We know that investing in real estate is the best way to secure your financial future. Stocks go up and down, and you have little, if any, ability to control the success or failure of the public companies you invest in.

Real estate investing, however, is tangible, reliable, and profitable. Whether you want to fix and flip, wholesale, own rental properties, or invest in commercial and multi-unit housing, we can teach you to win. 

Where to Start?

The number one barrier to real estate investing is knowing where to start. With its own terminology and an endless array of opportunities, just getting started can be a daunting task. The foundation of our community is an education in real estate investing.

New Wealth Advisors Club is committed to providing you the education you need to become a successful real estate investor. Our veteran instructors have decades of experience in real estate investing. They have specialized in numerous disciplines of real estate investing including short sales, foreclosures, flipping houses, rental income, and creative financing.

Learn from Experts

Our educators have done their time in the trenches and climbed through the ranks to earn well deserved accolades in real estate investment. Through their experience, they seek to share their knowledge and teach others to become real estate investors. You’ll learn:

  • Why you should invest in real estate

  • How to find and evaluate potential deals

  • Wholesaling and rehabbing

  • How to buy short sales

  • Creative financing

  • Asset protection

  • Skills to locate, help and work with motivated sellers

  • And much more!

Second to None

Our real estate investment education is the most professional, current, complete and highest quality you will find. You will learn how to identify and find leads, create real estate deals, steer clear of pitfalls, finance opportunities, execute transactions, tackle fix and flips, integrate wholesales, manage real estate assets, collaboratively partner with other club members to research leads and invest in real estate deals and much more. At NWAC, you'll learn secrets from seasoned professionals as well as strategies to fine tune well established practices.

At New Wealth Advisors Club we don’t just teach real estate investing – we create real estate investors.

Why Education?

Real estate investing, like other sophisticated, and sometimes complicated, disciplines is a skilled profession. Success in this arena requires a solid education, years of experience, unwavering perseverance, the tools and processes to effectively and efficiently create value, and a support system occupied by mentors and coaches invested in your growth. Education is a critical ingredient to winning in real estate investment and its absence is generally a precursor to disappointment. We provide the Real Estate Education and experience you need to hit the ground running on your way to building substantial income and wealth.

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Our Founders


Melina Boswell

Melina Boswell has had a unique approach to real estate in her 10 years as a self-employed realtor. Melina's specialty is helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. She has personally assembled a dedicated team who assists homeowners through this difficult situation. The effects of the economy have affected many homeowners and Melina’s vast knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur, investor and mentor have helped hundreds overcome those challenges and be in a better position.

Melina Boswell
Founder, New Wealth Advisors Club

Dave Boswell

Dave Boswell is a full time real estate investor as well as the founder of New Wealth Advisors Club, a premier real estate investment club that is headquartered in Riverside, California. He has spent his entire career sharing his entrepreneurial vision and spirit with those as passionate as him. He has changed the lives of hundreds of people in the process. He has done this by mentoring and coaching them in their quest to become real estate investors and teaching them how to flip houses using strict discipline and personal integrity. Through their experiences, Dave and Melina have learned that it takes driven people working together with a common purpose to be successful. Together, they will continue spreading the word to as many people as possible and share with them the opportunities that helped shape their career in real estate investment.

Dave Boswell
Founder, New Wealth Advisors Club