Choose Your Word Pt. Two - Episode 64

Podcast Transcription

Melina: Welcome to "Flippin’ Off," a purpose-driven podcast about flipping houses and making a difference.

Melina: Hello, everybody. Hello, hello. Melina Boswell here, co-founder, New Wealth Advisors Club. This podcast is a continuation from last time, which was us discussing the one word, our one word for 2019. So I asked the team, I said guys, "I just need you all to be honest about what words you're bouncing around with. So if you don't mind sharing, I'd actually like to hear the words that..." No, normally nobody wants to share their word. That's what's actually happening. If you listen to the last podcast about it, everybody is like hoarding their word. And I think that's because we don't wanna be held accountable for it, right?

I don't know what it is, or we don't wanna say it out loud, what is the...I don't know what it is, anyway. So I know for me I didn't share it out loud because...I don't know why. I don't even have a good reason not to, so I'll start by sharing. I really had three words that I was toying around with that I really believe I've been toiling. And it is trust, believe, and faith, those are my three words. And they're all very similar, and I think that they're relevant and, you know, pretty obvious based on where I am in my life.

So why don't we just go around the table and that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna have everybody share, however many words there are that you are wrestling with, why don't you share what they are. Oscar?

Oscar: Well, that was a no-look pass.

Melina: Nobody knows, yeah.

Oscar: No-look pass.

Melina: You guys have to understand if you're listening to us on radio, right, what I like to do is throw them off. So, Oscar is sitting right next to me. So, usually, I look at somebody before I'm gonna ask them to speak. And right now, I totally didn't. I just looked straight ahead.

Oscar: No look pass.

Melina: Yeah, that was a no-look pass.

Oscar: The Lakers could use you.

Melina: Thank you, yeah, you're welcome.

Oscar: So I have four words that I'm...I think I've narrowed it down to one really, but the four were intent, forge, create, and enable. So my dilemma, right, was that a few of those words popped up and came in and out through the process, and it's become clear that they're very similar, number one. And I felt I've been listening to a lot of audibles, a lot of podcasts, a lot of things going on, and the one thing that really triggered it for me was the vision board night when we were putting these things together.

And I'm not the guy that walks into those things because...number one, that's the first time I've ever done it, right. And I'm not the guy that shows up and says, "Oh, I have all these ideas," right. I'm gonna do this. It's like what am I feeling at the moment and what am I doing? So I sat in the bubble with Frank, and we're going back and forth. I started doing some searches, pulled up this car, this thing, this that, the other, right, this vacation spots, and then I was like, "Man, that's like shallow."

Melina: So surface big deal.

Oscar: Still nice. I'm part of it. And then it was like, "Man, what do I really want to do in life? What does that really look like?" And so what it led to was really understanding more so it's more of a calling than anything else, right. So it became really clear that as difficult as it's going to be, the word is really enable, and it's because of a few things. So I've been tossing around this weekend. and I was like, "Man, enable? Why is it enable? What does enable mean?" So I get all like...

Melina: Cerebral.

Oscar: Right, brainpower starts kicking so like dictionary, enable, Bible enable. So NLT version of the Bible, enable only came up in two verses. I was like, "Man,...

Melina: It's not a very holy word.

Oscar: ...that didn't work out real well." So I was like, "All right, so, enable. What does enable mean," right? And that' then I got even more cerebral about it and was like, "Okay, what do I need to do to enable?" Like, "Okay, so I need to have the ability to empower," right. So all of a sudden, I'm like, "All right, cool. I need to empower." But I also have to be able to nurture, and I was like, "Now I'm working on an acronym," right, because I have EN. So in order to empower and nurture, well, I have to take action.

Melina: Oh Lord, it is an acronym.

Oscar: And I can't take action...

Melina: Are you even kidding me?

Oscar: No, I'm dead serious. And I can't even take action if I don't have the belief, right. And in order to do that, all those things, well, I have to be a lead, and I can't lead if I'm not setting the example. Yeah, crap. So what do I do with this, right? So I wrote it all down, and then when you are talking the last time, Tim, and you work through things and you're like, you know, there was love, and there was this, and there's that. You were touching on the things that I had talked about, and I was like, "Oh, shit."

