate a deal
  • Examine the seller’s, bank’s, and investor’s position
  • Learn how to approach title issues and how to compile a short sale package
  • Interactive Role Playing with Realistic Seller & Buyer Scenarios
  • Understand the impact of bankruptcy on the foreclosure process

This workshop includes several breakout sessions and role-playing. You will be given pre-foreclosure leads and will be accompanied by a facilitator to make contact with homeowners that could be potential candidates of a distresses property.


Oscar Solares and Tim Wilkinson

  • Understand the process of a probate transaction
  • Strategies to buy probate properties at deep discounts
  • Beat the competition to the deals before they hit the open market
  • Learn the value of probate as a niche acquisition strategy
  • Understand the role of each party in a probate transaction
  • Learn how to navigate the county recorder’s office to search for probate deals
  • Learn why this is a never ending lead source

Tax & Legal

Mark Kohler

  • Understand the similarities and differences between various business entities
  • Compare the tax pros and cons of each type of business entity
  • Understand legal issues related to the “corporate veil” and learn how investors can protect themselves from a potential lawsuit
  • Learn basic contract principles and typical pitfalls to avoid
  • Review IRS classifications of real estate investors
  • Understand passive loss rules for investors as well as the basics about auto, travel, and medical expense deductions
  • Review asset protection and tax deduction strategies
  • Learn estate planning concepts and how to apply them to fit your family’s current and future needs
  • Understand the tax ramifications of selling different types of property
  • Learn how to structure your IRA for real estate investing
  • Sensible approaches to legal situations in real estate investing
  • Learn how to avoid prohibited transactions when using your IRA for real estate investing
  • Asset protection and deception
  • Review various methods to maximize deductions and minimize taxes
  • Considerations for partnering and receiving money from others

1 Day Fix and Flip

Chris Albin

  • Understand the value of time in a fix and flip strategy
  • Distinguish the ideal target property for a fix and flip
  • Identify the steps to achieving a successful fix and flip
  • Decide which tasks to undertake when doing a fix and flip
  • Learn the purpose and “‘how-to” process of fixing and flipping properties for a profit
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of various financing and marketing strategies
  • Review the acquisition, repair, escrow, and marketing processes

Creative Acquisitions & Property Analysis

Chris Albin

Creative Acquisition Strategies

  • Creative techniques and strategies for acquiring and controlling properties
  • Basic investment ownership and control terminology
  • Factors contributing to seller motivation
  • Acquisition strategies: Equity sharing, Options, Agreements for Deed, Wraparound Mortgages, and more
  • Step-by-step techniques of buying and controlling properties without having to qualify for bank financing
  • Identify the benefits of using various acquisition strategies

Property Analysis

  • Identify the inspection aspects of a property that make it viable as a profitable investment
  • Understand how to determine exit strategies based on the property and the market
  • Learn how to develop a successful marketing plan
  • Understand rehab materials and labor cost estimates
  • Gain an understanding of methods that can maximize their investment return

Buy and Hold

Chris Albin

  • Understand the different types of rental properties
  • Learn the various legal aspects of owning rental properties
  • Learn about leases/disclosures
  • Understand how your retirement plan can own rental properties
  • Learn how to screen tenants
  • Become acquainted with the rental application process
  • Learn how to use public records to research prospective tenants
  • Learn the property management do’s and don’ts
  • Learn when to use contractors or employees
  • Learn how to effectively manage your rental portfolio
  • Learn how to evaluate properties using the cash flow formula

Buyer Beware

Chris Albin

  • Learn how to obtain the lead
  • Learn how to properly analyze a potential rental acquisition
  • Learn how to make the offer and present the contract
  • Learn the art of performing due diligence
  • Learn the different ways of obtaining financing
  • Participate in deal analysis break out sessions


Keys to Success One On One Coaching and Group Field Mentoring

Dave and Melina Boswell

Keys to Success Small Group Coaching and Group Field Mentoring system puts a professional real estate investor mentor at your fingertips for multiple days of intense real estate mentoring over the course of one full year.