Kick Start Your Real Estate Business in 2018!


The New Year is fast approaching and hopefully you are filled with ambition and hope, ready to embark on a fresh new chapter of your life. Whether you are preparing to launch a new career in real estate or you are a seasoned investor ready to revitalize your business, you need to stay the course as the year winds down and get prepared for the New Year. Many business owners become distracted as the holiday season approaches and become less enthusiastic. Take the last few months of the year to get a head start in 2018.

The New Year always brings a slew of resolutions promising a renewed commitment to health, business, family and all the other things you neglected throughout the year. Most of these goals will soon be forgotten and old habits will start nosing their way back into your everyday life. Why wait for the new year to start? Take advantage of the end of 2017 and head into 2018 with renewed vigor!

Making lists and goals are an important part of success, but action will get you much farther, much faster. A career as a real estate agent requires you to be highly motivated. While the rest of the industry is slowing down and waiting for the year to end, you should be working harder to establish contacts and come up with an action plan.

Here are some tips to help you start 2018 with a bang!

1. Start in Control and Stay in Control
It is so important to build good habits that will carry on for many years to come. Start the new year off right by building an organized foundation so you avoid mistakes such as losing contact information or forgetting appointments.

2. Expand Your Support System
Even the best self-starter will have days when they need a little inspiration. That is where your community comes in and plays a vital role in your continued success.

3. Build Your Database Every Day
Set a goal of adding at least one new contact to your database EVERY day. It may sound daunting, but you need a plethora of people you can follow up with for referrals or even for direct business in the future.

4. Establish a Web Presence
Most prospects will begin their search for a local real estate agent on the web, so make sure that you establish your presence and generate leads online. Your website needs to look professional, reflect your personal brand and build credibility.

5. Learn Your Market
Excuse the cliche, but you need to know your local market like the back of your hand. Learn market data on prices, average days on the market, number of homes for sale and pricing trends.

It doesn’t take an excessive amount of time to be very successful as an investor. You need good direction and the commitment to follow through on your plans. Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family, but get a good head start on next year. Take action now and finish 2017 off strong!