Then it just hit me that love was the first word. And if I love others the way I profess that I love others, then I have to be fearless in order to be able to do the things that I need to do for the people that I love. And if that's the case, I can't do any of that without the truth. And the truth is that I've not done a good job of empowering, nurturing, taking action, right, firmly standing on my believe, leading, and then setting the example.

So when I put all that together, it became like, wow, in order for me to get to this point where I'm at right now, I had to develop the love and become fearless enough to live in truth so that now I can go out and empower, nurture, take action, stand firm on my believe, lead, and set the example.

Melina: Wow, wow. Who's gonna follow that crap? I'm like, "Dang." Although it's really good.

Oscar: And you said, right? It's like it hits you.

Melina: Yeah, yeah. You can hear it.

Oscar: I'm like nervous. I'm shaky.

Melina: Yeah, you can hear it in you.

Oscar: Sweaty palms. So, I don't know what it all means at the end.

Melina: Well, what it means is, first of all, you picked five words which sucks.

Oscar: No, I chose one, enable. But in researching enable, right, enable really encompasses those other five words.

Melina: It does. Absolutely, it does. And, of course, and it's so like you. You love acronyms. You are an acronym guy. Everything turns into an acronym.

Oscar: No, I've bailed him out with acronyms, him being, Tim.

Melina: Oh, I'm sure. Oh, yeah, I can totally see that because you're...yeah, I can get that. Wow, that's great, Oscar. And you know, it's interesting that, you know, like originally when you said it's kind of like Christians word of excellence, enable could have a completely different meaning, you know.

Oscar: Well, that was my struggle. I was like, "Enable? I'm not an enabler."

Melina: Obviously. No, yeah because it has like....yeah. Like, you enable somebody who has a problem to be worse not to be better.

Oscar: And then nurture, right, I was like, "Nurture? That's what mom does.

Melina: Right, totally.

Oscar: But then there's the definitions of nurture, there's different ones. And obviously, the one that we're most familiar with is the motherly instinct of nurturing the kids. But it also is educating.

Melina: Absolutely. It is.

Oscar: Care and feeding.

Melina: Yes. Well, the idea...I mean, when I think of nurture, I think of, you know, nature, nurture, controversy, and conversation. That's where it always shows up for me, and that has nothing to do with what you're talking about the mothering nurturing. It is more about feeding, equipping, really good.

Oscar: And then empowering, obviously.

Melina: Yeah, that's great, really good. Thank you. So, all right. Frank, do you wanna share a little bit about where you...first of all, do you have a few words that you're like tossing around?

Frank: Multiple.

Melina: Multiple. Like how many? Oh, wow.

Oscar: That's a lot.

Melina: He has a list. He has a list on his phone that he's...oh, okay. All those? Okay.

Frank: So my process in picking the several different words were focused around the growth that I need to experience right now at this time in my life. And I think if I look back, you know, the words that I chose like approachable, communication, or communicate, I think those were important. They still remain important. I still need to do those things. But in order for me to progress, I need to really identify what is keeping me guarded, or what keeps me from communicating.

And I think some of the words I came with were peaceful, you know, having a peace about, you know, not just the journey I'm going through, but the things that I need to give up and the stuff that I need growth in. You know, like I have to have a peace about that, which I think I embraced that like pretty...I don't think that's stunning me.

But for this year, the process, you know, there's peaceful. I had faithful on there, and one that's sticking out to me, especially right now, is restore. And I don't think it's gonna be easy for me to pick those, but I'm leaning towards restore more than anything else. Because, you know, I've been a believer since I was a little kid, like since I was about 13, and I feel like...we all know. I mean, it seems like every trial, and all the growth that we need to go through that it doesn't get easier. And we go through the same trials until we pass those tests, and we grow, and get what God's trying to communicate to us about our character where we need that growth. So I think right now, restore is really sticking out to me. Because with that, restoration comes, all of those other things.

