Giving Back to The Community


New Wealth Advisors Club is based on the principle that no one should have to go it alone; being there for each other makes everyone better.

That’s not just true in business and real estate investing, but also in life. And nowhere is that more evident than the time that the leaders and members of New Wealth Advisors Club put in serving their communities. Our members are actively involved in service to a variety of non-profits and charities, including feeding and sheltering the homeless, abused women, and kids in foster care.


Melina Boswell has been self-employed in the real estate industry for the past 10 years. Currently, she is a realtor.  Not just any realtor. In fact, she doesn't act as a typical realtor working for commissions - just representing sellers and buyers. She focuses on helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. Given the recent downturn in the economy, many homeowners have found themselves struggling to keep up with their mortgages. Melina has gone to work and put together a team dedicated to helping homeowners. Over the past 8 years, Melina and her team have helped hundreds of people.

Her passion to help people is not just related to work. It's who she is 100% of the time. In fact, with her being self-employed and able to control her time, she can pursue her passion to help others. She uses her talents to volunteer her time serving on the Board of Directors for the local homeless shelter ( She previously sat on the board of another non-profit that focuses on providing medical services to the homeless. She is the co-founder and head trainer for New Wealth Advisors Club - a real estate investment club in Riverside, CA. She loves to empower individuals through the power of real estate investing while teaching them to always serve others first.


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