Melina: Right, totally. That's really good. I just have a question for you. And this was gonna be my question to Oscar, but I feel like he said it out loud, which was like when he said enable, I was like, "Why not empower?" That was the first thing that hit my heart. But then you said, "Why enable." So you were thinking the same thing. So my question for you, because the same thing came up for me, what's the difference for you between restore and redeem?

Frank: I think as a believer, you know, I'm redeemed. I mean, I've been redeemed since I gave my life to the Lord. So that's finished. That part is done. But through our life, we go through trials. Some of those trials are our at our own hands. We put ourselves through those things, and it has to do with our walk with the Lord, and our character, our communication with people, being honest with ourselves, which is hardest thing to do and the hardest thing to admit when you're not being honest with yourself, and you're not being open.

And, you know, there's a lot...I don't know, as a man, and a husband, and having children, there's a lot of, "I got this." And I think in that, I don't get to...that doesn't let me share when I'm struggling. So that's what sticks out to me the most. In order for me to do that, I need to be honest with my friends, and any challenges I have because I can't. I'm not put here to go through that alone, but...

Melina: Yeah, thank you. Thank you. I totally got that, 100% got it. Right, Sito you wanna share? You can pull that microphone closer to you.

Sito: Yeah, like, I haven't really gone through it yet. But as we were talking from this last one, and through this one, just hearing Oscar and Frank talk about it, the thing that's been coming up in my head...I was just listening to Steven Furtick from Elevation Church talk, and one of the things that he said in his message was, "God doesn't change your circumstances, He changes your values. That's how He shows up."

So, right now, Oscar talked about having the nervousness come up, and values, and having value and changing my values. Because I feel like this year, there's been a lot of changes, a lot of different things, and I don't always see my worth or see my value. But I know, in Christ, like, I'm perfect in his eyes, and there's so much power in that, but you know, we don't always see it that way.

Melina: Do you find it easier to see for me but not for you?

Sito: Yeah, for sure. I feel like that always happens. So I feel like just in the last few months for sure, God's been, you know, working that in me and removing...Like Frank said, there's stuff that we have to, you know, let go and grow out of. And the closer I get to Christ, the more value I see, and the more He changes, like, what I thought I wanted and what I thought I needed. So that's...yeah, so that just came up. That one part of the message kept coming up in my head right now as we're talking.

Melina: Was that one of the words you were throwing around?

Sito: Yeah, because it's just been coming up in the last, again, the last like probably four months now just really been in the word, and listening to worship, listening to just a bunch of different messages, and just trying to get closer and closer do to God. That's one of the biggest thing that keeps coming up.

Melina: I'm gonna show you something that I wrote yesterday down. I wrote it yesterday in my quiet time. I just wanna show to you right now, Kevin, because I feel like it's for you. So, it's kind of a funny thing how God is. Let me show you what I wrote. Can you see what I have written here and underlined?

Kevin: Chase Him?

Melina: Chase Him. Chase Him. That's what I wrote. I wrote chase Him. This was in just yesterday during worship actually. I heard, I know this, I know that, like...I actually wrote down this question about...I heard in my spirit, "Am I chasing Him?" Like, I need to chase you, right, because you have to work hard at your relationship with God. And I actually wrote down, "It's hard to be in a relationship with you, God. It's not like any other relationship." And then I got pricked. That's not true, all relationships are very hard.

Like if my number one goal is to do nothing but serve you more than you serve me, but you're doing the same thing, that is true relationship, right? That's the relationship that God has with us. His whole goal is can't out give God, right? So why am I not chasing him like He longs to be chased? That is, like, we're made in His image. So if we long to be chased, why would we think he doesn't long to be chased? So I think that word was for you. You know, I just want you to know, yeah, chase Him, chase Him.

And that's what I heard you saying. I long to be closer. I long to be more like him. I long... yeah, continue to chase Him. That's the word for you, so that's great. That's great. And I love value, such a big word. Big words coming out, big words coming out.

Kevin: Your turn.

Christian: My turn.

Melina: Kevin passed the mike and said, "Oh, it's enough for me, man." Hey, Christian.

Christian: I cannot follow up with these guys.

Melina: It's all right. You know, you haven't had enough pain yet, baby. Don't sweat it.

Christian: So I wanted to ask you a question because I feel like maybe even I'm struggling with this. It's like...and maybe people that are listening to this podcast are dealing with the same thing. As a believer, I want the Lord to pick my word, and I know that there's certain words that I would want for, you know, 2019. And I know from reading the book, they were saying maybe the first couple of years, you can pick the word, and God is still gonna use it. Like, you're still gonna literally pick it and, you know, show up in that way. So I feel like even my first-year excellence, I really do feel like the Lord chose that word.

Melina: He taught you through it, didn't He?

Christian: Yeah.

Melina: He taught you because maybe even what you thought was excellent was something different. Because look at how it showed up for you, right. He taught you through it, you know. You would have never thought that part of excellence was seeing an empty water bottle on the ground and picking it up. I am certain when you chose the word excellence, that isn't what you were thinking, right?

Christian: Yeah.

Melina: So He uses all things. Remember that, all things.

Christian: Yeah. So the last podcast when Tim was sharing his word last year was discipline. That's a word that's been stirring up in me, discipline. And last night, I was praying for my word, and a word that came into my mind, I was like,, a curveball, was grounded. And I feel like this whole conversation, for me, I just wanna get closer to the Lord, too. And I feel when things are good, and this is for like a lot of people, we forget to do like little things like prayer, and you know, we just get so consumed in life and the busyness of it. Sometimes, it's hard to slow down and just stay grounded.

And then discipline comes back because it goes, I feel like, hand in hand. Where I don't wanna make prayer like a duty or trying to even chase that relationship with Him, but be disciplined and knowing certain things that I have to do each day and...

Melina: Let me tell you something, spiritual discipline is very real. It's a real thing. It's actually the most difficult discipline, I believe, there is to conquer. I don't think you ever conquer it. I think that chasing the Lord and co-laboring with Him is absolutely the most difficult discipline there is. And to be honest, I think that it' if you wanna challenge yourself, see if you can sit in complete silence with nothing but prayer for five whole minutes. You won't be able to. You just won't, almost guaranteed you won't.

That is a discipline that is created. It is not natural. So give know, know that that's the truth for everybody. And not everybody like maybe, I don't know, I know. I know in my spiritual journey, I've had great teachers. I've had, you know, great discipleship, but I've also not had the opportunity to be discipled by a person of God, like, a very godly man who was honest about his failings. Like, maybe, you know, honest from the pulpit of, "Oh, I..." you know, like, stuff that doesn't matter. I cut somebody off on the freeway. "Oh, I'm a sinner. Okay, whatever." Like, that's not real sin that's gonna affect anyone, right?

But I've learned now that real strong, courageous people of God are completely honest and transparent with their struggles. And a struggle for me is to stay in prayer for one whole minute and not have my mind wander. And I consider myself a mature believer, right, and I will put that up against any other pastor who's up on the pulpit who claims to whatever, you know what I'm saying? Like, why doesn't anybody just say that? That's the truth. It's a discipline that you have to learn.

And what happens is that when you enter into that discipline, then you get a taste, you get the sweet, wonderful taste of the real richness of the Lord. And when you get that for real and not just masked up and looking pretty, then you never wanna stop chasing it. But we're so human, we forget. Like, that's the truth. Like, I've had those moments and then I swear to you, two days later, I forget. Like, that is the humaneness, that is the human condition. So, know that. So, I think both of those words are...

Christian: Yeah. So I'll let you know the outcome. And what you were saying, it brought me back to when I first even like got in the club, and I was 17, 18, 19, and that's the time my faith was growing and stretching a lot. And even though, like, my bank account wasn't full, I was, like, super fulfilled because I was so close to the Lord, and I feel like that's...everything else doesn't matter, you know, at that point.

Melina: Let me tell you. Like what you just said, there are grown adult people who have been striving their entire life to achieve some sort of financial position or some amount of money in their bank account. Because what they think, especially for men, especially for men, I know this is true. There's some number that they think that they're gonna get in their bank account, maybe they don't know the number, maybe it's a car, maybe it's a watch, maybe it's a house, maybe it's whatever. And they believe once they achieve that, that then they'll be fulfilled. And it is a lie. It is a 100% lie. So, the truth is no amount of money will give you the grounding. And the reality is that with real wealth comes what? What comes with it, Christian?

Christian: Responsibility.

Melina: That's right, responsibility. And it's not just to make sure that the poor are fed, it's not just to make sure that the widows are taking care of. No. Real responsibility is not forgetting where you come from to stay...

Christian: Grounded. I think I passed you guys up maybe I'm in a race with you guys.

Melina: In terms of depth?

Christian: No, yeah, depth.

Melina: Yeah, ride on, buddy.

Kevin: That was a good follow-up.

Melina: That was a great follow up. Give me some bam. I agree.

Christian: Hi, this is Christian Rios. As many of you know, I've been a member of New Wealth Advisors Club for over seven years and got started when I was 17 years old with absolutely no real estate experience. One of the biggest lessons I have learned from being in the industry is the need for authentic relationships. If you're looking for an actual team locally in Southern California with all the resources needed to close deals, register for one of our free workshops by visiting Thanks for listening to the "Flippin’ Off Podcast."

Melina: Bam, I agree. So that was awesome. Thank you. That's fantastic. How about you, sir? Mr. Tim Wilkinson, where are you. You got a couple words? Tim, two words, three words, do not have any words?

Tim: I've been kicking around different ideas. You know, I'm getting ready to embark on a whole new chapter. You know, I'm getting ready to be married. I've never been married before, so that's been on my mind a lot when I've been doing this conversation, like, the whole one word. For the next year, I'm like... you know, intentionally you know, one of the reasons why we chose December 31 is because I felt like...

Melina: You took the tux right off, just admit it.

Tim: I like the tux right off. And the 31st, to me, it feels like a really good line in the sand between like this year and next year, that Tim, and this Tim. So the word new has been there, but I can't wrap my mind around what that means yet. Like, I don't know what that means. So that's one of the words that I've been kicking around. But I also tend to get very cerebral, which I am even just about the word new, right.

So the other word, and there's two of them that kind of mean the same thing, and it's relinquish and conduit for some reason. Because I feel like tend, I overthink things, right. And I could sit here in this whole 27 minutes of podcast and I found myself not listening to all of what Oscar said or all of what Frank said because I was thinking about what I was gonna say right now. And the truth is if I just relinquish that and just let myself be, you know, I tend to come out all right if I just get out of the way.

Melina: Tell me about conduit?

Tim: To me, conduit is more know, conduit is something that it carries, you know, right. I mean, it doesn't really inherently do anything except for be the pathway for whatever else, right. So conduit in electrical is like it doesn't do anything except for protect the cable that's going through it, but it doesn't carry electricity. It doesn't carry anything really.

Melina: Yeah. You know, it's interesting when I hear you sharing, like, knowing you. I think you tend to make meaning out of everything, right. And so I'm hearing you trying to shift making meaning to everything. That's what these words are. That's what I feel like is happening with you. You know, so you're looking at something new and to be conduit, and to relinquish, all of those are the opposite of connecting meaning.

Tim: Right, I'm trying to get out of the way of that. I'm trying to not connect meaning, I'm trying to just let...I just wanna be the conduit. I don't care if 120 volts runs through me or 220 volts runs through me, I just wanna be the conduit that allows that to happen, if that makes sense.

Melina: Yeah, makes perfect sense. It's great.

Tim: I don't wanna overthink it. I want, you know, when I get up on stage or I'm getting ready to teach, I want to just let whatever has to come out come out. Whatever is there to deliver gets delivered without me putting meaning to it, or trying to have some sort of control of what it is. And that's the relinquish part, I think. So, I don't know, I'm kicking that around. And as I think through it, I mean, even in the new conversation, new is probably not the word, but inside of the new relationship and the new future, I feel like the ability to just stay out of the way and allow that relationship to happen without trying to make it into something that maybe it's not supposed to be.

Melina: It's great. Yeah, so I think for me the questions I would start asking are...and I think Frank hit it on the head when he talked about why. Why don't I communicate, right? So why do I need to control everything? What is that actually related to? That's where I think you need to go a little bit deeper to start asking your question, why do I feel the need to control everything because I feel blah, right. Because the truth is at the root of that is something. And whatever that is, I think that's what it is. But it's all definitely related to the new Tim, maybe the transformed, maybe know, something like that. I don't know.

Tim: Well, the truth is, I don't know...I think I'm very clear that I tend to...I don't know what that looks like. I've never been married. I don't know what Tim looks like in that situation. I don't know what Tim looks like on January 1st after getting married on the 31st. I don't know what that guy looks like...

Melina: Probably hung over.

Tim: Probably, but I don't know what he is supposed...I think the key is that I don't what he is supposed to look like. And I feel very convicted, if you will, I just know that I don't want to put any kind of...I don't wanna put the old Tim on that Tim. I want...

Melina: So what do you have to do?

Tim: Get out of the way.

Melina: Which would... yeah, got it. Which is what? So what's the proactive? You said, "Get out of the way." What's the proactive word of that?

Tim: Be a conduit. I don't know, I...

Melina: Is it just be?

Tim: Well, yeah, that's be.

Oscar: Just be.

Tim: Okay, I got it. So there's conduit, be. Just be. And that's really where I'm at. That's the word.

Melina: Yeah. Awesome, I can't even wait. Because I can't wait until you're, like, over analyzing everything, and I'm gonna say, "Tim, just be," right? So, like, who is Tim on January 1? Just be Tim.

Tim: Right. That's essentially what I've been trying to say, but I've been overthinking it.

Melina: Awesome. All right, well, I don't know. So I shared with you what my three words were, and I don't know if I should get into the process that I'm going through, or what each word means to me. I don't know if I need to do that right now. But I think I'll...I don't know. Yeah.

Oscar: So I think there's... I know you're struggling with it, right, whether you should or shouldn't. And I think if you approach things from the aspect of, if you are struggling with it, then there's obviously others, as we went around this room, already that struggle with it. So any insight that people can receive on what that journey could possibly look like for them, then there's value in those words, right.

So like, for example, for me, in my journey, my always struggle, right, like always is, is this about me or is this about others? I'm I making it about me, or is this really about everyone else? And so when the word comes up, I'm like, "Is it because I'm trying to enable myself to do other things, or is it because I'm going to enable others to do things?" That's my back and forth all the time. And it isn't until little things show up, right. Like, the conversation you just had with Tim, for example, the clarity that came upon him, physically, you could see it in him. When you asked the question, I'm sitting here and I'm trying to send you the word, right.

Melina: Everybody was, right. Everybody...

Oscar: Just be, dude.

Melina: Everybody got it they're all looking, like, "Dude, be. It's just to be, be."

Oscar: It's so small. So I think the...

Melina: No, it's huge, ginormous.

Oscar: I know. But for the overthinker, it's a two letter word.

Melina: Absolutely. Yeah.

Oscar: So relinquish sound so much bigger.

Melina: Yeah, I know. It's not your word.

Oscar: It's rather diminishing. So anyways, from that perspective, right, the journey that each of us goes through, we face different challenges. So I think it's cool if we could share those things then people are gonna get something from each one of us in that aspect, right. So I don't know if that helps you to decide or not but...

Melina: Well, obviously my whole goal is to serve people, so I'll share a little bit. So I said my first words were trust, believe, and faith. And they're all very similar, obviously, right. And I felt like my faith is pretty strong. It's a lot of what I just said to Kevin earlier, which is, you know, trust. I was actually texting with Frank yesterday. We were talking about this, and I was sharing with him what my struggle was. And I really came down to trust and believe, and how similar those two words are.

So, which one? And so I said I feel like trust is more cerebral, right. It's more based on concrete fact. So I always take it back to, "Okay, so, you know, do I trust God?" And I do. I don't need to worry about that. For me, believe is more of a feeling, you know, it's more of, you, it's like what I said to you. Like, I trust God 100%. I trust His word is the truth, right. I have all these things that I know to be absolutely true, which is why my faith I don't think is really the question, but do I believe it for me? So, yeah.

Oscar: And there it is.

Melina: Yeah, because believe is's kind of lofty. Do you know what I mean? Like everybody teases me that I have Jesus goggles on, which is...and sometimes, it's meant as, you know, a little bit of a slam, I think because I see things the way...and people are, "Put your Jesus goggles on so that you can see the situation through the eyes of Jesus." And it infers a little bit of lofty thinking, a little bit of like a La La Land thinking, but I don't take it offensively at all. I know if my Jesus goggles are on straight dude, I am set.

So I don't ever want to take those off because I believe, I trust the Word of God because my Jesus goggles aren't lofty. They are based 100% in fact for me, and I trust that. But believing feels like such a lofty word, to me. Like, you know, does that make sense what I'm saying?

Frank: Yeah. When we were texting and we were talking about that, and I had sent you kind of a log thing, my own issue with seeing it for you because you're a better person. You don't know the sin...

Melina: Better Christian.

Frank: ...and darkness in my heart. You don't have this, right?

Melina: Right. Totally. Yeah.

Frank: So then the trust and believe, for me, in that process, is believing and receiving that that's for me. That's where I took it to where I go, okay. Now I believe it, and I'm willing to share that message with others, but I also have to receive it for myself so that I could walk in that for me not just I feel I have to perform. It's like, you know, how much did I believe Lord? Did I believe enough? And, you know, it's a mustard seed that is looking for a period.

So that mustard seed you just receive the promise. So, for me, that's the transition where I started owning the fact that I'm, you know, a saint. Or that God has entrusted me that I've been chosen, that He died for me on the cross not just Tim, not just Melina, and Oscar because they're special, you know. We're all the same. And that is the part for me where, in reading that book "Called To Reign," and that whole process of going, "Yeah, I'm totally not sitting in the right chair," you know, totally looking at everything that I do and being critical and judging myself and feeling like I'm not good enough and I'm not. And nobody is that's why.

Melina: Hallelujah.

Frank: So that, for me, what helped me with that.

Melina: Well, it's interesting. So this morning, I was in my prayer room, and I was studying, and so my grandson, Davey...little Davey is eight years old. And so I said to him today, "Hey, by the way, when you come home from school today, I'm gonna have a book for you to read with me. And it's called "The One Word," and I'm gonna have my eight-year-old grandson do this with me." And so he said, "The One Word?" and I said, "Yeah," and I said, "I'm stuck between a couple words." He said, "What words?" And I said, "Either trust or believe." And he goes, "Believe." That really happened.

So I started laughing. And I go, "Wow," and I have my Bible open. And I said, "Come over here, let me show you my Bible." And I said, "Do you know what a concordance is?" So it was really funny. So I showed him. I had my concordance open to believe because I thought, "Okay,..." So for those of you that are struggling, this is part of my process. I open up my concordance, which has all the words that are in the Bible, and I opened up believe. And I was sharing this with Davey.

I go look it. Let me show you. I was at believe, and so I was explaining to him how you use it, right, however, many times the word believe shows up in the Bible, and you can turn to that scripture and then you can see. So I said, look at, for example, the first one that came up was in Genesis, in Genesis 15. So I was showing him, you know, this is my way to take a teaching moment. And I go, it's in Genesis 15:6 is what it says, so let's see what it says. So I opened up my Bible to Genesis 15:6, and look, it's highlighted.

Oscar: It's already highlighted?

Melina: It's already highlighted. I go, "Oh, wow. How about that?" So, who can read it because I can't read it? I think I know what it says. It says about Abraham, right? Abraham believed...

Oscar: "Abraham believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness."

Melina: Yeah. So Abraham believed the Lord, right, and it was credited to him as righteousness. And righteousness is just the right way of thinking. It doesn't really matter. But the truth is, you go back to that story, that's the story where, you know, God told Abraham to sacrifice his own son. And so bottom line, Abraham believed. And so that's what was already highlighted when my grandson told me this morning, and then I feel like it's been confirmed. So there you go. I'm saying it publicly, my word is believe. There you go. So I don't know what I'm believing for. I mean, I just know that what's gonna happen in 2019 is I will be challenged to believe.

Kevin: I feel like this conversation can go on for a long time, but it made me...your conversation has totally reminded me of a couple things. I was having a conversation with Carla earlier this week sometime, and it makes me think talked about the third the 13 or 18-inch...

Melina: Yeah. Journey.

Kevin: The journey of 18 inches, right.

Melina: The 18-inch journey between your heart, and your mind, between your mind and your heart.

Kevin: Between your mind, and your heart, yeah. So, you know, in the conversation I was having with Carla, you know, you said the truth is more cerebral. It's more cerebral and believe seems to be more heart. And the conversation I was having with Carla was that you know, the distance between head and heart is only 18 inches. But what's between there is the liar on your shoulder, you know.

Melina: That's so good. Yes, the liar on your shoulder.

Kevin: But the other part of the conversation was that on the other shoulder, there's the other voice. It just doesn't speak quite as loud. It's that still small voice, you know. But it's on the other shoulder, you just have to listen for it.

Melina: It's good.

Kevin: It doesn't talk as loud as the liar though.

Melina: No, no, he does it because he's a gentleman. And in between, by the way, is probably the most deceitful of all, that's yourself. That's the truth.

Oscar: You know, driving in I was like, "I need to listen to something." So I opened up my YouVersion Bible app, and I probably I left it on a Matthew 24, Jesus talks about the future. And normally when you hit play for the voice, it reads on to the next chapter, and then it goes on to the next chapter. So the whole drive down here, it never went to the next chapter.

Melina: It kept repeating?

Oscar: No, so I was like, "That's weird." So I would go back to 24, play it again because now I'm troubleshooting, right. "Why isn't it going?" Go back I listened to chapter 24 like six or seven times. Like this has to continue, never did.

Melina: God is a funny God. I love him.

Oscar: So I'm listening to it, and I'm like, "Man," so then I really got into. So the first three or four times, I was like, "What's going on? The rest I was like, "No, wait. Let me rehear this. Let me re-listen to this." And there was tidbits that I was missing there, and then it all came clear. And it was what I got from it was...and it took me back to the vision board night, right, because there's really only two words on my vision board, and that's Kingdom builders. That's it. Nothing else.

And so it talks about preparation in Matthew 24, it talks about preparation. And preparation in the sense of being who you're supposed to be in Christ because His word will outlive and outlast all us. It will continue. The world will disappear, everything will go away, but His word, His truth will always remain. And then it talks about how the angels are gonna come down and grab people, His chosen ones. So now I'm like, "Man," and then it took me right back to enable, right, because enable isn't I need to enable people. I need to enable them to see that light, to receive that word, right, to understand the Gospel.

So this whole journey this weekend was like, "Man," and then it just like the replay, and the replay, and the replay, and it just became so, so clear that...and then the tying back to the vision board. Because the vision board is like, "I'm just gonna put some things together. This is going to happen...

Melina: You gotta go through the process.

Oscar: ...Oh, this is cool." And under the two words, there's seven seedlings, and there's a little marker next to each seedling and it says, "Church."

Melina: Interesting.

Melina: That's great. I appreciate that. I just wanna tell you... I don't know if... I'm sure you don't know this, but earlier in 2018, there's a prophetic word spoken over me, that I'm a builder. So anyway, all right well. That being said, I don't know what all that means, but stay tuned. I can tell the podcast is headed in different direction thanks to God. So, for now, NWAC is new wealth, and we're flipping off.

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